Johnny & JoAnn do an emergency podcast episode covering the hot topics of the day, including:
The emerging MonkeyPox epidemic and how Johnny contracted it in a strip mall parking lot.
Robby Mook throws Hillary Clinton under the bus in the Durham trials
Elongate - Sexual harassment allegations conveniently hit the "news" as the world's richest man takes on the Twitterverse.
Plus, Johnny's caught on camera baring it all in the backyard; film at 11

Listen in as Gen X'ers Johnny & JoAnn destroy their millenial buddy Alex's childhood. The crew talks race riots, false flags, and Disney d*ck pics while dining on sweet and sour bat from the local Chinese restaurant.


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Is it possible to know the dirty details about how the world really works without losing your sense of humor? We thumb our noses to cancel culture and keep on laughing all the way to oblivion! Join Johnny, JoAnn and their funny friends as they rake through the muck of world events, share crazy stories, and poke fun at the current events that influence our daily lives.