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White House Spokesman Says High Gas Prices Due To The "Liberal New World Order"

Nothing can stop what is coming!

Jordan Peterson Twitter Ban [Mirror]

I clipped an interesting excerpt into the beginning of the video, about how everything he saw on the news reports about the war he was physically fighting in during Vietnam did not match what he saw with his own eyes. Nothing has changed. || DESCRIPTION: In 1990 researcher David Hoffman did interviews with 180 baby boomers talking about their early life during the 1960s for his television series, Making Sense of the Sixties. This is a clip of poet and educator Bill Ehrhart from one of those interviews - a very articulate Vietnam veteran who joined the military with patriotism in his heart. He has written a book on his experiences - Vietnam-Perkasie: A Combat Marine Memoir, Search the word "Vietnam" on my YouTube channel to find more related clips. Including one more by this man.

Here is his background of service - W. D. Ehrhart served with 1st Battalion, 1st Marines, from early February 1967 to late February 1968. His service number is 2279361. He holds the Purple Heart Medal, Navy Combat Action Ribbon, Presidential Unit Citation (2), Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Republic of Vietnam Service Medal, Cross of Gallantry Meritorious Unit Citation, Civic Action Meritorious Unit Citation, Vietnamese Campaign Medal. The last three were all awarded by the now-extinct government of the Republic of Vietnam. He received the PUC and the two Vietnamese unit citations as a member of 1st Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment. You can find more at his website


Makes a lot of sense, a trillion dollars on a nuclear plane in the sky instead of a hotel on the ground. What could possibly go wrong?

"Decay of our Culture" - Sounds exactly what the media and LGBT+ agenda are doing today. And guess who was behind it then, and are the same people who are behind it now?

Klaus Schwab says in 3 years (by 2026) we'll have an implanted microchip/tracking device.

The Second Amendment is about using militias to provide a counterbalance of power so that the government will fall in line or be rebuilt per the Declaration of Independence if the government violates our God-given and Constitutional rights.

They likely have smaller drones, remember that the military is 10 years more advanced than they publicly announce. If they have this, they likely have much smaller and more advanced drones.

The real enemy, the ones who control every evil and Satanic aspect of society, the real enemy is...

This video is a revision with a bit of sanity in the music and graphics.

Here is the original:

SHOCKING! 2022 New Research PROVES Racial Basis For USA Crime

Q: "What song is this I would like to know?"
A: Mystic Music says: "It's "medieval celtic a capella female vocal" by orchestralis, mixed with "Ambient For Talking" by Gushito and more nature sounds."


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Soviet Defector PREDICTS COVID 30 Years Ago!

Holohoax references removed.

JFK Secret Societies Speech Is More True Today Than Ever

Why Dutch Bikes are Better (and why you should want one)

Code, study, write, or fall asleep music

Video is about building things in such a way that you don't need to use so much electricity for heating and cooling. Face your house the right way. Use double windows. Thick walls. He lives in Canada and barely needs to heat or cool his house.


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1. There's no coronavirus. Covid-19 was planned for years. The lockdowns were used to steal the presidency. Then they realized it worked so well that they kept the lie going to push the 2030 and mass depopulation agendas.
2. The Jews own all the mass media in the world along with the banks, all the major governments, all the world fiat currencies, and all the major corporations.
3. The "vaccine" is not a vaccine, it is experimental gene therapy by definition. If you get it, you will no longer be the same human, forever. If you survive without dying or being paralyzed, then you will 100% become a permanently genetically modified organism, have a high risk of infertility, and will definitely have long-term health consequences, as well as possible high mutations of children. It will be the permanent demise of your entire genetic line.
4. The "tests" are dangerous and occasionally fatal. They also have organisms (nanobots) which will go into your body and brain when they shove the thing into your nose. This is absolutely true and verifiable.
5. The "deaths" are mostly people who died of other causes, including heart attacks, car accidents, and suicides, but were listed as "Covid" deaths. Other deaths were caused by depression, stress, fear, and unhealthy lifestyles due to closed gyms, increases in fast food consumption, along with an already sedentary and unhealthy population. Further deaths are occurring due to the "tests" which are causing a vasovagal reaction that is making many people sick and killing some. Finally, some are dying from 5G, the original cause.
6. 5G was the trigger for the crisis. The release of 5G was the main culprit of the initial sicknesses, including the flulike symptoms (which are really radiation poisoning) and the loss of the sense of smell and/or taste. This is radiation sickness. I would make a video proving it as I have researched this, but alas. Wuhan China was the first testing ground for 5G. They used a "novel coronavirus" as the cover for 5G microwave radiation sickness. We knew that people would be getting sick from microwave radiation poisoning when 5G was rolled out, so they needed a cover. It's no coincidence. They used the lockdowns to secretly install 5G in schools and neighborhoods under false pretenses using unmarked vans. The only way to escape the radiation poisoning is to move out to the country.
7. Biden was not elected President. Presently the man in the White House is a puppet by globalists who have manipulated events and stolen the throne of America.
8. There is no more United States of America, for the country is now fully controlled by globalists. There will never again be another real American election - not locally, not federally, and not for the Presidency.
9. Welcome to the Soviet States of America. The United States Corporation is no longer a free country. All 10 points of the communist manifesto have been completed and America is under Jewish Communist rule. Now the Jews are taking away the last American freedoms.
10. Ukraine & the West started the war, it was caused by NATO making moves to induct Ukraine.
11. Russian soldiers are providing humanitarian aid to Ukrainians.
12. "Russian Atrocities" in 2022 are hoaxes.
13. Ukraine government is attacking their own people.
14. The "Nazis" (Azov Battalion) are really run by Ukrainian Jews to do atrocities against Ukrainians and blame it on "Nazis".
15. Do I really have to say this? There's no MonkeyPox, and don't take the VAXX.