imma sing the marine corps hymn while im fuckin the girl (who looks like my sister) brah

it was dry and crusted

Marciel from Capitol Hill in Denver, Colorado broadcasts himself publicly on shameful degenerate webcam chatting website www.tinychat.com - Mitchell punches his door in his rented apartment during a manic episode until his knuckles bleed!

like a twee in apwil with blossoms on the bwanches for the fiwst time

Age regression may be the result of a medical or psychiatric issue. For example, some individuals experiencing significant distress or pain may revert to childlike behavior as a means to cope with anxiety or fear.

Maga has herpes btw

ben stern aka advantageous_mutation lives in a separate smaller shed height home his father had built for him because he cannot function without parental support in his adult years

some sort of vile goblin pig

victor baton explains why nobody ever passed him a joint


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