She rambled like a good politician, but could not give an answer in the affirmative.

Substack :

A leader bragging about disarming his citizenry, is a tyrant.

This comes less than three months after his wife Hailey suffered a mini-stroke (TIA) on March 10th.

All corporate media outlets dance to the same beat, left or right means nothing at the end of the day to them.

Macy's has decided to get out in front of California politicians, and start giving out reparations themselves.

The charade continues.

The Trudeau government gets off on being tyrants, that is all there is to it

This is what happens when you give a lunatic feminist any sort of power.

Remember, it is just a stutter

Equality means getting equally poked fun at.

The globalists have assembled to plan your future.

Remember when The Simpsons commented on and challenged authority? They jumped the shark long ago, now they are feeding it.

She is a partisan hack that spread disinformation for years. She is now on her 'I am the victim' tour upset that she will not be the czar that filters out 'disinformation' for the country.

George Dubya outs himself as a war criminal on the level of Putin

The White House's top propaganda minister has all the tools to fit into the most inept administration in history. Gay, Black, immigrant, woman, word salads, bumbling for words. She has all the qualifications.

The top three office holders in the country, a demented one, a sociopath, and a drunk.

When will his loving wife put a stop the exploitation of this infirm old man? When will the media drop the charade that he is in charge?

Ana's shrill, neurotic, and hysterical rant is a lesson of professionalism in journalism, and not an (alleged) adult acting like a petulant child.

Victorian MP Bernie Finn read out a letter from a constituent whose daughter's homework was to discuss his erections and ejaculation....

"I usually go by Mr. Johnson but I would like to called Zoa now, my name is Zoa, and I'm non-binary. So you can call me Mr. Zoa, you can call me Miss Zoa, you can call me Mx. Zoa. I go by all pronouns"


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