Stars R Us

More and more frontline nurses and other health workers suffering severe reactions or worse from taking the Covid vaccine.

The establishment parties of Canada (PC's, Liberals, NDP) only have the Globalist agenda in mind which slowly erases Canada's traditional heritage and values.
The National Citizens Alliance supports preserving Canada's National Heritage and values.

Justin Trudeau ignores reporter when questioned about meeting with group tied to terrorists'.

An explanation of Globalism and it's dangers to Canada

MSM sources won't report it, Snopes denies it but Pamela Gellar uses her technical improvisational skill to get an interview with the parents of the little girl raped by the 3 Muslim boys to let us all know the truth, and the good folks at Bitchute allow the truth to be seen and heard.

When does it stop?

Many of the Western European Nations are on the brink of Civil War because of the failed attempts of Multiculturalism, and it is happening now in the Western World also.


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We are made of Star Stuff. Born from the primary elements from the birth of our Sun billions of years ago we are all descendants of one another. There is no god to rule our lives but rather the goodness, or evil found within ourselves. Thus it is ours to choose the path to how we coexist with each other. Let us all choose the path of peace.