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At the Texas GOP 2022 Convention, a resolution was drafted that, based on evidence of fraud that occurred during the 2020 election, Biden was not legitimately elected. The question remains: what will come of a resolution that has all bark and no bite?

Eric Greitens, former governor of Missouri and US Senate candidate, has lit a fire with his latest campaign ad - The RINO Hunter. But will the "Ultra Maga" Navy Seal turn out to be just another John McCain or Dan Crenshaw? You do the math... we have.

The January 6th Reject Committee showed a highly edited version of Bill Barr's deposition. What did we discover? What we expected all along; the blower of bagpipes is full of hot air... and haggis...

Since the "inauguration" of Resident Brandon, there has been a steady increase of fires at food processing plants, factories and fertilizer centers. Compared to 2019, there seems to be a 100% increase. Coincidence? Or planned arson by the DS? We've drawn our conclusions... have you?

Featured video from "Really Graceful":

Loss of energy independence, $5/gal gas, loss of jobs and manufacturing--Trump predicted it; Brandon did it. The question remains: Are they all in on it?

A 15,000+ migrant caravan is on its way; this is like Christmas Day for the Marxists and Sex-Fiends in power.

Do I really need to add anything to this description box?

The Pope has a new set of wheels... my question for the climate Pontiff--is it electric or gas powered?

Mr. MacDougall, a British man with Fragile X Syndrome, has been found to have fathered 15 children to lesbian women who sought out a donor through non-legal channels. Now a Derby judge is blocking him from having any rights to the children.

A high school in Chicago is shifting to a "race-based" grading system. Essentially, if you are black and smart--it wont be recognized--and if you are black and stupid, you wont fail. However, if you are Asian or White, you will still be held to a high standard in academics. Black people! When will you leave the plantation of the party of Jim Crow?

Sussmann has been acquitted, with the charge of lying to the FBI dropped. As the head serpent of them all--Hillary Rodham Clinton--slithers away and remains untouchable, will the Clinton Crime Syndicate every face justice?

According to the White House Press Secretary, guns kill people. In fact, guns are the current pandemic in the United States of America.

Varney and the DC establishment RINOS will never understand--that is why they have lost the support of Patriotic Americans.

How do you know someone is over the target? Watch how much flak they take and from where...

Abortion must be abolished. In this viral video, a preacher confronts an Abortionist in front of his mill. His response is telling. Is this a doctor influenced by Christ and truth? Or is this a man energized by evil and Satan? You decide.

Project Veritas has revealed through hidden camera interviews what many of us assumed--Twitter operates as a mini Socialist "Utopia". The BigTech Communists at Twitter are up in arms about Elon Musk's potential purchase of the company. Will Twitter--a bot-filled microblog run by Radical Leftists--survive the rocky road ahead?

Doug Mastriano has won the GOP nomination for Governor of Pennsylvania. Will he be able to surmount the uphill battle which is the democratic machine & rigged elections in the Liberty State?

Our nation has become two nations; Constitution-loving, Patriotic Red, White and Blue blooded Americans and Radical Leftist/Marxists who want to destroy the USA. How this will all end will hinge on the issue of Abortion.

Trump trolls the Gaffe Machine--could he have gotten more votes than Obama?

Have you tired the new flaming sauce at Taco Bell?

There is a new show, ladies and gentleman--airing nationwide! Leave It To Biden!

Dinesh D'Souza's 2000 MULES is soon to be released. Will it bring enough conviction to cause legislatures to undue the sandal of the century--the stolen 2020 election?

Who is Elon Musk really?

Is Kari Lake, the former news anchor and Obama supporter, truly MAGA through and through? Or is this another bad pick by Trump? From Abbott to Oz, what in the world is Trump thinking with these endorsements?

WALLETMOR, a British-Polish tech company, is selling their hand chip - which enables the implanted to buy or sell with the ease of scanning their hand. Future features will allow the implanted to record they medical and vaccination status as well as to be used for identification purposes. THE PRECURSOR TO THE MARK OF THE BEAST IS HERE...


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