MSNBC anchor makes a Freudian slip. Some people are saying that she is lite bit racist.

UKs only human cannonball act breaks both his legs when his act goes awry.

Creative cosplay at Gay pride event.

Feminist mocks religious man whilst a young child in drag talks about wanting suck Satan's d*ck at a pro abortion rally.

Spiderman leaps across train platform to apprehend shirtless man of colour in New York.

Feminist inhales helium balloon then falls head first into the oven.

Amateur Camera man cuts away from street fight to film man taking a sh*t in the bushes.

Amateur fire-breather attempts to light fire work with his mouth and sets his face on fire.

Kendrick Lamar dresses as Jesus Christ at the crucifixion and chants in support of women's right to abort unborn children.

Muslim woman drowns in river whilst attempting to cross to stop Danish politican from.burning magic book.

Feminist protests over turning of Rowe Vs Wade.

Blonde woman fails sobriety test.

Stand collapses at bull fighting arena killing 4 and injuring many more.
Fortunately the bull survived.

Pack of youths attack attack man and his dog in New York.

Trans woman of colour exposes her penis to young children at gay pride event.

Angry feminist woman of colour throws things Macdonolds staff who return the favour by throwing things back at her.

Trans lady loses her wig whilst drinking her wine.

Sacred holy cow tramples Apu and friends at religious festival in India.

Feminist woman of colour doesnt notice she has set her afro on fire whilst cooking.

Old guy fights Alligator with a frying pan.

Tons and tons of protective covid gear dumped In the UK.
What a waste of money.

Old guy sneakily sticks a big rubber penis to helmet of the driver of his taxi bike.

Trans woman of colour exposes her plastic boobs to children at a family friendly drag show.

Drunk man Vs Shoe.

Tyrone enjoys 100% discount at Walmart.


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