Cop gets punched and knocked out while attempting to handcuff someone.

BJ Brown, 32, shot a police officer and killed a woman just before Monday morning (June 27) in the Iberville Housing Development on Bienville Street. The woman was shot multiple times and transported to a hospital where she died.

Emotional uncontrollable girls fight outside of Puttshack in West Midtown ATL this weekend.

The Buffalo Police Department released bodycam footage of a homicide suspect being shot during a pursuit on Friday. Authorities say police responded to a call about a shooting and the suspect allegedly opened fire on their vehicles upon arrival. A foot chase followed after the suspect fled the scene. After police gave repeated commands to the suspect to drop his weapon, an officer discharged his weapon eight times, police say. No officers were injured in this incident. The suspect survived and has been charged with attempted murder.

South Philly shooting happened June 23rd, 4 people shot, 2 males dead.

A 67-year-old woman died & an 8-year-old is in critical condition after a car fleeing the NYPD on Saturday crashes into another car.

These little bitches can cry harder.

These people love inciting violence when they don't get what they want.

These libtards think they can totally stop a 7 ,000 lb. truck with their body.

When lefties don't get what they want, they whine, cry and like to break things.

The crazies come out of the woodwork when babies lives will be saved.


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