filmed by Elina Flierlala (girlfriend of RosaRoos, dreadlocks repair). Finally got my couple of dreads to be repaired. Knocking on my chest. Have fun watching a tiny bit of where I've been last saturday, the weekend before dj'ing a lovely wedding in the north of Friesland. Frisia. DJ Dirk. aka Shah Ecstatic aka FLow5Demand. Https://
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MeWe (social media, good one !!) (not dubble encrypted so to so (owned by it's owners or so) but good content: Spirit of Love movement (group) en Shah Ecstatic (person).
SPOTIFY etc.: Shah Ecstatic (Spirit of Love movement) & Spirit of RAP movement (3 accounts or so, also with Stereofly Records, st jean).

ALSO please help me with good thoughts!!! finding my wallet and phone back of last wednesday/tuesday... and iphone of and and half week ago (sunday in Leeuwarden).
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2nd upload trial..

something going on with the food-supplies. the elite" is straight up f*cking with the people. I find everybody (besides the 0,(0)1%) should grap all responsibility they can do. Do the right thing. open your mind and speak for a good world. You ARE safe. You are safe. always. don t need to do nothing what is not good for humanity and earth... how ever easy has it been to see the line between what is natural (source) light and what is coming from the messed-up energy (refusing to let go and inplode and go back to source).

ALL human stand up!
life is bigger than a car of 39.000 euro 's and a suit. Releaf yourself. Be brave and stand steady.
love soldiers: here we go!

original text from video
" Oekraine heeft 50.000 ton graan in (..niet meer droog..) gestoken.

en natuurlijk gaven ze rusland de (... niet de goederiken..)

p s
didnt mention in previous dj mix #03 video

food oekraine aware

With: ''60's garage rock, Jawat - ut zwarte aap, flow5d - is it love/hate, jamin''- ooh, e= nr5, gangstagrass - live 2004''. In a periode where it it very important to get all humans clear - the treath to farmers is about food! ALTHOUGH I find we should change the way they work towards more vetgetables and fruits and (local)enviromont friendly, the Benelux-gov. is str*gt f"king with us... and wanna decrease the frequency... WE SHOULD TURN THIS into love and understandment. BESIDES the most unfriendly sectors are by far technical, building, transport, fashion etc. Buy 2nD second hand! and get this to all our neighbours! Enjoy the set of music! Hope u dig it! Feedback appreaciated, while I'm learning to work with another set then I am used to. Spread the joy!
One love...
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MEWE as shah ecstatic and spirit of love movement.

2nd hand
we are all connected...
Shout out to Jan Ketelaar.... the small areas of nature (forgotten lands) ...

Design aswell by Flow5d, original picture by Bryant Olsen.
(From set, cd and wav-files)
music joy fun
music aware co

''Wonder where I've been.. try to find love from within''. I love this track and regard it as an Hip Hop Storytelling example (have been playin it on repeat a lot).
Full track: (0,60 buy)
Hiphop Track Music


Voor de leuk, om er van te leren... niet heel bijzonder, wel uit het leven gegrepen.
For fun, to learn from, not very special, but grippen out of life. It start's about the fact we as human (in the Netherlands cities) should communicatie with one and other; and dare to say in person what's up with one and other.

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blog new...

preview name; Communiceren over een feesie - Von Heavy x Flow5D
dj music film

export at 7000mbps (exact... instead of... )

How truly to beatmatch, also a must for back2back (when not singed to eachother), with pitch-(tempo)slider and juggwheel. This video aims for dj'ing as a pro @15min: on ear, hearing different tempo's and then to discover what one is going faster than the other one, and to get them straight. You can also give a push to the jugwheel to see if it is getting closer to each other. For me the whole que'ing is fun... but to beatmatch with two different screens and incorrect bpm or not at all shown not jet. Invested over 700 in such kind a set... so, need to learn more now. Probably still need to buy a set as I used to dj with... due to being ready for a gig over two weeks.

oh yea, how I feel... terrable, depressed... stupid... like it will make no sense... have put already so much time in the getting the usb's ready to play... man...
And I don't want an agenda with gigs... I want freedom.. no set dates, altough I feel like. Rather be zen and meditating, and finding another place to live... rather than having arguing with ya pa. Things I do not like.
Used to life in more peace: finalizing my Hip Hop album... Whom is musically ready for sale and can be ordered as digital (wav and/or mp3 or whetever) file.
The new name will be Flow5d (d from Dirk and to make it a 3-steps'' name... as brands aimed for world or bigger crowd aims for)... it also meaning five-dimensional... and freedom of where we are getting as a people is nice with it.
Contact via: or (more abowith blogging)

video credit: sound of arman _ (sub by downloading a thing for dj-sets).
One Love. Peace to the universe and I. May you be loved. What name to continue with as mc and dj?: (1)Flow5, (2)Shah Ecstatic, (3)Clandestin, other. All names I have used before... also option: (5)Carpe Pioneer, (6)Focus, (7)DerGjitr (4)Dirk Geerd-nk blogging English-Dutch-FRL (newest mindspin dutch and research 2021 english). site... (find my contatacts) open 4 bookings.

shout out to galactic heart channel...
Visited the guy at a live meeting of them. I liked it. How to make yourself free. An excersise to help you. PEACE, NEW BLOGging (dutch + English + frysk) ONE LOVE
The thing about the meeting; all in in self... al countries are program languange and a cell of place in oursels. Belgium is for creating (free from what the source of creation (god'''') wants)... free play area... ; BRAbant has B (number 2) female: creating; and RA of knowledge...

(Galactic Heart Channel) via yt.. en 9convert

First 3,5'' minutes are skipable. Going to stop with a s-phone again in near future... and all apps... I (flow5 dj & mc (before Shah Ecstatic)) watched this video about five times. Find me on MeWe social media.
Keepin The Spirit alive

What A day... feel like sharing a video... one love. one unity. peace.
thx to 9convert en youtube (what I wont be using)

for searchenginge use: or (dutch channel, stoped uploading there)
Mewe: spirit of love movement . also at spotify

Spontaneous mix of the Downloads folder.... Dingen die we weten in vormen gieten. Https:// new site
Download this set: TRACKLIST:
Shah Ecstatic - Matriks 528Hz
SHoRTY - I Want Peace (music video)
TY Media - Bounce
Shah Ecstatic - Torie 528Hz

Shah Ecstatic - DJ Mix #01 Hip Hop S.E. ft SHoRTY & Ty Media
20220519 virtual dj try out

DL Matriks Song only:
DL Torie Song only:

I want peace

Die Shah ecstatic spit die bars

ik weet je bent aan t zweten

Zo van ik gaf toch wel een fok om t leven

Dingen die we weten in vormen gieten.

20220519 virtual dj try out recording shah ecstatic shorty tymedia hip hop

till 10 june
rap hiphop music

Harmony for brothers & sisters... #KTSA north west Europe... 4th edition.. day 4
Https:// subscribe with mail.. (aiming for gaing a phater website)

Design (Decoration) by:
Jivan & David
Kees Oepke
Shah Ecstatic
and many more...

film movie fun
MVI_6758 rondloop film pirk, andere cam aanschaffen edited audio 7k mbs

tagga till june 10th (with 44 x watched)
film movie freedom

and the night after: rain

song Torie
videoclip at
song at @ album matrix overthrow

clouds geoenginering geo

poem live art
De linen yn it ferv(e)
De geuren fan in kwast(e)
Ekspresje wêrby it hast bart(te)
Feroaring as oan in werf

De kleuren rymje en prate mei it sichtberense paad
Ferwunderd, heuveleftich om rjochter de geast
te kommen as trinnen fan in swart, goud peard'
fan it bolwurkjen nei it lytse plak

Soe it suver rinne nei in natuerlik berjocht?
Roas-libbelik en sirkels as foarm
hoe de paden rinne foar djipgong
meist eltse kear sels ynkleure foar de tocht

Hoe de paden rinne foar de tocht
meist elke kear sels ynkleure foar de djipgong

fersie 1 april 2022 (DE Tredde fersie yn totaal)
tal ferfoechwurden oanpasse
en roas-libbelik , in nij wurd
mede troch de foarstelling oanpast, ek om in passender en wat positiever te meitsjen.

de () graach der yn hoarre - om sawol respect te hawwen foar manier fan skriuwen as wize fan sprekken. en rym derby.

tekst har ik op e nij kontroleerd

DerGjitr @ freedom @ track respekt foar mem ierde acoustic

audio en videoedit by DerGjitr

and how to stay in love (in touch with love in our deeds we do).


to let go, shot two persons with it. it is over now. he had rather some greve to get over it. hopes tiss helps him and her.

music starting at 55 sec. Stream all 17 tracks
Prod by McRoepster* & James007 Shah Ecstatic,
2019 written & rec, mix & master 2022 528Hz
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[new album]
* cool video channel on yt

ptII of the in total 22+minutus.... idea of having a demo of an example for live music performance.... with some freestyle multilingual

Україна Just chilling, the posibility to chill with me for a small 10 minutes... I am okey with these results... but not to enthousiastic. I think it is profound to at least make it open to listen to. Language: Dutch (Netherlands). Https://
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Tips are welcome.
New almost finished album FLOW5;

BEAT: prod Joe Corfi5ld... (patterns) full beat tape starting from 30minuts.

ID 64719856 © Jozef Klopacka |

#Rusland #oekraine #nederland

- RusL Oekr Dag 5 (Jazzy Freestyle-itopia)

De Gele Camera

Eindeloos Bewustzijn - full film version. Idea to post things very handy, did not yet watch it, but shure will, we are one, so easy learning isnt it? You can sub by creating an account then in settings u can vink mail-notification; any one knowing if it really working? peace, love, knowledge, consciousness.
this exaclty.... for spreading.... community human is in for disonant news to break the hypnose
172.565 weergaven22 jan. 2020


Jim Crenshaw :
Sat8nism and The History of the Satanic Panic (2022 Full Documentary)

BIRDS attacking mast -
Jim Crenshaw 11 hours ago

It is very scary what they can do with imageplay 14.1K4:45
13 hours ago





EMS FILMS Ton Okkerse
1,34K abonnees
'Eindeloos Bewustzijn' - documentaire 86' minuten © EMS FILMS
Een filmische verkenning naar hoe bijna-dood ervaringen het leven van gewone mensen transformeren en hoe deze ervaring onze alledaagse opvattingen over leven en dood verandert.

Het boek Eindeloos Bewustzijn van cardioloog Pim van Lommel veranderde voor veel mensen het inzicht over het leven op een radicale wijze. Het boek is het resultaat van twintig jaar wetenschappelijk onderzoek naar ervaringen van mensen met een zogenaamde bijna-dood ervaring (of BDE).
Regisseur Mark Verkerk (Buddha's Lost Children, De Nieuwe Wildernis) liet zich door dit boek, voor deze documentaire inspireren door een stelling van Van Lommel: "Als je ervan uitgaat dat de wetenschap materialistisch is, schakel je per definitie bewustzijn uit. Want bewustzijn is niet te meten. Ik kan nooit wetenschappelijk bewijzen dat iemand verliefd is of een schilderij heel mooi vindt. En toch is het de meest grote realiteit die een mens heeft. Dus stel ik dat je een ander soort wetenschap moet hebben die ook subjectieve elementen toelaat. Wetenschap is voor mij vragen stellen met een open geest."

Regie & scenario: Mark Verkerk Met: Pim van Lommel, Raymond Moody, Carlo Leget, Joke Endedijk – van der Jagt, Cindy Wielders, Paul Derks, Bart Sikkens en Reinier TilanusCamera: Mark Verkerk en René Heijnen
Producent: Ton Okkerse

version_480p (max availab.)
hope conscious nederlands -
thx to yt

MVI_6946 mooie feestende dr00m in mn dr00m
`Old` dutch & german language channel
New album - 22/02/2022

just a thing discoverd on sd card today...

just a thing listening to now;

another one, nog een

This video is for whom is interested in learning to have energy without need of food.
Me we : spirit of love movement
Https:// 2 new tracks of album wrâld

Cover by Canvas

YT link
Doch KlienKeunst ,free download
Subscribe by ex downloading Https:// bitchute com/spiritalive SNAP Dtheman1 (new in use)
PROD: Ty Media

Met Mark (Kwarkie) heb ik een band tot terug in Egypte of de Egyptische tijden of een periode methetzelfde symbool. Tijdens het opruimen van de oprit kwam ik een stukje lego tegen. Daar stond een egyptisch poppetje op. Het was zwart met aardegeel erop. Het leek op een poppetje met een hoed.
Het tweede symbool. Is een grote houten wiel. Die is met een beroeste ijzeren label erom heen. Er liep iemand die ongeveer 2/3 hoog was v h wiel. Die duwde de lichtbruine as. Had egyptische kledij aan. Vrede
Op v0rige l('vens te ontdekken is goed voor bio energetisch veld rond de aarde. Luister Kind op b i t c h u t e PUNT com SLASH spiritoflovenl

Background image of the heart through Noah P8lmer (telegr friend)
Goat of a visit for a community : mix and design thx to photocollage program
HOOK: do what you wanna do - x2, but become very good in it.

master 1.3 van mix1.1 - inner peace
Spirit of Love movement #SpiritOfLoveFRL find it on bitch ute & bandcamp

m e w e: S... E...

#rapfreestyle #hiphop

Plan is dit freestyle album af te maken. Dan tracks maken met extra nadruk op de waarom. En kijken of ik het voor mijn doen nog meer uit kan leggen. Ik masterde deze track. Komen toffen aan, wie b a n d c a m p

(prod. Ty Media) Intro of upcoming album 'wrâld'. Available: subscribe by dowloading
Full track & download:
Cool new site

Cool track of me

Mix, master, drawing (10 years ago) & vocals & lyrics (freestyle) : Shah Ecstatic
Beat: Ty Media

Recorded: 1 year ago, almost
Mei serieuze randjes en net te serieus nimme.

01. 2021 02 25+03 02 Troch De Tiiden Hinne Freestyle [i think i got it bro] (1) frysk 528Hz mix1-1 ;master 1-1