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Challis descends into Timetravel, Paradoxes and Physics.

We've reached Exascale in computing.
Everything will soon be solved.
Challis goes in hard with this one!

Credits: host: Challis for the artwork visuals.
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Our Host Challis goes in hard with facts regarding
the new A.I. that has just come online
and it is off the training wheels
thanks to the world's largest search provider.

Photo Credit: Spangler
Other Credits: Google Labs
Movie Reference: "Eagle Eye" feat. Shia Lebouf
Retrieved News Source: 6/12/2022

Challis deep dives into the
future of interpersonal
communication. As well a tangential new human development.

Special Thanks
To: Superman cast members
Christopher Reeves
Gene Hackman

Star Wars cast members
Alec Guiness
James Earl Jones

Superman Producers
Richard Lester
Pierre Spengler

Star Wars Producer
George W. Lucas

AlterEgo technology
Also Voice-to-Text
MIT Labs

Our host: Challis

Challis goes in on off-world
technology can record all you see.
Right from your visual cortex....!!!!!

Image credit: Dan Cristian Pădureț via
Narrator: Challis, for Space Chat Radio ~ 2021

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Our narrator on a recap of
a journey from "the future!"
This takes us from 1950's America
to the year 8,000 and as far as 14,200 A.D.
New discoveries detailed in this account.
"You need to believe...."

Our host Challis goes in on
Brain to Cloud Tech. Also how
We are not immune from the new...


https://www, (2019)

Roger Tolces

CEO of Founders Space:
Steve Hoffman

Ray Kurzweil "The Singularity Is Near."

YouTube Search for Brain on Cloud Technologies.

Welcome To The IoT
Brain To Cloud

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Space Chat Radio.

2021. .

Our host, Challis goes deep.
into a trope on the Science and Tech
SYFY series, "Continuum." by Simon Barry.
How will this turn out?
Is there a primary dimension or current timeline?
Stay tuned....***May contain some spoilers***

List of Credits: Appear in Video Trailer.

Thanks To: Simon Barry, Chris Carter
As well as Gene Roddenberry, Isaac Asimov, and The Smoking Man.

Our host Challis starts us
out on that "5 year mission"
that began the "trek" and our
entry into a real space program.
Stay tuned, for real....!
"Knowledge From The Future."

Gene Roddenberry
Nichelle Nichols (Our Best Astronaut)
William Shatner
George Takei
DeForest Kelly
Walter Koenig
James Doohan
Majel Barrett
Whoopi Goldberg
Leonard Nimoy (Rest In Peaceful Prosperity)

Samuel Earl Nichols (father)
Salish "Parks" Nichols (mother)
Kyle Johnson (son)

Honorable Mentions:
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Oscar Brown (Director who discovered Nichelle Nichols)
Duke Ellington
Lionel Hampton
James Baldwin
Michael Dorn
LeVar Burton
Brent Spiner

Fmr. VP Al Gore

Fmr. Pres. Barack Obama

Companies and
Organizations: JPL (Jet Propulsion Labs)

Rockwell Space

Johnson Space Center



Space Shuttle Challenger Crew
Enterprise Space Shuttle
(The 1st U.S. Shuttle)

NBC Television
Fox Television

Kennedy Space Center

NASA: All the Astronauts
and her co-workers
in the industries covered in
the video.

Also host: Challis
for "Space Chat Radio"


We go further than just
an EVA, (Extra Vehicular Activity) in Space.
It's a unbelievable Launch from
the Space X pad today...."Real astronauts"
would be proud of Hawthorne's Team !
Stay Tuned....


Moon Astronauts:
B. Aldrin
M. Collins
N. Armstrong
Plus the Brave Civilians who launched today!

Spacex Inc.
E. Musk
Hawthorne, Calif.

(NASA Communication Center.Circa 1969)
Houston, TX

Planet: Mars:(4th Celestial Body in our Solar System)
Earth: (3rd Celestial Body in our Solar System)

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Your Host: Challis.

Space Chat Radio

Challis opens a discussion on "FTL."
Faster than light comms. Can it be done?
Where can we send the messages in space?
What can the science community learn?
Who would receive Earth's dire messages
of possible destruction from an outside force?
Stay tuned !!

Mentions: Rosen, Einstein, Podolsky
Coulomb, Maxwell, Lorentz
Schrodinger, Newton

Series: "Stargate Universe" (ref: FTL) "Faster Than Light"
Series: "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (ref: "Tachyons") particles.
Publication: "Arxiv" active journal archive

Bitchute: "Nebula Link's" own "Space Chat Radio"
Host narration: "Challis"

Photo Credits: "abidal" on
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Your host, Challis goes in depth
on what it means to experience
Causality Loops Thru Time.
Stay Tuned for shocking fact
versus what you may have known before!

Albert Einstein (Physicist)
Max Jammer (social scientist)
Albert Robb (social scientist)

David Hayter (film screenplays)
Ellen Page (actress)
Hugh Jackman (actor)
Sci-Fi (science fiction genre) (fmr tv channel)

Challis (host here for narration)

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Space Chat Radio. 2021..

Scientists have now discovered
habitable New Planets, in what is
an Exo-Galactic shift for life here
on Earth. Challis narrates this fact.

Mentions: NASA
Space Force Command
Google Earth
Hubble Telescope
International Space Station

Our Host, Challis Goes Deep
Into The Crash In Roswell
Featuring New Information
Not Covered To Date. Contains Controversial
Language via An "EBE's" Testimony About Earth.

Name mentioned:
Harry S. Truman
Westinghouse Inc.
Roswell, New Mexico (Desert Area)
Blacksite 15
Blacksite 51
World War II (1941-1945)

Alpha Centauri
Scopolamine (Drug)
Sodium Pentathol (Drug)
Terra Firma
The Grey an "EBE" (Extra Biological Entity)

Today were covering Time Shifting,
lost time, dvd recordings, sitcoms
related to time shifts and your comments.
Thank you for choosing Space Chat Radio.

Westinghouse Television Corp.
Shows mentioned: "I Dream of Jeannie"

We explore the hidden mystery
of space time portals as well
as the science and physics
behind them since 1999...
Stay tuned.....

Names bibliography: David Jay Brown
Dr. Jack Scudder Univ. of Iowa
Caroline Delbert
Hubble Space Telescope Project
Thelms Mission Data
as well as those mentioned in the audio not mentioned here.

A new in-neuro technology
that will monitor and track
human thought, as well as
create in-brain environments.

Science, technology and knowledge, from the distant future.
You Need to Believe.....


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This is the place to visit for an out of
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What's here, what's beyond the boundaries
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We are here to share and learn as well.
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