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As you can tell...this is NOT a normal video but I enjoyed making it for you. And as my channel name says, this is the And More part of the Traveling Crane. I wanted to add cooking video's to my channel but did not want to make too many, so these videos will be few and far between.

I give my dad credit for everything, and I'm giving him credit for teaching me this skill. I probably paid more attention in the kitchen then I did in the wood shop. Cooking is a skill and I happy that I paid attention like I did. Baking cakes, cookies, pies, etc. is probably my favorite (I see a humming bird cake in the future :) ), but meals like breakfast and dinner are an everyday thing for me and I like to try different recipes. This is one of those recipes. I came across this on Pinterest and I am sure their are plenty of recipes like this one out there. I did tweak the recipe by adding chicken,. Now this is a staple in my household.

With that said. I hope you enjoyed this video and if you try it out, please let me know what you think below in the comments. Thank you watching, thank you for the support and if you are feeling up to it, help out with gas prices and send a super thanks!

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Wild Rice & Mushroom Soup

1 1/2 cups Cooked Chicken (shredded) *
2-3 Carrots diced
2-3 Celery diced
1 medium Onion diced
1 lb or 2 packages of Cremini Mushrooms
2 cloves Garlic (minced)
6 cups Low Sodium Chicken Broth*
1 1/2 cup Wild Rice*
4 tbsp Butter (divided)
1 cup Milk or Cream*
1 cup Parmigiano Reggiano
salt & pepper to taste*

* I used 2 chicken breast cooked in my air fryer. You can also use a rotisserie chicken that has been shredded I love cremini mushrooms, but you can use baby bella's if you want or even button mushrooms. For the Wild rice, if you don't have any, you can use regular white rice. This will work just as well. My wild rice is a combination of Basmati brown rice, soft white wheat, Rye berries & wild rice. What ever rice you use, will determine your cooking time. My blend calls for 45mins. If you use heavy cream, your soup will be creamier. I used salted butter, but low sodium broth. So I didn't really need to add anymore salt to the soup. Be careful you don't over salt the soup.


1. Melt the butter in a pan over medium-high heat, add the mushrooms and cook until the mushrooms have released their liquids and the liquid has evaporated, about 10-15 minutes, before setting aside.
2. Melt the butter in the pan, add the onions, carrots, celery and garlic. add salt and pepper and cooking until onions are translucent.
3. Add the broth, rice, chicken and mushrooms, bring to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer, covered, until the rice is tender, about 45 minutes.
4. Mix in the milk and cheese and cook until the cheese has melted, before seasoning with salt and pepper to taste.

Hey Everyone!

I finally got a video out in May! This year has been a doozy and I'm trying hard to get stuff made for my channel. Right now, I'm doing simple builds, but will be adding bigger and better builds in the future.

The reason I wanted to do this, is because every time I walked into the house from the garage, I had to stare at that box and the water heater. Nothing I can do about the water heater, but the box I could make a cover. I did not have a ton of wood but I was able to grab 1x3s from the other house I had laying around for a board and batten build I wanted to do. (spoiler project hopefully) I also had leftover bead board that I was able to use. Not all electrical boxes are created equal. So make sure you measure yours and not use my measurements.

So with that said, please enjoy this simple build. Thank you for sticking around and thank you for all the support! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and don't forget to hit that subscribe button if you are new here!

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Strap Clamp


Hey Everyone!

This isn't the project I wanted to do, but it's something. I did promise you a video before the end of the month and I have delivered!

I'm horrible at decorating my house and I had no clue what to do with the wall where we have a picture showing Charleston Harbor in 1872. I was browsing Pinterest for some ideas and came across Lantern Wall Sconces. Me being me, I didn't want to pay for something that looked easy to make.

I ran to Lowes a week ago to picked up a board and some hooks, so that I will be ready to build eventually. I also remembered that I packed 3 lanterns & flameless candles, that were leftover from my wedding and I was all set to go. I wasn't sure how it would turn out as my lanterns were way bigger than the ones I saw that Kirkland's was selling. So I did my measurements and cut all the wood and mounted the sconces to my wall and stepped back. My husband comes walking past me and said, "Have you changed your decor from Farmhouse to Pirate?" I was mortified LOL! The more I looked at it, he was right. I was not a fan of the big lanterns. So I'm going to change out the lanterns for some Adirondack hanging baskets with a farmhousey flower arrangement. Hopefully I can find the baskets soon because the sconces are hanging their bare at the moment. LOL!

So with that said, I hope you enjoyed this video. The next 2 weeks are going to be busy for me but I should have another video out mid May if all goes well. Thanks for sticking around and thanks for all of your support! Don't forget to Like, Share and Subscribe to my channel. Every little bit helps!


Poplar wood Hobby board: 1" x 8" x 2'
cuts: 2 each
7.5 " x 7.5"
4" x 4"
2.5" x 2.5"
Hooks purchased at Lowes as well. Lanterns are from Michael's Craft store.

Hey Everyone!

Missed me? Well, I sure have missed you and building. Moving is for the birds. We've had so many set-backs and issues with every person we hired to help us make this home ours. Needless to say, I need a vacation from life, but we are hanging in there.

So with that said, this is a little update on what's going on and when I hope to be back. If you want to see behind the scenes, definitely go follow me on Instagram.

Thank you so much for sticking around and thank you all how have recently subscribed to my little channel. It is much appreciated! See you in a few weeks!


Hey Everyone!

I know I've said this before, but this is one of the EASIEST DIY's I've ever done. A can of $17.00 Hi-Temp spray paint I got online and a few hours and I have a "new" fireplace!

Like I said, this was super easy. Hardest part was taping the windows on a windy day. There will be a link below to all the materials I used.

1: You need to unmount the surround. IF you can't do this, you need to turn off the pilot light (if you have a gas fireplace) the spray paint is highly flammable. Then tape off the area around the surround. IF you can remove it, life would be so much easier. I made sure I was in a well vented area. Out of direct sunlight. The surround should not be hot or get hot while you are working. It was windy, but the wind died down when I was painting. If possible, try to shelter yourself from the wind.

2: Use a power blower to remove any dust, soot, debris from the surround

3: tape the windows. Using masking paper also helps, but if you don't have any, use whatever you have around the paper bag, printer paper..etc.

4: Lightly scuff up the brass, sanding any rust if you have any. Sand anything you are going to paint. This way the paint will stick. Clean off any dust before painting

5: PAINT! Read the instructions on the can. READ the health warnings. (I will add a link to what I read after the fact) If this concerns you, look for a different product. I will tell you that this product is amazing. Dried really quick and was able to do 2 coats with 1 can. Did not run or leave wet streaks in the paint. Didn't look patchy at all. When you first start spraying it will look spotty, but soon clears up as you continue spraying. Make sure you shake the can every so often to prevent clogs. Paint in a side to side motion, releasing the nozzle after each pass. Work in sections until complete.

6: If the fire screen is looking rough, paint that as well. Once the surround is dried, open the doors and spray any brass that shows when open. Let that dry. Remove any over spray.

7: Reinstall your surround, turn on the fireplace to heat up the surround to help cure. Then sit back and enjoy your "New" Fireplace.

If you are looking to renew an old fireplace surround, definitely try this. Super cheap project with a high dollar look!

Thank you all for watching and for your support. If you are new here...Greeting from Charleston! You all know the drill, Please Like, Share and Subscribe!


Hey Everyone!

I finally was able to get into my new house and finished Part2!

Now, on a personal note, this seems like a simple project, but I end up making it way harder then it had to be. For example, I put the hinges on incorrectly, (a few times to be exact). I put so many holes in the door and the frame where I was getting so mad that my husband literally had to stop what he was doing to calm me down. I thought I ruined the entire project and was on the verge of tears. He took a look at what I was doing and told me that I would figure it out, but need to step back and take a deep breath. So I did and repaired all of the damage I did and allowed everything to cure and dry before getting back at it. I am very thankful to my husband for keeping me sane. He is definitely my better half.

So remember, if you ever get frustrated or in a pickle. Stop whatever you are doing and don't make it worse by continuing working while your mad/upset. Step back, reassess, breathe and then get back at it! Don't let little things like hinges to deter you from succeeding! Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!

So with that said, please enjoy this video. It's a makeover video so it does not have instructions. Thank you for watching and being here. Welcome if you are new and don't forget to like, share and subscribe!

Hey Everyone!

Sadly I am unable to finish my last project because work on the house took way longer then normal. Thankfully they will be done by the time you are watching this video. So starting this weekend, I will be able to finish part 2 of my Storage Between studs video and also be able to finish my pantry remodel! Fun Fun!

In the meantime, here is a short video of me trying to master my scroll saw. I need to practice more and get better blades then hopefully, I can tackle some cooler 3d projects I've seen and dying to try! But first, I must practice and become a "pro" :)

I hope you enjoy this video. Thank you for being here and thank you for all of your support! If you are new here, WELCOME and don't forget to like, share and subscribe!

Want to know more about a Great Blue Heron?

Hey Everyone!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year!

2022 is going to be great in the Hill House for many reasons and one of those reasons is a new home and new projects!

This is just a quick update on what's going on and I hope to have a new video for you next week. So hit that notification bell so you don't miss out. Thank you all for the support you have given me since this channel was started! I couldn't do this without you!

See you back here next week!

Hey Everyone!

It's been a while since I did some wood burning. So I decided that my last video for 2021 will be a pyrography project!

I've been eyeballing one of these for a while and decided to make one. You can download a template that you purchased, or do something free like I did. I used to download a free Christmassy font and then found a few Christmas SVG's online, then cut a pasted them to my Cricut program...then Voila! I now have a cookie board pattern!

I used both of my wood burning tools for this project, as the wood was very hard to burn with my Walnut Hollow Wood burner. I will put a like to that wood burner below if you are interested. My old, extremely dangerous wood burner with words not in English finished the job with ease (since it burns at 1000°...kidding, but it will burn the crap out of your fingers)

I hope you enjoyed this last video of the year. I want to express my gratitude to all of you who have stopped by to support my little channel and all the love you have giving thought out the year. I really appreciate all of you and I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Holidays, Happy Everything and May all your wished come true. See you all in the New Year!


Michelle Hill, The Traveling Crane

Hey Everyone!

Here is a quick DIY of a 3D flower I made.

I've seen my wood working friends on Instagram make elaborate designs with their scroll saws and have always been curious to how they made them. One day I asked what type of wood they used and was told MDF. Well, I had a few thin MDF boards laying about my shop and decided to give it a go!

I chose a simple design for my first time. I wanted a Christmas flower, so the Poinsettia was a great choice. I wasn't sure how to explain the process, but I did my best. If you have any questions, please let me know.

I used tiny wooden beads for the center of the flower because cutting tiny circles are hard and definitely not same for the fingers. I could have sculpted more details in the petals and leaves but I will save that for next time. If you have a Dremel tool, that would really help in the carving process. Sandpaper and sharp tools will also work as well. If you try this, definitely play with it a bit and see if you can add extra details to make it more realistic.

So if you were a curious on how these are made, now you know and I hope you give it a try! Thank you for being here and thank you for watching!

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Hey Everyone!

I've been wanting to make one of these for a long time and was finally about to do it this past weekend. I was going to make a detailed tutorial but realized that my tree stand may be smaller than most, since we have a "custom" tree. So this video is more about giving you an idea on how to start and come up with your own measurements. If you would like to know my measurements, I will be more than happy to give that to you.

With that said, please sit back and enjoy to music and the video. If you have any questions, please let me know. And as always, thank you for being here, thank you for watching. Please Like, Share and Subscribe!


Hey Everyone!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and also having a safe Black Friday and NOT going out there in that madness. Personally, I don't get it, but apparently people love it. I say, stay home, eat leftovers and watch my videos!

This build was fun to do. I've always wanted an Advent Calendar and I made one in the past that mimicked a clock, but I always forgot to move the hands. I've seen versions of these all over Pinterest and decided to make my own with my own star and my own ornaments.

I think it turned out great and the Infused ink on wood worked out perfectly! Don't forget to watch that video if you haven't already.

I hope you enjoyed this video and the holiday graphics! If you are looking to make one for yourself, my cut list is below. Thank you for watching, thank you for your support and for coming back! If you are new. WELCOME! Please don't forget to like, share and subscribe.

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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. And don't forget to Have fun!

6: 3/8 x 2" x 2'
1: 3/8 x 2" x 3' (longer for the last row)
1: 3/4 Square Dowel (longer then 2' for the tree trunk and base)
Here is my answer on why I did extra rows. As you will see, the first row is for 2 ornaments that are not part of the calendar. I added this row because I thought it just look better. The 7th row is more for stability for the last row of ornaments. You don't have to do this. I just thought it looked better.

Cut list and spacing: Row cuts with be @ 32°
row 1: 4.5"
row 2: 7.5"
row 3: 10.5"
row 4: 13.5"
row 5: 16.5"
row 6: 19.5"
row 7: 22.5" optional but looks better with it.

Use a paint stir stick to space the rows. If your don't have one, the spacing is 1.25"

Cut your dowel to the height you want. Mine is 24" (leaving 2" at the top for the star. Cut 4 extra dowels to 5" for the base.

Centering your rows on the dowel:
1= 2.75" from center
2= 4.55"
3= 5.75"
4= 7.25"
5= 8.75"
6= 10.25"
7= 11.75"

Hello my beautiful people!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
If Thanksgiving isn't your thing, then, Happy last Thursday in November :)

Hope everyone has the chance to be with friends and family during the holidays. Be safe, Be happy and Be nice to each other.

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Hey Everyone!

This video was made for my Father. He took his Jeep Wrangler off-roading for the first time and I thought it would be nice to document the event.

Now, I'm not the best at this and I did not have a gimble, so a few videos are shaky, but I tried to fix it. Hopefully this won't give you a headache from watching. LOL!

I decided to make it public so anyone who likes Jeeps can enjoy and also to advertise for this great off-roading park we found while camping in Banner Elk, North Carolina. This place is called Patriot Mtn Off-Roading Park in Sugar Grove, North Carolina. Great guy who runs the place and has some great trails. If you have a stock 4x4, you can still have fun. Link below. Go check them out.

With that said, I hope you enjoy this. Please like, share and subscribe. New Build coming this Friday, so check that out as well!

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Dirt Road Traveler by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.


Hey Everyone!

Here is a quick video on how to build a simple shelf w/ hooks. These shelves are for my parents newly renovated bathroom. They wanted to shelfs to be mounted above the toilet. One with hooks, the other without.

I think these turned out pretty well, even though on one of them you can see gaps. The wood was warped and I had to made due with what I had on hand. There is a cut list below for my shelf, which is 27" long. But you can make your shelf whatever size that fits your needs.

With that said, please enjoy this video and don't forget to Like, Share and Subscribe.

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Cut List: Remember...a 2" x 2" is actually a 1.5" x 1.5"...1" x 6" is .50" x 5.5"
**also, I ran my 2x2s through a planer because they were looking rough, so now they are 1.25 x 1.25**

1 @ 27"
1 @ 24.25"

2 @ 5.5"
2 @ 7" then Miter cut 45° short side @ 3.5" long side @ 6" (this was hard for me to explain, as I am NOT good with angles. I hope you understand what I'm saying)

Hello again my wonderful people!

I would like to introduce to you my newest DIY videos. I'm going to call them DIY Quickies. These videos are too short to be a normal video and too long for a short. These are going to be quick how to videos that will be less than 2 or 3 minutes long. Videos will go out every once in awhile and will probably be Arts & Crafts related, but will try to throw in some Wood quickies.

I hope you will enjoy these quick DIY's. Let me know in the comments what you think! Don't forget to Like, Share and Subscribe!


Limited-time deal: Cricut EasyPress 2 - Heat Press Machine For T Shirts and HTV Vinyl Projects, Mint, 9" x 9"

Cricut EasyPress Mat, Protective Heat-Resistant Mat for Heat Press Machines and HTV and Iron On Projects, [8" x 10"]

Cricut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets -2 Sheets 12" x 12" - Buffalo Check Pattern - For Cricut EasyPress, Maker, Explore Air 2

Hey Everyone!

I'm back, this time with your first Christmas Craft video. I saw these little guys on Pinterest and just had to make them. They were so easy, I decided to share them with you.

So if you are looking for a fun, easy Christmas craft to do with the kiddos or just want to make some cute Christmas ornament, then look no further!

All you need are a few simple items.

Two different color yarns
Empty paper towel roll
Hot glue gun
Poly-fil or Cotton balls
Anything you want to use for a noes. I used a wooden bead
Pom-pom maker. If you don't have one, I show you how to make your own.

And that's it! So sit back and enjoy this short Crafty video. Please Don't forget to Like, Share and Subscribe. Hit that notification bell as well so you don't miss my next build.

I have 2 more building videos that I will be uploading this month. Lots of stuff going on personally over here in Charleston. Big Changes coming soon, so stay tuned! Follow me on Instagram for some behind the scenes stuff and as always, Thank you for being here and for your support!

Hey Everyone!

Lots of stuff going on over here in Charleston. Major painting and other updates have been put on hold as we figure out if we are keeping our old home or getting a new one. So with that said, my upcoming big wood working project are also on hold. So, in the meantime, I will be sharing smaller project with you guys.

This is a quick easy project you can do with or without tools. This stove top cover, or noodle board is for my parents house. Like I said in the video, not all stoves are created equal. Below will be my measurements. This project is also a good gift idea if you are looking to hand make something for a family member or friends. Everyone loved handmade gifts!! I hope you give this a try and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

This will be my last video for the rest of the month. Vacation starts next week! So see you all in November!

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cut list:
I used scraps, but if you had to buy the wood this is what you will need

3: 1x4x8 cut 6 boards @ 31 inches
1: 1x3x6 cut 2 boards @ 21 inches
2 handles

Quick wood glue lesson: Is wood glue stronger than wood?
Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals

subscribe to Steve Ramsey if you haven't already

Hey Everyone!

This video is dedicated to my Totes-Bestie, Forrest and our annual Hocus Pocus movie nights.

It is officially FALL! I'm beyond excited. Cooler weather, pumpkin patches and Scary movies! Oh and our yearly trip to the mountains!

This video is for all you crafters out there. I show you how to make and assemble a wooden bead garland with a Halloween twist. This is a super easy project and you definitely don't have to use any power tools. You can purchase wooden cut outs at any craft store or on Etsy. The wooden beads and twine can also be purchased at your local craft store. I will link below to the ones I got. They come in all different sizes. For this garland I used 20mm and 16mm beads.

I hope you enjoyed this arts and crafts video and if you are a fall/Halloween lover like me, I hope you give it a try!

As always, thank you for watching. Please Like, Share and Subscribe! Follow me on Instagram as well for behind the scenes.

PS. Painting is not going well. But hopefully we will be actually starting the kitchen this weekend. So I will not have an actual build for you for a while. Lots of stuff happening over here at the Hill house. Also, vacation coming up. I may do a video of the Camp site and area we are staying at. For those in our neck of the woods that might like to visit. So stay tuned!


Spooky Ride by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.



Hey Everyone!

Taking a break from the home updates to give you a fun video to enjoy.

I got to a point where I'm no longer excited about painting, but really, who is excited about painting?? But when you finish a big project, and it looks amazing, it gives me a bit more motivation to keep painting.

BUT, I had to take a break. So since fall/Halloween is my favorite time of the year, I decided to make you some wooden pumpkins. I've seen these all over the internet and always wanted to make my own. So I did and they turned out amazing!

I used leftover cedar fence boards for this. One that is 6 inches wide and I found a 4 inch board. You can use boards that are all the same size, but I wanted a bit of a overhang for the top and bottom. So instead of having to cut down a board, I just used the 4 inch for the sides. If you don't have any scrap boards, you can pick these boards up at your local home store for less than $4. (both sizes)

I will have a cut list below for you if you would like to make this. As for the paint. After I burned the wood, I was going to leave them like that, but decided to add paint. The 8in was a combination of white & orange mix (acrylic paint) but it was a bit too light in color, so I ran the torch back over the paint and it gave it a greenish blue tint along with the white/orange. Looked pretty cool, so I left it. The 10in pumpkin, I dry lightly brushed acrylic orange, trying not to cover the burn marks. The end result looks great. And the last 12in, I left it Shou Sugi Ban, because I loved the look. No need to sand this project especially if you burn it. The burning process will get rid of any jagged splinters. Seal your project with weather resistant sealant and VIOLA, you're done!

I hope you enjoyed this quick video. I'll try to do another in a few weeks. In the meantime, follow me on Instagram for behind the scene stuff. See the progress of our house updates! (painting)

Thank you again for being here. Don't forget to Like, Share and Subscribe! Happy Building!

Cut List & materials:
If you are making 3 different sizes, get 2, 6 inch cedar fence boards and 1 4 inch fence board. Use anything you can find for the stem.
Please ask if you have any questions

8 inch jack -o- lantern
cut 2, 8 inch boards from the 6in cedar
cut 2, 8 inch boards from the 4in cedar
cut 2, 6.25 inch boards from the 6in cedar

10 inch jack -o- lantern
cut 2, 10 inch boards from the 6in cedar
cut 2, 10 inch boards from the 4in cedar
cut 2, 6.25 inch boards from the 6in cedar

12 inch jack -o- lantern
cut 2, 12 inch boards from the 6in cedar
cut 2, 12 inch boards from the 4in cedar
cut 2, 6.25 inch boards from the 6in cedar

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I have no build for you today, but I hope you enjoy this little wooden man I built our of scrap wood. This would be a fun project for the kids to build. You can change up the design and make him your own.

In between painting and filling holes, I will try to do a build or two for you in the next few months. I just don't want to bore you with painting, so the break will last a month or two. We have A LOT of painting to do. So stay tuned. Hit the notification bell so you don't miss out on future videos.

As always, thank you for being here. Please Like, Share and Subscribe!

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Hey Everyone!

I'm kind of excited about this video. I LOVE the way it turned out and they are a perfect fit for my soon to be Farmhouse kitchen!

Now, these are not your typical floating shelves. Most people use either 2x4s or 2x4s for the wall mount back brace. Well, I didn't want 4+ inch thick shelves. I wanted to use a 1x3 (2.5") as the thickness and a 1x6 (5.5") for the shelf but I was unsure if my modified 2x2 would hold the weight of my mason jars. I was afraid of flex and eventually everything crashing down. So after consulting my fellow wood working experts, they helped put my mind at ease. And let me tell you, these shelves are solid! No bend, No flex. 100% secured to the wall.

**The key is wall studs & 3.5 or 4 inch wood screws (and a washer for extra surface support)

So if you are like me and didn't want a thick shelf, then my cut list will be below. If you want the traditional shelf, that is below as well. Everything is built the exact same way.

I hope you enjoy this video. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. As always, thank you for watching and for the support. If you are new, welcome! Please Like, Share & Subscribe!

link to my butcher block rolling cart: part 1 and 2

My Cut List: (for 1 shelf)
qty 1: 1x3x8
qty 1: 1x6x8
2ty 1: 2x2

Depending on how long you want your shelf, mine is 40.5 inches.
(1) 1x3 to 40.5"
(2) 1x3 to 5.5"
(2) 1x6 to 39"
rip your 2x2 down to size with a table saw. My wall mount back brace is 1.5" x 1". now you can cut to length. (1) at 39" and (4) arms at 4"
**if you have any questions. please ask)

Cut list using a 2x4 for the wall mount: (40.5 in shelf)
qty 1: 2x4x8
qty 1: 1x6x8
qty 1: 1x12x8
(1) 1x6 to 40.5"
(2) 1x6 to 5.5"
(2) 1x12 to 39"
same cut list above. just bigger boards. The wall mount back brace arms (4) will be 9 3/4 inches. Use two pocket holes to attach the arms to the wall mount (39") side note: you may want to use pocket holes instead of brad nails to build the floating shelf. just because of how big the shelf will be in the end. (this is why I wanted smaller shelves)

Please note. You can make your shelf as long as you want, just increase you cuts to whatever your heart desires. Just make sure you have a good amount of wall studs to attach to. I had 3 studs in my wall. We have a pocket door that goes into the wall my shelf is attached to so 2 of my studs were practically next to each other. Still worked out in the end.

Hey Everyone!

It's been a soggy week here in Charleston, so I'm not able to build anything at the moment. So today's video is going to be arts and crafts.

In this video I show you how to assemble this large paper rose from Ann Neville Design.

Hopefully I will have a build for you next week so until then, please enjoy!

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Hey everyone!

Here is a quick build just in time for the weekend! And when I say easy, I mean easy! No power tools needed. All you need are a few basic tools and some wood glue and you're all set.

This is a great project for beginners so I if you are on the fence about building, this is a project you should definitely try.

I made this into a 4ft blanket ladder because of the lack of material I had on hand. If you don't have leftover wood. all you will need to make this 4ft ladder is one 2x2 and one 1x2...and that's it! Make this ladder for less than $10.00 (with today's prices) I hope you give this a try. You can make this and big or small as you want. A cut list is below for a 4 and 6 ft ladder.

I hope you enjoyed. Please consider subscribing to my channel if you haven't already. And as always, thank you for being here. Thank you for the support. Like, Share and Subscribe! Happy Building!

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4 foot Blanket Ladder: 19 inches wide
1, 2x2x8 (legs)
1, 1x4x8 (rungs)
2 Legs: 4ft
4 Rungs: 16.5 inches
Rungs: measuring from the top, 2 in, then 11in for the remaining 3 rungs

6 foot Blanket Ladder: 19 inches wide
2, 2x2x8 (legs)
1 or 2, 1x4x8 (rungs)
2 Legs: 6ft
5 Rungs: 16.5 inches (or 18 inches depending on how wide you want it.)
Rungs: measuring from the top, 6 in, then 13 in for the remaining 4 rungs

Hey Everyone!

I'm back! I had a nice vacation and it was even better because my best friend was in town to share it with me and my family.

Today's video was quickly put together for you to enjoy. I've been wanting to make a nice shoe rack for my back door, but never got around to making one. So when I decided to build one, I had no instructions, just a thought in my head. I sketched it out and then determined how big I wanted it. I found some leftover scraps from previous builds and starting building. I was going to try to draw something up for you, but with limited time, all I was able to do was give you a cut list. Hopefully you will be able to follow along with the video and build one for yourself.

This shoe rack is very customizable and you can make it into a bench if that is what you are needing. We wanted something that we could use as a table as well, so when I decided to make it 30 inches tall, I didn't even think about it being too tall for a bench. So the title was changed after I did my intro.

The area we have it at is small and what we had there already was a cheap broken shoe holder that never could hold shoes, so everything would be scattered at the back door. This was my solution and it was perfect! It is a simple build that you can do with a few tools and a weekend. I hope you give this a try and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me. As always, thank you for watching, please don't forget to like, Share and Subscribe! Happy Building!

Cut List: I'm using whatever I had in my shop. if you do not have wood laying around and have to buy, you will need at least 4 or 5, 1 x 2's and 1, 2 x 2's

table top:
1 x 12 x 4ft = 1 @ 30 inches

table legs:
2 x 2 x 8t = 4 @ 29 1/4 inches

Shoe support rails:
1 x 2 x 8 = 11 @ 25 inches
1 x 2 x 8 = 8 @ 5.5 inches


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Greetings from the Holy City! My name is Michelle & welcome to my channel!

A little about my art background. I started making origami cranes in pre-school, while my family was Stationed at the Naval Air station in Sigonella Sicily. Fast forward through the years & I master more elaborate origami techniques & fiddles around with different types of paper crafts. Always wanting to know more, I pushed my creativity to other forms of art. Painting, drawing, sculpting, paper flowers, bracelets, wood craft, building & much much more.

I created this channel to help out a friend who wanted to know how to build a planter box. So my first video was private, but ended up being published due to more of my friends wanting to learn. I am NOT a professional wood worker or anything. This is for fun & hopefully can help out future DIY'ers out there! So stay tuned for more stuff.

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