Watch the video right to the end, it appears to stop, but then I find another street of evidence of windows below ground level.

I have seen some convincing pictures of Mudfloods elsewhere in the world, however, there may be a rational explanation for these doors and windows below the normal level.

Make your own mind up? Seems strange

Could be a logical reason for these doorways below ground level? Previously people have done videos on Youtube claiming it's a mud flood building. A previous reset of society after a global disaster.

Such a grand building for the Sheffield United gaslighting company, inside is even grander. Looking from the side, it's twice the height and the bottom is of a different construction. What do you think?

Pushed out of our normal spot due to the fair. We are winning but need reinforcements.

I am sure this is weather engineering.

Transformed from the ghetto they once were and now a listed building/

Connects the Sheffield and South Yorkshire navigational canal with the Trent.

What remains of a Norman castle built by the Normans after 1066.

A tour of the canal, town center, Motte Castle and church.

Mary Queen of Scotts was held here for many years before being put to death. Had a very big deer Park with a 9 mile perimeter.

Once full of industry, now mostly warehouses importing and leisure.

Cistercian abbey remains.

Now mostly warehouses and leisure. Disappointed with the hazy view as I could see the Tinsley viaduct. I will go back and get a better deal.

Mary Queen of Scotts was held here by Queen Elizabeth. Very hazy day so disappointed with the view, but at least it gives you an idea.

Judge for yourself

Intensive care nurse speaks about inflation and the rise in fuel costs

Join us next weekend from 12pm. Meet like minded folk, have a chat, coffee, pick up a light newspaper and more. Hoping for a few hundred next weekend.

These lot give me the creeps. So cultish pushing the fake CO2 warming agenda.

Rather than do a speech outside the town hall we marched from the Town Hall and did it the speech at the Cathedral. So important to get the NHS mandate message around the streets of Sheffield today.

First big march through the city centre, disappointed with the noise, people seemed embarrassed but 100 of us turned out.

The media won't report on us, so we went down to see them. Uniforms were placed outside along with messages.

Best size assembly so far, we will double again next weekend. Some of the speeches.

A series of different speeches from the NHS workers and a customer


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