Macro analysis gave me short bias. Covered up a good 20 points early. Let a lot of money get away this week so I wanted to lock it in. Oh well nice trade.


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This channel is the culmination of everything I have learned over the past 5 years of trading live capital in the futures markets. So you can watch all my videos and read all the books you want but there is no replacement for screen time (experience). It takes years to reach a point of competency that will yield consistent profits. Trading is much more than just following a few rules or having the best indicator or system. Once you have the experience to see how price action behaves it is all about maintaining a calm and disciplined mentality. Mentality really is everything once technique is learned. A constant refocusing on the process is necessary. Everyone in trading talks about how great their "edge" is, I believe the only true edges are keeping losers small and maintaining a winning attitude focused on performance in the moment of uncertainty as well as afterwards- win or lose.. With that said you do need to know how to analyze the market so you can evaluate probabilities. This channel will explain my process and hopefully save you time and money on your journey to understanding markets. I use multiple time frame analysis along with horizontal support and resistance(found through a fib method you likely are not familiar with but will be convinced of soon enough). I will add that there are people who hate Fibs, they are annoying. The only people who annoy me more are the people who love them. Because 99% of both groups have no idea how they are supposed to be used. These methods can be applied to stocks, crypto, etfs, futures, etc, markets track human emotion which has been the same for hundreds of thousands of years-the underlying instrument is mostly irrelevant.