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Stef bravely shared her testimony with us in Wellington.

Oranga Tamariki, the police, the judicial system and politicians have failed Stef & her children.

Following our recording we attended the Dark 2 Light event in Palmerston North where Stef & her daughter shared their nightmare.

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Isherwood’s coverage of George Hunter can be found here:

Horse video found here and starts around 17 min mark

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I stumbled upon a YouTube video ams a 52 page of Kenneth weyler telling the truth and these idiots thinking its Sci Fi and arw unaware of Satanists well one is...

We Fed up with everything boys competing in women's sports etc etc etc

Go HH 88 2 fat ladies

Fuck me it's no bloody joke this sorry these Hybreds Of the Hydra Vulgaris and its Freaky friend Triffids and war of the world combined to physically change their Whole Make up Like the fucking FLY
Humans They are trying to Make extinct and replace them with AI Augmented Transgender Lizard men like bloody spider mans enemy doctor Lizard. Ams much much worse the Vulgaris is growing as well as uncle Triffid inside your viens Till you Drop down dead or your limbs go black without circulation
MUST SEE video all the way through (50 mins)

Facebook chucked me off my live feed typically and on 15 haha their number on the dot. But I carried on with less viewers unable to share lol what's new eh xxx

The Metropolitan Police put into special measures by Her Majesties inspector of constabularies, this is due to multiple catastrophic failures and poor performance.
Open letter to Acting commissioner Stephen House and Chairman of the HMIC Andy Cooke.

Letter in full available here.

Sets of 13s my beautiful friends and foes
13 is the missing number of the months of the years called Agilla and translated it means EAGLE hence the Freemssonic Eagle mocking is all into a 12 =3=111=666
13 is 4 land air fire water us all.
Plenty of my tunes after the 1st Song
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Eric Dubay
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When confronted with the question of the shape of the world, many people are quick to assert that they live on a globe because they believe they have personally seen the curvature of the Earth from their airplane window. Some people even believe when they visit the beach or climb atop a mountain that they are able to see the horizon curve downwards far in the distance. The reality is, however, that anyone thinking they can see curvature on the horizon from any altitude is suffering from a serious case of confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance.

To begin with, the glass used in all commercial airplane passenger windows is actually round, layered and slightly curved which distorts the edges giving the impression that the horizon and other straight lines curve downwards. These rounded windows have the effect of evenly distributing pressure and reducing the likelihood of cracks or breaks because they have no corners for stress to concentrate making them better at withstanding pressure. Unfortunately though, these windows also have the strange side-effect of causing people to believe that the Earth is a globe because they mistake the curvature of the glass for that of the horizon...

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Good video of lost cities and empires now under water like us before long..they had free energy free everything

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Destroying your body from within this shit is Absolutely Created to Mame and Destroy as many as it can. Blocking Micro Savers of our bodies

Good Yawning Fellow light bearers 💥💚🐾💚💥🐾💚💥🐾😘🤣🤣

an opinion forced by the medical priests who have had us all in fear of something that only exists in the mind, DIS EASE Fear worry stress all

I Re Member Waking to the world of sin and debauchery and complete unbelievable satanic and poisons and hatred for us from the people we trust and are told are our saviours and hie all the time stabbing you with anything to make your life HELL ON Earth while claiming saintlyness. i cried for over 5 hours out loud and thought i would not make it through but like everything time heals your wounds and you have to real eyes that it is and your part of it and to get in contact with likeminded people to ease your and their minds as a unified field as togetherness is the key xxx

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In a prophetic dream I was clearly shown that there is 'A Chosen One' to lead humanity into a different future, a wonderful time of love, unity and harmony.
Who is she or he? The dream showed me...
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Interview with Charlie Wards son

Glenn was the second oldest brother of 3 siblings from Charlies first marriage and he used to work with his father


Glenn Ward has recently seen some of the stuff his father Charlie is claiming, how many are being sucked in and has decided to speak the truth about his father in hope that it can help others, save their pockets and them from any further mental or emotional investment in the lies he is peddling

Thank you Glenn!

The interview is conducted by 'Mr Truth Intellegencer' whom he has befriended, great job!

I never watch tv but can catch up watching this shit, its as crazy
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Beavis and Buttmuncher Biden are fucked
Smoking Guns Busted surely


Bought a nice Box of pears from Pete the local market 💚🐾💚🤣

i have watched this movie more times then any other film in my 46 years of sleeping in this world, why i do not know but now its getting clearer that there is something in this light and dark shit...... I have owned every copy from 50 p to big box classics and lent them out and never got back, all the same story, its a spiritual battle its a bit messed up here ass backwards but watch it x

Everything we are taught is inside out backto front and inside out and spun around and now we are seeing with real eyes as they show who their real GOD Is

Lucy Fairy

'Finding God': Why Did 75% of UCSF/Marin's Radiology Department File for Religious Exemptions?

Steve Kirsch: "It's the radiology department because they see what's going on with people with their heart. They see the blood clots. They see all this stuff in radiology. That's why it's the radiology department."


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I am pointing at the concept of 3 and the concept of 4 the square and the cumpiss of the Freemasons who run the show..
the 3 windows and the 4 pillars / its also the old FREEMASONIC LODGE
with the all seeing eye of Horus in the middle...
colours Know them. PLEASE Knowledge is Power.

We are indentured debt slaves to a bankrupt [ Corps oration ] as our Birth Certificate is really our Death certificate

and a receipt for the goods your mother has just signed over to the REGIS = ROYAL TER =ENROL The Crown and the Vatican

and your rights as a living being has not been forfeited and you are classed as lost at sea on a ship called state floating abandoning in the sea of commerce.

your/our E State and Title as A KING and the Equity [ millions ] replaced by child benefit..

We are contracted till not only death but we are put back in the system again once we die and we have amnesia when we are

re born into this matrix in another Vessel, Death Rebirth / Death rebirth / figure of 8 Death rebirth, Yet there is a way out of this with and gemstones own Kenneth Scott and Panterra D,oro.. kingdom of D,Vida

meaning "Life" the way out is to correct ones status and standing and clearing our debts and becoming solvent ?? out of DEBT

and claim the underlying EQUITY which is your Birth right xxx peace and love Tez DogH,

:Terry: Terry George Ptah House of Harrison 3261