It is possible to have a weight loss journey minus the overwhelm. One day at a time, one pound at a time. Meanwhile, you enjoy life and deal with what comes up when you put the food down.

During this radio interview I speak about addictions. During these past few years of lockdowns and everything else, the mental health of people has declined. Addictions are on the rise, from food to alcohol . . . to everything. If food is your issue, as it was mine, you can find more resources on my website. https://tanyaunkovich.com/foodfreedom/

This is such a big part of any personal journey.
To know more about me go to www.tanyaunkovich.com

I have just posted this video in my Food Freedom Facebook Group. Feel free to join.

During this radio interview I talk about how to create lasting change during the second half of 2022. Not only does one need to be motivated, you also need to have discipline as part of the equation. So how does one remain motivated AND disciplined?

One little bit at a time. Ten minutes at each end of the day is over two hours per week. The journey to getting in shape is possible with small incremental changes each week.

During this speaking event I talk about the importance of mastering resilience in every area of your life. Physically, emotionally, professionally, in your relationships, your future legacy and spiritually.
Get your notebook out!

One of the keys to recovery from the food crazies, (and unhealthy relationships), was to build a healthy self respect.

So this radio interview was actually recorded before Schmovid and seems to be even more relevant today!

During this short video I encourage you to step out of being stuck. These past few years have been tough. Stuck in loneliness, isolation and fear. Stuck in addiction or other self harming behaviours. I invite you to decide today to move through this, and move forward. You are not alone. Decide.

In this brief video I shared how important it was to reframe the meaning I placed on certain foods. Food just became food. So when I ordered my first hamburger at a restaurant...it was pretty big, so I just ate half.

To be ready and willing to move forward one needs to let go of the beliefs that are holding you back.

Life is beautiful.
Yes, there is suffering.
Yes, painful times come.
However, the pain does pass.
What then follows is joy.
There is also love.
No matter what you have faced, or are still facing,
There is hope,
and you will find meaning and purpose again.
This was the topic of conversation during a radio interview yesterday.

This brief video is all about reframing too many calories and why feeling strong is so much better than being skinny.

The key to so many issues is healing the shame that binds you.

This is a two minute sizzler of some of my speaking engagements. Just for fun.

This video is about how to deal with what comes up when you put the food down.
It means making the decision, once and for all, that you will fix this problem, that you will no longer use food to soothe your way through life.
Those first few mouthfuls feel good....but not for long.
Decide, for you. It's time.

My binging on books began at sixteen years of age and by the age of eighteen I discovered daily devotional books.
Some were ‘one day at a time’ type books, some were on leadership, and some were Bible based.
At twenty-two I commenced work with Air New Zealand and began travelling extensively. This intensified my book buying problem, including my daily devotional books.
My luggage was always on the high side in weight as my bags were loaded with books. (Oh, to be fair, and probably shoes!)
My daily devotionals still play a major part of my morning quiet ritual time and I will make zero attempt to fix my life long obsession with books!
This week during a radio interview we spoke about the benefits of the daily ritual of picking up a devotional and listening to what message it has for you that day.
Each day is precious, don't forget to make it count.

Healing the shame behind overeating.

This video is day two of encouragement for you on how to get through a day without overeating.

This video is all about giving up the habit of overeating, just for one day!

At the end of a relationship you may be going through a tsunami of grief, however, in between each wave of grief, choose to live.
There comes a time when you need to park the grief, and say yes to you and your life. It doesn't mean that the grief is not going to return....it will. Just don't make it your identity or meaning for life.

Just a brief video to share with you my life during these past two months.

Creating new habits is easy. Sticking to them can be hard.
We have good intentions, we know it all, what and how to do it, yet we don’t. When life gets hard, we give up and revert back to our old ways.
Winter is a wonderful opportunity to start again, renew and turn back to what we know is right for us, with our whole heart.
Now is the time to rearrange our priorities and recommit ourselves to the goal we so want for ourselves.
I am now going to share with you my favourite quote of all time about not giving up, and it goes like this.
“I threw in the towel. God threw it back and said, “wipe your face”, you’re almost there!”
It is easy to give up when we feel we cannot keep going any longer, yet little do we know that the finish line is often right in front of us.

This presentation is for anyone who is stuck in the cycle of yo-yo dieting, struggling with food binges, the obsession with food, and everything else that goes with it.
You are at that point now where you do not know what to do, and you are sick and tired of wasting your precious life, when you know there is so much more to it, and to you.


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Hi there this is Tanya. The purpose of this channel is to help people out of suffering.

Due to my own personal journey, my specialty areas are grief, overcoming adversity, and food addiction / eating issues.

My journey with food issues began when I was 14, so it has been four decades of getting this right. I now live with food freedom and I help people also do the same, and the added benefit to this is being in shape.

Grief knocked on my door in my thirties when my husband and I could not conceive. Then, five years later my husband was diagnosed with cancer and passed away five months later.

Hence, at 40, I had to find out who I was again, find purpose in my life, and once again even revisit the food issues. A few years later I then had to learn how to date, and love again later in life. Hmmm, that was some journey! Life brought me a beautiful life partner.

My first two books help you on the grief journey where I share intimately from the time my late husband was diagnosed, to one year after his passing. My third book is due for release mid 2022, entitled, "From Grief to Greatness; the Art of Overcoming Adversity".

There is quite a variety of topics on this channel, to do with all of the above.
To know more, go to www.Tanyaunkovich.com. I am also on all other Social Media Platforms, including YouTube.
Thanks! Tanya x