We explore some caves and deal with some bears for this video. Discord

We escape the Colosseum and finish up chapter 8. Discord

Thou it is likely because i missed something along the way it is still disappointing that we must go in without an Onion to support us. Discord

for this video we do a couple of mages guild quests to collect the gold needed to finish training ourselves up for level 8 Discord

For this video Dart and friends battle the divine dragon. Discord

In this video we find the frozen river and rescue Anya before heading off to the halls of pain. Discord

Kazuki and crew go deep into the heart of Ocean City seeking MIDAS Discord

for this video we meet with white bird shaman of the sarrows who tasks us with hunting down She. Discord

We begin chapter 8 with this video and a family reunion or two. Discord

Deep below the earth lay places most profane and we shall explore one of them. Discord

In this episode we recover a painting for the queen of Sentinel from castle Wayrest and get back some of our rep with the mages guild. Discord

We now depart the forbidden land only to return to a city ruined by the divine dragon. Discord

For this episode we do a little search and rescue of barbarians if this quest is any example we may be taking a few videos to finish this act. Discord

Alright enough civil war reenactment time to return to the regularly scheduled fight over the eco friendly nuke between super soldiers, agents, and a strangely competent test pilot. Discord

For this Episode we at the request of Joshua gather some supplies for Daniel. Discord

For this video we finish up Chapter 7 and the Colosseum with it. Discord

Time to explore the underside of IIrithyll and see if i can get my health glared away. Discord.

We continue on exploring the castle Wayrest dungeon looking for a painting and i eventually remember i have been here before. Discord

For this video we do 2 boss fights one new and one retry. Discord

We finish up with act 4 by facing a somewhat glitchy Diablo boss.
and then we advance to act 5 where we hunt down Shenk Discord

With a ongoing Japanese coup we get to see the might of the JDF. Discord

In this episode we escape Zion and restart this DLC in a more story friendly way. Discord

It has been awhile but we are continuing where we left off with Adell in the Colosseum where we do some prinny bowling and fight with a skilled eastern swordsmen. Discord

For this video we explore Irithyll. Discord

For this episode we go hunting for the soul of a Lich Discord


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