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There is a War in America's Pants....
Thanks to my niece for the title.


Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod
Fitz and The Tantrums - The Walker
The Vines - Ride

A lot has gone down in the last week! Too much to cover in one video!

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Danzig - Mother
Portugal the Man - What, Me Worry?
Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far Kid

It's a war out there...Spiritual and Informational. I’ll be taking a little break to spend time with my family and recharge my batteries. Thank you for the support and kind words through this run. See you on the other side!

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Jane's Addiction - Been Caught Stealing
Jimmy Eat World - Sweetness

Happy Father's Day!

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Public Image Ltd. - Seattle
Ammonia - Drugs

Video is a little disorganized, probably the result of crushing Advil Cold & Sinus with a hammer and snorting it. In other news, I'm feeling better!


Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down
Cracker - Low

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Metallica - Ain't My Bitch
Feels - Car
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Brother Kane - Got No Shame
Guns 'N Roses - Nightrain

I have nothing. Enjoy your weekend!

Five Finger Death Punch - Never Enough
Of Monsters and Men - Alligator
Godsmack - Whatever

Like Yuri Bezmenov said, no matter what you show them, you'll get a "So what?' back.
But he was right. We are being destroyed from within, and have been for years. Cultural Marxism was and is their weapon. Tear it all down to "Build back Better". It's a Culture War, an Information war. Global Communism is the endgame. Bolshevik Revolution 2. You vill eat ze bugs....

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0Ministry - So What

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Stone Temple Pilots - Crackerman
The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You
Clutch - The Mob Goes Wild

700 subs! Then a Blackpiller unsubbed. He blames the Jews for my content.

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"Stone Cold" John
Does Obama melt if he sees a constitution?

At what point does it transition from comedy to tragedy? The videos in the second part had me asking the question. We really have a mental health crisis in this country. But the Left relies on the Mentally ill for votes, so there's that. I almost cut the part but the tooth is getting a shitload of followers off of it so to hell with that....

Mudvayne - Not Falling
The Mowgli's - San Francisco
Saliva - Click Click Boom

I was about to start putting together Part 3 until the Sussman verdict came in. I was not shocked that he was found Not Guilty. Between the Judge and the Jury, Durham's first trial was in a Kangaroo Court. They may have won the battle, but the war rages on. Let the Libs and Blackpillers have their Hurr Durr moment and move on.

Weezer - Pork and Beans
Sublime - Doin' Time
Hoobastank - Out of Control

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Poe - Hey Pretty
Nirvana - Territorial Pissings

Prayers to the victims of the Uvalde Shooting. FF or not, people's lives were upended by this tragedy. For what? An agenda and shameless self-promotion.

Leave it to Obama to keep that fire going. With gas Prices so high, I promise you that he is using our money to stoke the flames of division.

It is an election year after all.

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Saliva - Your Disease
Twenty One Pilots - Stressed Out

Another lap around the Sun! Mama Mill is surprised that I made it this far! 1000 views would be a nice gift if. And I learned a new term...Sex Fascist!!! Awesome name for a Punk Band. What is a Sex Fascist? Watch and find out, then impress your friends with your finger on the pulse of Leftist Depravity....

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Soundgarden - Outshined
Volbeat - A Warrior's Call

At least they let Obama keep his purse, amirite?

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Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up



Skid Row - Monkey Business

It has been a busy week. So Enjoy the video and your weekend!

Disturbed - Voices
The Naked and Famous - Young Blood
Bush - Greedy Fly

Who'd have thought that Joe Biden was a King Maker?

Cover by @VOLTRON4444


Avenged Sevenfold - Hail to the King

One can be hopeful! Uncle George is the one behind Abrams. Dominion, Zuckerbucks, all of it. He said at Davos that Trump will be gone by 2020. And he did it. And got caught. He is evil personified. And executioner for the Families Higher up the Globalist Food Chain.

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Ozzy Osbourne - Perry Mason

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Green day - American Idiot

Happy Mother's Day!! Hope y'all like the new intro!

I wasn't going to make a video. Then I watched 2000 Mules.

I threw out Major Patriot's post because it is circulating around and it's up to you to decide if he's legit or full of shit. I am but a vessel...

The clip is from a whistleblower in Arizona. But do yourself a favor and watch 200 Mules. When you think that you know all there is to know about the 2020 Election, you know nothing Jon Snow. Here is a link courtesy of Brass and Iron.

Dropbox with extras I couldn't put in. But go and see the movie!

Judas Priest - Breaking The Law

Sometime a couple of memes dictate the direction of the whole video. Like a wave, you surf it and hope for the best. This was one of those times.
Happy Mother's Day!


Seether - Remedy
Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine

I'll miss Jen Psaki. That woman(?) Redpilled more and more people every time she opened her mouth. Her replacement, Miss Checks all of the boxes, will be a tough one. Her Race and Lesbiosity will be her armor.

New Intro! Gotta keep it fresh....

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Tell Me Sweet Little Lies is a Sweet Little Goldmine of Information:

In This Moment - Whore
Nirvana - On a Plain

WARNING: At the 5:29 mark there is a graphic picture and tweets concerning abortion. I went back and forth on whether to put it in or not, but it's to make a point on how sick and depraved these MFer's are. You have been warned.

The video ends on a high note, I promise.
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Humboldt Truth Teller's Dog Crossed the Rainbow bridge. Stop by and offer condolences. Losing a pet sucks.

Tool - Parabola
Sponge - Plowed
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