and that is how star control 3 ends.... not with a bang but a whimper

1 good fight... 1 annoying precursor vessel

a long road... but it's always a long road

damn this is one long episode... i probabably should have split it for 2 day upload

miracle of miracles i think im all caught up

hey look its the arilou again... fuckers

wow meeting new people n destroying their ships

well that ended poorly

well shit things keep happening

all around the mine until we find the way

I think i'm making progress... maybe

mazes n mineshafts

ok almost back..... wait wtf

god damn this game gets weird.

well that could have gone better

better monster representation in gaming

the story is progressing without me lol

Yay Matty lives

well shit i thought i was makin progress... but we met the ewoks so theres that

what the fuck actually happened

lot less action n a lot more talkin

so i was a little off about the feyrs they still arent where they should be... but good enough i suppose

ewwww green mycon

once again... death without raise dead

hey finally some action... without getting fired


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Just a let's player who migrated away from youtube, cuz of their bullshit. I used to tag all my vids nsfw but that apparently disabled comments.