Announcer Translation: Holy Fucking Shit! Did you see him knock that Ghost Face into next weekend? He’ll probably talk like Biden after that one…

Russian vs. Thai
This technique is part uppercut and part left hook. It is most effective to the solar plexus and liver immediately after the opponent lands his strike and is taking a breathe in…and cannot prepare for the hit. Ramon Dekkers and Mike Tyson perfected this strike…I personally have practiced this for 30 years and never knocked anyone out with it, but I hope it hurt…

Don’t fuck with me, doggy, I’ve been training all my life.
Good evening from…is this even a country anymore?…What an appropriate song for the coming war…and they’re coming boys, quickmarch.

2 then 4 then 153....

Thai defeats Burmese boxer slo-mo…this technique is called “topping his guard”

What the fuck have we become?

An important message borrowed from the “Vintage Buddha” channel…if you like video art and music check it out…

Math whiz vs. Bad driver
(Only kidding my Asian friends)
Cambodia vs Thailand slugfest. Both knocked out on their feet still fighting hard…NEVER QUIT!

Deep breaths…10 of them…blank your mind and concentrate only on each breath…

“The path to the truth is littered with the bodies of the ignorant.”

The plan is Holodomor 2.0, and the target is you. Your government hates you and wants you dead. They are going to kill millions of us. Starve us into submission so we beg for food and shelter and turn in all our weapons and tools. The America you knew does not exist is an illusion to keep you pacified. It is all One World Globohomo rule right now. Voting is fake, and democracy is a big stupid LIE.
Are you going to take that flag off your front porch yet?

One Championship
Muangthai vs Yusuf

Speechless ; No comment.

RIP Ramon Dekkers , Made in Holland

“There was the right way, there was the wrong way, and, there was the Skinhead way…which was exactly like the wrong way, only faster and more exciting.”
You’d wish you had us around when BLM was rioting, but you did nothing but mock and despise us, and cheer on the prosecutors as the locked us away for incredible sentences for minor infractions…you gave up on us, and we gave up on you (sheep)…
Most of us have died, from short brutal lives, hoping and believing someday there would be a brighter future…
14 words…

Don’t start a fire you cannot put out. AI could be running the entire Globohomo show and we will only find out when it is too late…

The FDA will be discussing “Emergency Use” Vaccine for 6 month olds…. So they don’t have to enclose the side effects; and they’ll get it too, because it’s already all bought and paid for…THERE IS NO LONGER is all THE GREAT GLOBOHOMO…
Anyone who would allow them to inject this poison into your child is a complete moron.

Anyone who still thinks the Allies were the saviors of the world are impossibly duped; the great Globohomo we face today is the same enemy the Germans tried to defeat in WW2 and the same enemy Sparta tried to defeat in 431 bc.

I put together a crude list of food processing and distribution hubs in the last 1.5 years… check for yourself if you don’t believe it.
I apologize for the poor quality.
There is no AMERICA anymore…it is all under Globohomo control now…no one is coming to save you…act accordingly

Freya’s Day…Lady’s Day!

Universal language by DJ Lord can find him in my playlists … I don’t have politics when it comes to music.

Harrison vs Muangthai

Lithuanian Warrior vs. A Person from France

Watch the technique in the slow mo closely…always throw in combinations; when you are retrieving your strike with one limb the next should be aimed and on the way. Do this in 3’s and 4’s on the Heavy bag…rarely throw one strike then wait and see what happens..,it will be your undoing.
Tawanchai is probably the best all around MuayThai fighter of the day, and definitely the best kicker. His push kick (Teep) is the best in the business…

I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing.

Wallflowers version…UPlifting lyrics for these trying times
Was our old pre fight song when I fought for the “Thunder”camp in the late nineties…
That’s me (facing) sparring in 1995…Miramar California
If I could do it, so could you young fellas. I wasn’t the strongest or the fastest, just the most determined..


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