They have lost their #1 source of human sacrifice to Moloch, Baal and Satan. No more baby killing factories providing the evil satanic pedophiles with an endless supplybof adrenachrome and live human organ harvesting victims. They are despate for sacrifices and now move their focus to young children. The vaccine is deadly to someband COMPLETELY unnecessary. Fight, resist and pray for America and the chuldren all over the world.

Get ready for the DemonRats to take to the streets, riot and scream about losing their 20 billion dollar live human organ harvesting and adrenachrome industry. Trust me, there are 10s of billions of dollars at stake for the worshipers of Baal and they will do ANYTHING to hold on to power and continue their crimes against humanity. It is going to be Biblical. Remember God wins in the end.

We tried to tell them. Their plates were full with TV, Music, Movies and Sports. If only those with power and influence in the 70s and 80s would have listened. If Only They had been the good guys they thought they were. They could have done something to prevent this but the lure of easy money and bread and circuses was too much for them to handle. The brainwashing of the People by the media has been accomplished. The Great Awakening is occurring as we speak. This video is just for fun as it goes over some of the old conspiracy theories and when you watch them you realize how close to reality they are today. At the time you have to realize everybody thought they were crazy for even thinking it. Now we're actually seeing it. If you think this is entertaining please share. If there's something you don't like please leave a civil comment.

The Globalists are orchestrating a manufactured food shortage. There are no coincidences. This is how they will control us. They want us to eat bugs or die.

Save The babies!

The Pfizer owned FDA rubber stamped the emergency use authorization experimental gene therapy drugs on babies 6 months and up. This is a planned genocide. A too large percentage of them will be injured or killed. Share this video with anyone you know who is even considering giving a death jab to a baby or child.

When President Trump was campaigning in 2020, he warned the people if Joe Biden was selected there would be a depression worse than 1929. So far Donald Trump has been 100% right on his predictions of life under Joe Biden. Including the 6, 7 8, and 9 dollar gas. A depression worse than 1929 and almost all the value in the stock market will disappear. I highly suggest hedging your bet and finding other places to put your money hell you might be better off just buying some vacant land. Get some silver or gold coins, buy some xlm or xrp, get into a safe annuity or CD. This is going to get so bad you will not be able to comprehend it. We are about to go through something that no living person has ever gone through unless they are pushing 100. Now is the time to stockpile non-perishable goods. The diesel trucks cannot get the gas to deliver the goods which compounds the problem of getting the goods in the first place. Even if you started sorted out the supply chain isses, you still can't deliver the product. Once diesel exceeds $7 the trucking companies cannot continue to exist without a 40% increase in pricing which will be passed on to us. This will make that loaf of bread that just went from $2 to $5 go to $50. Don't worry about getting out of the stock market. The big argument about getting out of the stock market is that you would miss out on future gains. Let me clue you in on something, there will be no future gains to miss. It is bust time for the stock market, the Federal Reserve Central Banking system is going to collapse, taking the entire global economy with it. You are living history andvwitnessing the death of the old guard. There will be a financial reset. I cannot begin to tell you how it's going to look or what is going to happen. If the forces of evil prevail and Satan wins, it will be a system of slavery, oppression, starvation and poverty for everyone on the planet...except for them. If God wins, it will be a glorious time with more peace and prosperity than anyone could imagine. I think that is why Donald Trump also said "The Best Is Yet To Come". He knows what we are about to go through and he knows the system that will come into place afterwards and it will indeed be the best of times.
1 that is my hope. If I am wrong none of this really matters anyway other than the fact that we are witnessing the absolute worst time in human history. I suggest we just all pray that there is a good reset. The FED is not trying to orchestrate a soft landing, the FED is intentionally destroying the global economy. Get ready for some very hard time. Prepare as much as you can especially when it comes to non-perishable food and water.
If you stay in the stock market it is like handing your money to Joe Biden himself and hoping for the best. We are at the fork in the road and I am going to take the road less traveled.

Please share this with your friends and family and help them escape from the global economic collapse.

There is a new Crisis coming to America. One you could never imagine In Your wildest dreams. The governments of the world are conspiring with the corporations to create an artificial food shortage. Farms and livestock are being destroyed, factories burned to the ground. They know if they control the food they control the population. Now is the time to wake up and start prepping and gardening. Grow whatever fruit and vegetables you can and share them with your friends and family. Escape the corporate Matrix and save yourself and your family from starvation. Remember all of this is on purpose. They want you weak impotent and ultimately dead. Behind closed doors they call us useless eaters and are always looking for ways to call the herd. Starvation and famine is their new weapon. This is the New World Order's new plandemic. Covid-19 was just a test run to see how much we would take. We proved to them we will take whatever they will push on to us. It is now time to push back with everything you have.

The FDA is seeking approval to give the poisonous vaccine to babies and children over 6 months of age. This video will expose the mountain of evidence that these vaccines are deadly and dangerous, especially for children.

Covid is not a danger to children and there is no emergency that justifies putting this experimental poison into babies and children.

People blindly trust their doctors because they are overcome with White Coat Syndrome. Just because somebody wears a white coat and has diplomas on the wall does not mean they know everything about everything. It just means they know what the pharmaceutical reps and the FDA tells them. They have not done the research, there has not been enough time to do the research. all we have in terms of research is the Vears injury report. The reports only show about 1% of the actual injuries so the actual genocide numbers are unbelievably high.

If Vears says there are only 200 cases you can bet there are 20,000. Now is the time to expand your thinking, realize what you are considering and stop yourself from blindly following the Sheep to the slaughter. If you give your child this vaccine and they end up with a permanent heart or kidney injury or some other permanant injury what will you do? How will you look yourself in the mirror ever again? How will you look your child in the face ever again? How will you answer the question when they ask you why you put this poison in their bodies when it wasn't tested? There won't be a good answer and you will find it almost impossible to live with yourself. Wake up do not allow this to happen to your children to yourself. Children have no risk from covid-19.

Pray God will remove your spiritual blinders before it is too late for you and your family.
Please watch, share and pray.

In order to destroy America you must break the family unit. The children must have their minds perverted and warped and twisted at a very early age with satanic perversion. Two things keep America going one is our right to keep and bear arms and the other is the family unit. This transgender movement is aimed directly at destroying the family. If these sick bastards were just concerned with being able to do what they felt in that be how they want to be that would be fine. That would be their business. Ask yourself a question why are they forcing this into the public school system why are they forcing it on children as young as first grade and kindergarten. Cause they serve bafflement and they are here to destroy America and they will destroy the family in the process. Get you a kids out of their schools and do whatever you have to do to homeschool them. If you have to quit a job and move in with a family member that is what you need to do. Whatever it takes. Even if it means multi-generational household and sacrifices from a financial standpoint. You must protect your children and their mind and their hearts and their soul from this Baphomet transhumanist transgender agenda. This is America and I have a right to say my piece and this is my first amendment right being exercised tearing if you don't like it you can kiss my ass. I will never give up my right to free speech and I will never give up my right to bear arms. They've already violated our right to privacy with all this technology. Save your children do whatever it takes do not let them have the vaccine. If you cannot see this for what it is you need to get on your knees and pray for wisdom and vision. You are spiritually blind and the cost of remaining spiritual glided will be the destruction of your family and your country. The choice is yours. Keep your head in the sand and keep watching the b******* that they feed you or wake the hell up and put a stop to it.

Blowing the lid off the January 6 BS. Fact Checking the fake insurrection.

False flags, media manipulation and deception. The Deep State is panicked and desperate. They know justice is coming and the punishment for their crimes will be harsh. They are scared of us. There are more of us than them. They are coming for your guns. Do not comply or surrender your rights.

More truth bombs about the dangers of the vaccines. Now they are coming for the babies. Please share.

More evidence of vaccine injuries pouring in. Vaccine induced AIDS. Corruption exposed throughout highest levels of Government and Business.

How to destroy a country in 5 easy steps.

They can't win until they get your guns. The full court press to take away your 2nd Amendment rights.

Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and George Soros want to know every single thing you do and everywhere you go.
They want to destroy the middle class and control every aspect of our lives. Folks it's about to get scary. Please watch and share this video.

Durham Can Indict Hillary, Klaus Schwab wants to end the American Middle Class and make us all bug eating slaves. Jim Caviezel exposes D.U.M.B.S. and Deep State child traffickers. Demonic insanity has been unleashed and more.

John Durham is getting close to charging Hillary and More indisputable evidence 2020 was blatantly stolen.

Part of the plan to destroy America involves overrunning the southern border and shipping illegal criminal terrorist aliens all-over America in order to dilute Americans votes and turn America into just another third world shit hole.


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