There's more! Argentina, from where the current pope is from is full of proof that St. Malachy was right! The ominous warning and connection between to major figures in history, both murdered...Julius Caesar and Jesus Christ! A forewarning no to dismiss a conspiracy?

The prophecy of the popes:

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History Channel Countdown to the apocalypse -

Prophecy of the Popes by Saint Malachy:

112th Pope:


Hey bitchute family. I know we've seen the Cassandra prophecy say 2023, Daniel says 2023, Nostradamus says 2023, and I'm guessing as early as 2023. But how come NO ONE mentions this!? The prophecy of the popes is one of the oldest and most miraculous.

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The links are below. Cite used:

Link to the NTI 2021 monkeypox tabletop exercise:

Pfizer Data:

Much Love and God Bless you all <3

This is a lengthy but necessary video which details the biggest most obvious, undiscovered lies in the entire world! Doesn't matter if we print money, if the federal reserve prints it, or if we ship 40 billion over to another country. It doesn't matter what you get paid. It isn't important that we are 30+ Trillion dollars in debt. None of that matters. What I've been researching for a couple years I've finally decided was worth exposing and calling into question. If I'm even slightly right, this is the biggest fraud in history and all of us were none the wiser and the world we live in will no longer be viewed the same. The ministry of truth didn't start in 1984. 2+2 doesn't equal five. And a one...doesn't equal a one either! The Abba song "money" seems to be a predictive joke to a catchy beat. But it's true when the lyrics say "Money money money. Its must be a RICH MAN'S WORLD!" I like to encourage others to try and find anything dated during the period of Living Latin that includes the text and the definition to counter my claim in the video. Physical text is preferred but all debate is welcome. Let's just say... I BET YOU A DOLLAR that you won't find a legitimate counter to this.

If you wish to reward the hard efforts of this sleuthing and research feel free to donate to my channel or don't. My cashapp is:

I accept bitcoin/crypto, and comments especially intelligent or interesting ones as well. All is appreciated. Let's hope they dont delete this.

Oh btw I in no way wish to end my life, or go on a sudden vacation and I'm in the prime health of my life! So if anything goes awry, someone should ask questions! No joke. My only goal is to live happily, and better the world till I'm old and decrepit all while exposing the secrets of life if i'm lucky enough and share them with you all!

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Don't be fooled walking into the slaughterhouse with the rest of the sheep! You think Elon cares about your freedom? You think Twitter is important enough to make a ministry of truth? Wake up. Its so much bigger than that YET you are all convinced the Koolaid isnt POISON.

#HLS #Mayorkas #Ministryoftruth #HIV #Julianassange #truth #NWO #vaers #thedezsays

New Vaers update:

Also, a call to action to get people to use their critical thinking skills to determine what's really going on in China and what it mean for us.
The numbers will shock you!

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Much like my speech that I posted a few months back, again I'm here with more verbal rebellion and spirit. I want to start by saying a sincere thank you to all of my viewers, subs, and fellow truthers here on bitchute. I'm honored with each and every sub and I am so grateful that there are still communities where people can voice themselves, their concerns, and passions, and to do so with such like-minded people is one of the reasons this country is still great. This video/speech was a personal endeavor and not rife with any breaking news so if you're expecting that I recommend my other 100+ videos.

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I came across this video yesterday from Dilyana. I'm aware she's Bulgarian and the likelihood that this is rife with Russian influence is probably high. Regardless I think its interesting. I did my own "fact checking" of some of the sources and documents used and from what I could find they seem to be accurate. But what do I know?!

Anyways thank again for supporting the channel. God Bless <3

Hellllloooo bitchuters! Today is a quick video on the recent geological impacts of the current sunspots, weakening magnetic field, new virus outbreaks, and the orchestrated food supply shortage well on its way to becoming a New Great Depression.
HOW? Well...

They started with the water in the US when flint's water became national news and since then every state has had water boil advisories. Then it was covid-19 which ruined commerce worldwide and ruined immune systems thus ensuring death and poverty. Next, the diseases started piling up and the vaccines were the nail in the coffin of our health. Then there was the supply chain crisis with the Suez Canal, reducing our imports of important food items all while the vaccines were forced on our essential workers. Government tainted skies, via chemtrails and manufacturing weather events to destroy South America's crops and farms which is where we get our food from. Now polio is popping up worldwide, a new strain of AIDS, monkey-pox, etc. China shutting down shanghai one of the most active shipping ports in the world. To top it all off they are culling MILLIONS of chickens, turkeys, and quails due to "Bird Flu." Now we see "Swine flu" meaning they are going to cull the pigs, so say goodbye to pork too! My bet is that mad cow disease will miraculously return with a vengeance and without meat millions will starve to death- ALL of this is putting bill gates in the perfect spot to open up his dream, a microbe food distribution centers on all his new farmland to "save humanity" and you just watch, it'll be "First jabbed first served" policy. This is all by design, and mark my words, this will be worse than anyone can imagine.

Hey there everyone! Another VAERS update has arrived and with it I'm going to bring you the figures but furthermore we are going to do a quick data comparison to see the true magnitudes of these death injections.

Also, I'm gonna share a video from the two preachers' channel on YouTube to show people that these natural disasters worldwide are ramping up (DO I smell a pole shift coming??!) These disasters need to be looked at to help us determine the supply chain issues that we will continue to encounter.

Last but NOT least..... Zelensky, or Zelenska-dick, the coward! Let's decode the subliminal manipulation surrounding his image and watch me prove its intentional propaganda.

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Don't forget; God loves you, Hell is real, MSM is fake, and nothing is what it seems. Trust your gut and your God and we just might make it through all of this.

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🎥This was a compilation of some of my research from various articles, videos, and photos from 2021-2022 of EVERYTHING that the MSM wants you to forget!

I put this together so feel free to copy it and share it. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
(I own the music in it too, so no worries about copyright!)

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Pray, Repent, GET RIGHT WITH YOUR SOUL✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️
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I have the best subs on bitchute hands down and I really appreciate you all because it is time out of your day to watch my videos and time is valuable. So again, thank you very much.🙏🙏🙏

⚠️Mirror: Greg Reese reporting for Infowars.⚠️
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Send this to your Lawmakers, Governors, Senators, & Heads of State.
Play it for an indoctrinated sheep. WAKE THEM UP
Many of my subs have seen this, but unfortunately millions/billions haven’t. Let’s fill them in and wake them up!!
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Because some ppl are getting infected with liberal victimization overly offended, sissy mentality let me make crystal clear, the ones responsible for the message in the article is who wrote the fucking article! I was pointing out how much Bullshit the article was. I’m not making it about race. Do you think I called business insider and whined to get them to include a race based section and they listened to me, and wrote the article JUST so I could complain!? Seriously? get a life. Some ppl need to really chill bcuz we are mad at the same shit and you’re shooting the messenger. I’ll pray for the ignorance transpiring.

Link to the Articles are below:

After a close call with my dad in the hospital over these DEATH SHOTS I am fired up over the CDC's guidance on boosters they released yesterday.

This is sick and wrong. It has to end! They have to be held accountable!

Polio in Israel:

Polio in 5 other countries:

World O Meters covid deaths:

The end is nigh.
Daniel, The book of Revelations, Joshua, Nostradamus, The Cassandra Prophecy, Edgar Cayce, Pole Shift, Chan Thomas, and The Hopi, all foretold of the days we are in and how the end of life as we know it is near.

Links will be added by tonight!

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Like many of you I follow many vloggers on here including RFB, who in one of his latest videos spoke about exactly what I've been saying but he puts it plainly in a way that should resonate with real unindoctrinated people. Of course I mirrored this from RFB.

Thought it was great and worth the share . God Bless!

#RFB #Truth #signsofthetimes

WE hit a HUGE new Milestone with this weeks new VAERS numbers. Check it out. Again a huge thanks to all my followers I love you guys.

Gonna keep this short and sweet since I have a big video coming out soon. TTYL

#vaers #covid #nwo


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Posting the all encompassing conspiracy theory of mine along with some supporting data.

Because it seems like no one asks the big question “what’s the end result they want?”
I aim to attempt to answer.
Another typical Dez Rant but I kept it short-ish. 😂😂😂

Screw the globalists! Expose them all.
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Also, super important, have you accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and savior? Did you know he died for your sins!? Well he did because he loves you. Love him back!
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All the bullshit going on today can be found 24/7! Just turn on the TV, unplug your brains, and feast on the Trusted News Network. Here to tell you things that you NEED to know. BREAKING NEWS because reporters don't fix things.


Welcome new subs! Thank you all for the support!! Hope this gave you all a big laugh.
TTYL - God Bless You ALL.

Last part of todays run of videos from me. I will add the links here in a minute, so if you don’t see them plz check again later!

If you live in; CA, DC, FL and Georgia, along with a lot of the southern United States then you should watch this.

People who got jabbed aren’t walking around thinking they might have AIDS, so be careful who you sleep with! The AIDS rate in the ATL region of GA is less than 1 in 500 for STRAIGHT MEN. Overall in ATL they say 1 in 51 ppl in GA WILL CATCH AIDS regardless of sexual preference!
It’s nearly as bad in SF and D.C.
These jabs will likely make these startling statistics even WORSE.

I do not want to scare you, I want you to be prepared, and informed! Make sure you know the vax status 1000% of who you sleep with. No joke.


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The level of corruption is unfathomable.
There are over 1,000 nucleotides of HIV in the Covid-19 bioweapon. Judy mikovitz was right. Listen to Nobel Prize winner/discoverer of HIV. Then SEE THESE DOCUMENTS!

Links ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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Part one! Stay around for part two that’ll be up today! This is the lightest part of the series and gets into the numbers of china’s Covid victims vs the USA, the four killed presidents from 2020/2021 and how the dee state was involved. Also Epstein island news and some sad news about a beacon of hope coincidentally dying just before delivering some landmark evidence against the jabs!
Lots of info I compiled for you guys today! I’ll leave All the links so you can verify it all your self in the description of part two and three.

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