“I’m not White: I’m Jewish” / “I’m not Jewish: I’m White”—Sing along together now!

Acknowledgments: DP Main, Jewish Week, PBS, Old Apostolic Church Revealed, Genetic Literacy Project, NY Post, Tampa Dispatch, The Apricity, Middle East Eye, goodreads, The Savoisien, Immigration Reform, Times of Israel, OHCHR

The Queen of Canada has spoken! And the war between the Queendom and Diagolon has begun! You heard it here first from the RageCast and EVCG! LOL.

clipped from -The Jimmy Dore Show-

Also from -RageCast- 223. Tokenize your way to your favorite alternate reality! Find more here:

The Real EVCG

(from April 2022)

North America adds another nuts notch in striking more fear into the East!
from -RageCast- 223. Find more here:


(from April 2022)

Make mine a Mossberg!

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War Wolf Ordnance:

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(from March 2022)

The worst part may be that this dude’s strictly a utilitarian who doesn’t care that he’s a hypocrite, that his piehole deserves shutting.

Acknowledgments: Western Standard, Progressive Truth Seekers, RAIR Foundation, Play Pause Video,, One News Page, 2nd Smartest Guy In The World, Dr. Rich Swier,,, The Buffalo Chronicle,,, Fact Nest, Cap for Canada, Nation and State

Dr. David Martin Name Covid Criminals:

(from March 2022)

My first selfdefense video! We’re talking Kalashnikov USA’s Komrad here.

Acknowledgments: Kalashnikov USA, Ammo Bros, My Balcony Garden NEWS, Lucio, See Hear Say Learn, u/Frenetics, Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore, Dury’s Gun Shop, Zach Bush, NY Post, smileandnod100, On Sizzle

(from March 2022)

Big GOV and Big Pharma are all about our health, safety, and values, amirite eh?

Viva Frei’s stream:

Thanks to Just Jacy / -Unacceptable Views- who introduced me to that livestream through streaming highlights from it and from other quality convoy livestreams.

(from Feb. 2022)

Jonathan Greenblatt has officially confirmed he’s a comedian!

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(from Feb. 2022)

an additional tack we can take for winning what we want. Man it’s nice to dose Clown World with its own medicine! #TakingBackTheHonk

(from Feb. 2022)

Segment from RageCast 208 that inspired much hilarity from both host and Chat.

(from Jan. 2022)

Raging Dissident on masking children and forcing injections during RageCast 206.

(from Jan. 2022)

Behold and expose this conscientious CEO in all his unironic glory!

Acknowledgments: Asianet, Corporate Research Project, Last American Vagabond

(January 2022)

My Spidey Senses got ringing on noticing a “six million” or four in the throes o’ this Dos Equis Virus hypedemic thindemic. so I decided to do some research; discovered a curious repeating Covid phenomenon. For all the examples in this video, I didn’t even include all the ones that I have collected or seen.

Is this another example of the planet suffering under Obsessive Kabbalah Disorder?

Acknowledgments: Know More News, The Soul of Jewish Music, InfoWars, Red Ice TV

(from Jan. 2022)

We’re all gonna die--yet again!

(from Jan. 2022)

9/11 continues to inform domestic and international tyranny. It wasn’t a long time ago. It’s with us like hell on the heart every day.

Ludicrous what MSM will push.

Find more from The Last American Vagabond at:

FreedomAndDiversityTube’s Susan Dubya and company have decided that Jewish criminals behind terrorism, warmongering, and destruction--deserve to be a protected group.

Acknowledgments: Avi Ohayon,,,

a Canadian patriot talks treason with Truecoke.

from Titus Frost livestream:

Props to whoever coined -Truedope-! LOL.
I coined those first two names but I
can't claim that third one. :D

This = an EVCG edit from a Johnny Gat production.

Initial thumbnail image from

Parts 1 and 2 of Mister Metokur’s -We Wuz Kangz- with boosted sound and combined into one production.

when FreedomAndDiversityTube started striking my main channel monthly, I developed two alter egos if you will (Humanity Hootenanny [and] Wignatty Dreadloxism) to keep uploading content onto that radically inclusive platform.

Bit by bit we’re working our way to the complete -Covinsanity 2021-. Don’t just enjoyish “May 2021”: fight like Heaven so future Mays are better--much better.

Look for full Acknowledgments when entire production appears as single upload.

Covidiocy 2020:

Evidence Violates Community Guidelines Links:

Exploring BLM as an AntiWhite organization.

(from May 2021)

Repeating “Israel is our greatest ally” ad nauseum doesn’t make it any more true than repeating “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction” ad infinitum made that true. The same warmongers, criminals, and prostitutes are behind both myths. Dig into the details for any popular terminology before increasing its amplification. Fight no war unless it's for you and yours.

Banned on YouTube because #FellowWhiteSupremacy has gotten outta control there.

(from May 2021)


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