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It rained for at least 12 hours as TS Elsa blew by. There was a tornado warning at 2 am. The food forest is more flooded than I've ever seen it. Our pond is up by 3-4 feet in one day.

Short food forest tour from the summer of 2020 and digging a hole for a banana pit

This is a humorous clip of my wife busting my balls when I first started preparing for the day that I may need to defend the property, family and community. I was setting up my first minuteman loadout. Everyone has to start somewhere.

This is a tour of my one year old Florida food forest in the middle of winter. I apologize for the low quality video. Future videos will be better

Boo the malarky. Shake the earth with boos for biden.

A family of Sand Hill Cranes walking through my yard.


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Join me on my journey of creating a food forest in an attempt at food security and setting myself up to be able to protect family, property and community. I'll share videos of my efforts along the way.

Permaculture, prepping and modern minute man activities are all fairly new to me. I don't claim to be an expert. My day job has been as a Linux command line warrior for the past 30 years, so this is much different than what I am accustomed to. I'm a fast learner though.