The Cry of the Watchman

Finally, the year 2022 is here.
What's God's timeline according to Bible prophecy?
What will happen to God's people, the Church and Israel?
Are you ready for eternity?

Finally, the year 2022 is here.
What's God's timeline according to Bible prophecy?
What will happen to God's people, the Church and Israel?
Are you ready for eternity?

The 11th hour that Jesus Christ referred to in his parable of the vineyard and the 11th hour is being fulfilled in our time. What's next in God's purpose?


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The prophets of old like Ezekiel and Habakkuk and apostles like John were appointed by the Lord to be Watchmen, and to go and warn he people of Israel and the world about God's wrath or calamity for their sins and offences against Him. whether they hear or they forbear.

Watchmen, do the work you were anointed to do. There is so much evil in the world that we must listen to God, keep His word in our hearts, and speak without fear, because Christ Jesus gives us strength to finish our calling. Fulfill wholly your work of evangelizer. Save souls for Christ and He will give you the crown of righteousness at the time of His appearing (2 Timothy 4:8).

Israel suffered destruction because of their idolatry, pride and for abandoning the true worship of God and turning to other gods and pagan nations.
Are there events today that might lead to a global-scale confrontation between the world and God?

The Books of Ezekiel, Joel, Matthew, and Revelation show us that we are indeed living in the last and evil days of this world.

The Church, the Body and Bride of Christ must make sure of our salvation and to stay busy preaching the Gospel. There's no time to waste.

Satan has little time and now it is time for the false prophet and the anti-Christ to rise, and each man and woman will choose who they will serve, and their decision will have everlasting consequences.

God has marked all those who belong to Him. From the times of Ezekiel the prophet, to the early days of the Christian Church until the near future great tribulation.

Deception was prophesied as a sign of the end times.

Estamos en los tiempos finales. La Iglesia ha entrado en el tiempo de la llamada de nuestro Salvador Jesucristo. El mundo nos persigue y necesitamos estar listos pra el Rpto de la Iglesia.


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