No one listens to us.


Spun at 33.33 HeartBEATS Per Minute.

According to Plan so far.....

Graphene Oxide reacts to strong Magnetic Fields. Such a pulse would/will cause the Graphene in the injected to overload the Heart and Nervous System.

2009 Predictive Programming.
Most of it was 2009. RED. Dark Angel. Flashforward etc.

I guess that's why a lot of Bitchuters don't know what to make of my channel. Of course I'm different from 99% of the other channels. I'm legit.

This confirms the possibility of The Mass Collapse of the Vaccinated, as predictively programmed in so many films and series.

The Injected are in Trouble.

A 'Hidden' way of messing people up.
Gives new meaning to the term: biodegradable.

Circadian Pacemaker.
Thumbnail is from YET ANOTHER Mass Collapse series - The War of the Worlds 2019. A Magnetic Pulse causes it.


Yes, everything they put out was mockery of the Public. Everything about the magnetobiology of the clot shot. Mu-metal, Vector, Field, Wave, RNAnucleoTIDE, lipid, flux, super CAPACITOR, Tesla, SQUID Magnetometer, Y, X and ∞.

The Magnetobiology SQUID Game Mystery continues...

The Hunt for яed Oktobeя

Thanks to Repentagram for the heads up. KILLING ME SOFTLY is a 2002 film and a song by the FUGEES (REFUGEES/Ukraine 0p).

Czech Republic. Minding my own business. Sitting on a wall.

Combined Disasters Card. World War 3.

How many internals are being Ruptured right now....?
Corona'ry Phase 2 0p from 3 11 2020 to 3 11 2022.

These guys CHOSE to go to war and end up playing Russian Roulette. Note the 3 Shots in the thumbnail.

Submarine going ROGUE. VARIANT and they keep repeating "Who Killed PUTIN?"
Thumbnail is from the SistersunCUT psyop. Nice bit of Collapse/syncope mockery and CUTTING out Blood Clots mockery.


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