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There is a reason why you will find me on BitChute and not on Spotify or iTunes or other FAMOUS MORE WELL KNOWN NETWORKS. It's because I won't affiliate with the corrupt. You want real down to earth grounded MC? Producer from the real streets?
Don't challenge me or think I need to contend with the commercial guys you adore and worship and think could ever take me out.
This is real industrial street life NOW.

I am one of the most original. I don't have a team or a group. This is not managed or booked.
This is overlooked.

When you look back in time and you realize that all of those in the union are in the same brotherly club. Commercial music. Commercial anything is tied to protocol. Procedure. Policy. The furthest from Organic Down to Earth Blue collar working class.
I am and this is... for you and us. Blue Collar Working Class.
The bottom of the barrel misfits and those who have something to say and should be heard.
Word is no bird but a dead turd.
Keep it hot. Keep them burned.

Detroit rapper Mac Nifty.
youtube with 4k plus videos I loaded up over there for years since they started shop:
414 more beats:
more beats:

Original Detroit 8 Mile Recording Artist Mac Nifty
Freestyle rap off the top of the head. This is not prewritten.
So if you have trash to talk. Learn to walk before you think you can rap anything even close and not be a commercial artist with a team of punch plugs.

I just make my own stuff and if you like Richie From Boston than you might like this.
If you used to like Dahboo.. you might like this.
If you used to like Trump. you might like this.
If you used to like Jesse Ventura. You might like this.
If you think suckers join the military in fear of being drafted are suckers. You might like this.
If you think following all laws and all orders is the way to go... well then again...
"as I digress!"... "You like it or you don't." "What can I do for you today?"

I will put my most riskay tracks on this website. All the ones that youtube struck me time and time over the years I have had over 25 strikes in all. It's true you can accumulate or lose over time... strikes you did have at one time. They will fall off annually just like any other insurance or attendance disciplinary program with your employer's HR for instance.

Get with real blue collar rappers like me. You might have someone you fan and stan but get real with it will you. Do not false flag and tell me your favorite rapper is real like me. I am 100% all from scratch. No beat maker.. I'm the fkn beat maker. No producer or editor or anything. I write it I do it. DONE DEAL ENTERTAINMENT
MindState Records Detroit Michigan.
Midwest Finest in Underground Bunker Recordings.
Raw Real and Official because I SAID SO!
#bluecollarrap #bluecollarhiphop

Original Official 8 Mile Detroit Michigan USA Gangster Thug Rebel Vigilante Freestyle UnderWorld Music
Check out thousands more of my work here:
Full albums here:
1st gen MindState Records pre 2009 beats

Detroit Music Producer and Artist MAC NIFTY from East Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Beats older 1st Gen MINDSTATE RECORDS:

My 1st upload on this network and I can be free and with vulgarity so I'm going to put my raw content on here and make content specific for this network.
This will be the best music I can make will be able to be hosted here.
Right now I am banned and blocked on YouTube for miss information.
So i'm here.

Before you say I'm trying to copy M and MU better check your facts.
Before you say I'm like ICP you better check your facts.
I am independent I'm not commercial I'm not in there network of uniand there are network of Union and television I am the underground mystic. You will never find me and those fancy televisions. Because they will never nominate me or invite me. I never signed up to the club.
This is our club the streets club this is the most official hip hop that exists that I know of everything else is a joke and working only for a dollar and not for the music and with for any Passion.
If you rap right edit composite compose it and think you can help out somehow hit me up. I'm building the team. People who agree with each other and want to see the same things happen in hip hop that hasn't happened yet.
When you realize that the Beastie Boys were beasts and they were boys for the beast the same as run DMC and LL Cool J iced tea and ice cube all of the grapes they're all in the same club working for the wrong people they're not working for us they never did they always lied and acted.

This is real hip hop. Looking for real people who are looking for the same real thing to relate to.


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East Detroit Michigan USA
Music artist, producer,beat maker, engineer, Electronics technician, web developer and software engineer.
I do everything from scratch

I am the creator of Tempts Eve Posse, G Gawdy, Mac Nifty, Sykoe and MindState Records is the label and club.
I have songs all over the Internet and I'm with such tracks that are included on the internet archive because I am a day oner as the first rapper in Michigan online at so long ago. That website is long gone it's totally different it's not 1996 anymore.

I grew up hanging out with friends and with directly Insane Clown Posse or formerly inner-city Posse members and family members and Friends.

I have worked with the Bass Brothers and trick trick and Royce to five nine and Eminem and 5150 mentally insane and many other artists and brands.

I once had also Mastamind of Natas of Reel Life Productions working with me in the early 2000s.
We did the street value EP in my studio and I did the graphics and merchandising and posters as well as the commercials that we had on channel 38 and other Detroit television stations.

I have worked with over 40 other artists and have collaborations.

I have mentored kids from age 13 teaching them and helping them progress their own skills before they reached maturity and of age for their own business and brand.

I am experienced in all studio equipment operations is operations and repair as well as installation and integration.
I am experienced with engineering music and sounds or tones and creating custom circuits with real estate the electronics and digital microprocessors a combination or solo.

I have over 40 albums released to the public as as well as a bunch that are not released.
I am in the true sense of an independent Artist as I don't seek out or have anyone do my labor designing or anything at all I do everything from scratch I publish it and Market it all by myself and I have for the last 24 years.

I work exclusively with industrial robot machines and factories,
Including but not limited to, mechatronics, hydraulics , pneumatics, electrical, smt, tht, plumbing, carpentry, hvac, pipe fitting, machine building, Millwright, Machinist, welder of Arc TIG Mig and Arc spray as well as plasma cutters CNC and analog as well as laser systems and turret punching systems ,stamping presses up 10,000 tonne, hydroform presses up to 50,000 tons, plastic injection presses up to 5,000 tons. I know Siemens, Fuji, Fanuc, Allen Bradley, Nachi, ABB, Sepro, Kawasaki, Motoman, Denso, OTC, Haas, Engel, SPS, Verson, Van Dorn, Bliss, Minster, Drake, LeBlonde and so many more machines and systems. I basically understand the core principles of everything that exists on the planet that creates everything on the planet that does the labor for a human.

Basically I can operate manage and facilitate the needs of repair control inventory purchasing and upkeep of complete factories and their systems front to back end from the environment to the facilities to all of the equipment involved.

I am also a first responder so I am the one running in the fire and I am always saving people.

I tried to be like a centennial renaissance man in this one life that I have to live there's still so much I want to do.

It is my music skills that taught me that I already know all of that stuff because of building my own studios and audio systems and programming and programming I have developed 2 separate careers. Parallel.

I have extensive experience with architectural drafting mechanical drafting Electronics schematic and print reading and writing as well as vector and media all kinds of stuff I am involved in I know a lot of things and I'm a great source of establishing coincidences and connecting dots between the various trades and systems of the world.

One of the biggest things I have to do is get to a root cause analysis of diagnosis and systems I fix people's problems I solve and create solutions to their problems that they have.

I am doctor Detroit.
SYKOE or pronounced Psycho
I used to run with the crips and I got out and that was my street name.
I use it with my music as well as 2 other names that names that I have for myself to diversify and reach the market with 3 points and angles.
I am always creating or doing something.