After a long hiatus mainly due to the event, Tacoliquor, TMBGilligan, and Jerry are back. This time we are talking about our dreams, ranging from the frickin' insane ones to the absolutely pointless ones.

This is the speed paint of the recent Princess Medusa piece I did recently. Have some jazz to go with it too lol. This one is a little longer than the last, so it should be a little more clear exactly what I'm doing and stuff.

Finally time for my first speedpaint.

Here is my process for the Rosalina from Mario Golf: Super Rush piece I worked on. Please save the crucifixions for later, this is literally my first jab at a speedpaint video. Hopefully I'll get better at it once I do a couple more.

So it took a while for this video to upload, I tried getting it done by Christmas, but Bitchute decided to be a little finicky. Ah well. Although it's late, it's still a good video, so if you don't mind, I hope you enjoy it!

This video is nothing more than a test to see how my particular composite-to-HDMI and HDMI recorder set-up can work. In this video I'm playing Namco-Museum for the Gamecube on my Nintendo Wii. I am using OBS to record the little footage I have, so I apologize if some frames drop. I don't exactly have a five-star set-up.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this little test video.

Link for Technology Connections video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZC5Zr3NC2PY

A little bit late, but oh well. The prompt for this little thing was FLOAT, so I dug through my music archives and resurrected an idea for this little artwork piece. Flying Free, I hope you like it at least a little bit.

I also used a video from Ben 3d from Minds, so the original video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-T3Lc...

It's the 19th prompt of Inktober, and the prompt was "dizzy". I wanted to do another animation, this time with my character Mandy, and also experiment with the various programs at my disposal. This is the result, so I hope you enjoy this short animation!

To learn how exactly to do this I used therickywill 's tutorial for creating and animating characters in the Paper Mario style. Without that video, I probably wouldn't of known exactly what to do + not have the idea in the first place.
Original tutorial: https://youtu.be/eRU44mDlYr0

Legal stuff for song I used in BG:

Simply Me by Deoxys Beats | https://soundcloud.com/deoxysbeats1
Music promoted by https://www.free-stock-music.com
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

Inktober is a thing artists participate in to keep their brains from being absolutely fried. I decided to make the prompt ///OUTPOST/// into a song, and wouldn't you know it THIS VIDEO is that music. It's crazy I know but bear with me. Please leave all hate comments below where they deserve to be.

Download the song for free here: https://tacoliquor.bandcamp.com/releases

I bid you all now farewell

This is a very short animation for the 12th prompt of Inktober 2020, being "SLIPPERY". I think Ice Cap Zone is a pretty slippery place, don't you think?

Enjoy, fellow humanoids.

Movies movies and even more movies. Tacoliquor, Gilligan, and Jerry get together in this episode to talk about their favorite movies, questionable films, and bad movies. If you're interested in film than this is the episode for you! Hope you all have a cool time!


...After even more months of not doing anything, Tacoliquor and Gilligan get together to record a new episode! In this crazy little ep we talk about social media and almost everything surrounding it. We talk about the various mainline platforms as well as a few alt tech choices, as well as rants about how to be good at da medias (not that I would know anything better than an expert).

Music talk and answering questions from you guys too? Huh? Yeah sure we do that too. I hope that you are entertained slightly in this kinda funny podcast!



What's there to say, I get around.

Art by yours truly, not like that's much of an achievement. Enjoy!

After months of hiatus because of yours truly, finally have the second episode of da Shedcast! A little dated maybe, but good nonetheless. In this episode we rank fast food chains and answer the questions you asked. Hopefully this is something interesting you can listen to while sitting on da toilet or something like that. I hope you all can enjoy!






What da hell, the new first episode of Taco's Shedcast??? I wasn't expecting this thing to go past episode 0! Join Tacoliquor, Gilligan, and Jerry as we discuss very important topics such as flea markets, airline security, greasy food, and conscience. This may be entertaining to some people for about 5 minutes. Enjoy!

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Hello and welcome to the pilot episode of Taco's Shedcast! For today we introduce ourselves, Tacoliquor and Gilligan, and talk about what this podcast will all be about. We'll chat, banter, slander, and talk a whole bunch of crapola with each other. Stay tuned for more content in the future, and check out our social media channels!

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I'm a small-time traditional artist that specializes in pen and ink drawings of what I like. Stay tuned for more on this channel, including a podcast and possible interview content!