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A Beautiful Rendition of Psalm 98 performed by Brother Paul
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On May 22-28 2022, control over America's healthcare system, will be delivered for a vote to the World Heath Organization's governing legislative body, the World Health Assembly (WHA)

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(H3068 יהוה) + (H433 אלוה)
Transliterated: Y•aH•Uu•aH Ah•LUu•aH
Translated: (Who exists, Who was, and Who is to come, The Eternal IAM) את
Abynu אבינו (Our Father) יהוה YAHUAH
Ha'AlShady האלשדי (The Almighty)
in Ha'Shamaym (The Heavens).
YAHUSHA Ha'Mashyach
(H3091 יהושע) + (H4899 המשיח)
Transliterated: Y•aH•Uu•Sh•Ah Ha'Ma•Shee•YaKh
The את Son (Ban) of את YAHUAH יהוה Aluah
Translated: IAM (YAH) who is (U) Salvation (Yasha)
The Anointed One (Ha'Mashyach).
Ruach Ha'Qadash
(H7307 רוח) + (H6942 הקדש)
Transliterated: RUu•aKh Ha'Khah•DahSh
Translated: The את Tsadaq Spirit of
יהוה YAHUAH.
את Alaph-Thau יהוה YAHUAH יהושע YAHUSHA אלוהים Aluahym
המשיח Ha'Mashyach המושיח Ha'Mushyach
On the sign over Mashyach's head at Calvary was written: Translated as YAHUSHA The Nazarene and King of the Jews.
Ha'Natsary הנצרי
U'Malak ומלך
Ha'Yahudym היהודים
Y י
aH ה
U ו
aH ה
AbYahua אבִיהוּא (Father YAHUAH) H29 H30 from
Ab אב (H1) and Hua הוּא (to be, become, exist, happen) H1931 root word to H1933
YAH יה (IAM) H3050
YAHU יהו (Family name)
H1935 הוֹד Hud H1936 הוֹד Hud "splendour"
YAHUAH יהוה (Creator's name) H3068
YAHUSHA יהושע (The Son of YAHUAH) H3091
Aluahym אלוהים (Mighty One's) H430
AmanuAl עמנואל (Aluah with us) H6005
Ruach רוח (Spirit) H7307
Yashayahu ישעיהו (Isaiah) H3470
Yaramyahu ירמיהו (Jeremiah) H414
Ruth רות (Ruth) H7372
Baruk ברוך (Favoured) H1263
Abynu אבינו (Our את Father) H1
Yahuchanan יהוחנן (John) H3110
Zakaryahu זכרְיהו (Zechariah) H2148
Yahudah יהודה (Judah) H3063
Apharym אפְרַיִם (Ephrayim) H669
Yahudym יהודים (Jews, Covenanted people) H3063-4
Nastarym נצרים (Nazarene) H5341
Yarushalaym ירושלים (Jerusalem) H3389
Yarushalam ירושלם (Jerusalem) H3390
YasharAl ישראל (Israel) H3479
Yahudyath יהודית (Paleo Hebrew, Phoenician) H3066
from Yahud יהוד H3061-3/Yahudah יהודה + Yath ית (mark of the direct object) H3487
137 prophets bear witness to YAHU as a part of their name, and 72 ending with YAHU.

Names Ending in 'YAHU' Yad Hay Uau- יהו
Concordance ref.:
H29 אביה Abyah "YAHUAH is (my) father"
H30 אביהוא Abyahua "YAHUAH he is (my) father"
H138 אדניהו Adanyahu "my Master is YAHUAH"
H223 אוריהו Auryahu "YAHUAH is my light (flame)"
H274 אחזיהו Achazyahu "YAHUAH holds, possesses"
H281 אחיהו Achyahu "brother of YAHUAH (Yahu)"
H452 אליהו Alyahu "YAHUAH is Aluahym"
H558 אמציהו Amatsyahu "YAHUAH is mighty"
H568 אמריהו Amaryahu "YAHUAH speaks" or "YAHUAH has promised"
H683 אצליהו Atsalyahu "YAHUAH has reserved"
H1141 בניהו Banyahu "YAHUAH has built" or "YAHUAH has built up"
H1296 ברכיהו Barakyahu "YAHUAH favours"
H1436 גדליהו Gadalyahu "YAHUAH is great"
H1587 גמריהו Gamaryahu "YAHUAH has accomplished"
H1735 דודויהו Duduyahu "beloved of YAHUAH"
H1806 דלייהו Dalayahu "YAHUAH has drawn"
H2069 זבדיהו Zabadyahu "endowment of YAHUAH"
H2148 זכריהו Zakaryahu "YAHUAH remembers"

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In this video, we will answer the following questions to determine if the PCR Nasal Swab Test = Mark of the Beast in the Forehead.
1. Can the Nasal Swab Test reach the Forehead between the Eyes?
2. Can the Nasal Swab Test mark the Forehead through Vaccination and Nanotechnology?
3. Does the Nasal Swab Test fit the description of the Mark in Revelation 13:16?
4. Is the Nasal Swab Test linked to the Number 666 and Name of the Beast, Lucifer?
5. Is the Nasal Swab Test required to Buy or Sell?

My guest Brother Paul and I make the case that the "Pre-Tribulation Rapture" is not a valid concept based on scriptural evidence. We make reference to a 3-part series of videos called "Like a thief in the Night" by Glen of the Vacci_Nation channel on BitChute. Here's a link: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/KbnqKpxvZRcZ/

A Call to Action to Usher in the Return of our King

All praise and glory to the Most High.

Our King has laid the perfect trap and our enemy can't even see it.. Call out to him now, B4its2L8 !!!

Part 4 and final video on this topic. I received a Strike from Youtube for "medical misinformation" on this video and will not be able to upload there for a week, starting today.

A response to a viewer comment about repenting of taking the MARK

Continuation of PROOF IT IS THE MARK
The Song of Moses:

A breakdown of the Mark of the Beast as it pertains to the Book of Genesis


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