Originally Released January 15, 2021

Written by Adam Riva and edited by filmmaker Mouthy Buddha, SUICIDED takes a closer look at the curious lives and deaths of those who sought to expose the silent epidemic of child trafficking.

Source > Dauntless Dialogue

Bruce Willis - An aging alcoholic cop is assigned the task of escorting a witness from police custody to a courthouse 16 blocks away. There are, however, chaotic forces at work that prevent them from making it in one piece.

English translation from a commenter on YT:

0:04 That body and that soul belong to Christ. Submit right now in the name of Christ.

0:08 (slaps his face) Do not hurt him. He belongs to Christ now in the name of Christ.

0:22 I cast you out with the blood and the name of Christ. Get out.

0:28 Throw him up, throw him up in the name of Jesus Christ (when she leads him down)

0:44 I declare him free now by the power of the blood if Jesus Christ.

0:50 (demon replies)”he is mine “(Lady replies back) “No, he was never yours.”

0:57 He belongs to Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s

1:15 (tongues) 1:27 Throw him up, he belongs to Christ. Get out in Jesus’ Name.

2:01 Spirit of depression come out, spirit of drug addiction and homosexuality, I rebuke you in the name of Christ.


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Bonnie & David Straight
All Republic of Texas Officials

Mirror From ";" Paula Loves Children ❤️ Paula C Blades


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Sheriff Mack,, whose Supreme Court victory set a precedent against federal commandeering of local officials.

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Scary Facts About Guns


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The demon Kasdeja "Taught the children of men the smitings of the embryo in the womb, that it may pass away." - The Book of Enoch, The Names of The Watchers

• Jewish Kabbalah (Zohar 1,25b) "Exterminate All Non-Jews"
• Founder of Jewish Talmudism Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai Sentenced to Hell
• The Silent Scream: Anti-Abortion Education Film by Founder of NARAL Pro-Choice America
• UTAH: Abortionist Dr. Leah Torres, “I Cut Their Larynx First So They [Babies] Don’t Scream”
• ‘Deeply Religious’ Chelsea Clinton Says Ending Abortion ‘Unchristian’
• Netflix Host Michelle Wolf Leads Pro-Abortion Salute: ‘God Bless Abortions’
• PLANNED PARENTHOOD: We Need Disney To Create Illegal Alien, Transgender Princesses Who’ve Had Abortions
• MISSOURI: Satanists Want To Repeal Law Warning Abortion Kills, “Separate, Unique, Living Human Being”
• Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, Accused of Statutory Rape of 17-Year-Old Girl, Forcing Her to Get Abortion
• Transgenderism, GMO, AI, Transhumanism, Fulfilling Jesus’ Promise, “Except Those Days Should Be Shortened, There Should No Flesh Be Saved”
• Jewish Created Culture of Immorality, Feminism & Population Reduction Crashes Fertility Rate For American White Women
• Mother Pushing 6-Year-Old Son Into Cult of Transgenderism, Threatens Dad With Losing His Son For Disagreeing
• Jewish Freemasonry & HSBC Created The Opium Drug Trade
• Son of Israeli Politician Linked To Founder of The World Zionist Organization “We’re Forced To Practice Satanism In Modern Israel”



Scope: Mysteries abound in the life of John McAfee. He made millions creating antivirus software, then reinvented himself as a yogi, a proponent of herbal medicine, and a serial entrepreneur. He was known for his charm and generosity. Then his life took another turn. He moved from the US to Belize and built a heavily armed compound in the jungle, like a modern day Heart of Darkness. McAfee never shied away from media attention and boasted of his libertine lifestyle, maintaining a harem of young women. In 2012 his neighbour in Belize, an American named Gregory Faull, was found murdered by a gunshot. Sought for questioning by local authorities, McAfee fled to Guatemala, then returned to the US where he pursued the Libertarian Party nomination for President in 2016. Over the years, journalists have told pieces of McAfee's story (including the infamous Vice report accidentally revealing his secret location). Here the Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Nanette Burstein delivers a deep investigation that sheds new light on the shadows around the 70-year-old mogul. McAfee refuses her requests for an interview, but continues a strange cat-and-mouse email correspondence for months. In Belize, Burstein conducts revelatory new interviews with McAfee's former associates, uncovering his bizarre behaviour with women, local gangsters, and guns. She probes into the investigation of the unsolved murder of Faull, and learns of other allegations against McAfee for crimes that were never prosecuted. Paranoia runs high on all sides of this story, but Burstein never backs down in pursuing answers.

The Freedom Ministry

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What is Antisemitism today, two generations after the Holocaust? In his continuing exploration of modern Israeli life, director Yoav Shamir travels the world in search of the most modern manifestations of the "oldest hatred", and comes up with some startling answers. In this irreverent quest, he follows American Jewish leaders to the capitals of Europe, as they warn government officials of the growing threat of Antisemitism, and he tacks on to a class of Israeli high school students on a pilgrimage to Auschwitz. On his way, Shamir meets controversial historian, Norman Finkelstein, who offers his views on the manner that Antisemitism is being used by the Jewish community and especially Israel for political gain. He also joins scholars, Stephen M. Walt and John J. Mearsheimer, while they give a lecture in Israel following the release of their book "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy", about the disproportional influence the Israel lobby in Washington enjoys. Yoav visits Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial museum in Jerusalem, the must stop for all world leaders on their visits to Israel. While in Jerusalem, he drops by the house of his grandmother that offers her insight on the issue and declares that she is the "real Jew". Intent on shaking up the ultimate 'sacred cow' for Jews, Israeli director Yoav Shamir embarks on a provocative -- and at times irreverent -- quest to answer the question, "What is anti-Semitism today?" Does it remain a dangerous and immediate threat? Or is it a scare tactic used by right-wing Zionists to discredit their critics?

Speaking with an array of people from across the political spectrum (including the head of the Anti-Defamation League and its fiercest critic, author Norman Finkelstein) and traveling to places like Auschwitz (alongside Israeli school kids) and Brooklyn (to explore reports of violence against Jews), Shamir discovers the realities of anti-Semitism today. His findings are shocking, enlightening and - surprisingly - often wryly funny.

WINNER- Grand Jury Prize, 50th Festival dei Popolei International Documentary Film Festival
WINNER- Times BFI London Film Festival Grierson Award For Best Documentary
WINNER- Special Jury Award- Tribeca Film Festival
WINNER- The Stanley Kubrick Award for Bold and Innovative Filmmaking -Traverse City Film Festival
WINNER- Audience Award - Documenta Madrid
WINNER- Audience Award - Warsaw International Film Festival
WINNER- Special Mention - Kosovo International Documentary Film Festival

CRITIC'S PICK! Disarming, surprisingly funny... essential viewing! --New York Magazine

Provocative and timely, intelligent and wry. --Leslie Felperin, Variety

This is muscular, intelligent documentary filmmaking of the first order - trenchant, controversial, riveting. --Harvey S. Karten, Compuserve

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The small print on the form you fill out to give blood: "I am aware that some components of my donation may be used for the production of drugs". They sell more blood than is ever used in hospitals.

The Red Cross sells most of the blood it gets to private companies who use it for blood based drug manufacturing. Very high cost and profitable drugs.
Source: JBossman

A married couple's life is turned upside down when the wife is accused of a murder.

Lara Brennan: Why didn't you tell me?John Brennan: You would've stopped me.

A petty thief is gunned down in an alley and a Representative's assistant (Maria Thayer) falls in front of a subway, two seemingly unrelated deaths. But not to wisecracking, brash newspaper reporter Cal McAffrey (Russell Crowe), who spies a conspiracy waiting to be uncovered. With a turbulent past connected to the Representative and the aid of ambitious young rookie writer Della Frye (Rachel McAdams), Cal begins uprooting clues that lead him to a corporate cover-up full of insiders, informants, and assassins. But as he draws closer to the truth, the relentless journalist must decide if it's worth risking his life and selling his soul to get the ultimate story.

A foster boy is befriended by a lost dog who turns out to belong to the President of the United States. The boy decides to run away from the foster home to return the canine to the White House -- "Because it's the right thing to do!"


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Did it happen recently that things got put through plenty of peoples noses? Yes it did. Did it happen recently that the little Homosexual from Israel declared that free will would be finished? Yes it did. Well, they could not get all of us but on us it remains to destroy the threat and the perpetrators,.
Folks, things did not happen through clever psychology but mainly through technology.
Do not let anyone put anything into your body and again: get rid of TV and Mobiles, avoid electric devices. Fill your home with as much plants you can manage, the same do to your garden or balcony.

@Not Sure, Formerly known as Augustus Berg

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Clip from Eddie Murphy Raw (1987)


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You won't believe how deep this rabbit hole goes.. In this video, i sit down with author Darrin Geisinger and ask him to tell us about his book and why it's relevant to our strange times. Find out more about Darrin and his book Zero G's here - #mystery #history #interview Thanks for watching! God Bless you all!!!


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Sun, Sea & Satan (2014 Remake) Bill Maloney


Some key points i'd like to share, taken from my reply to a conversation which took place yesterday (3rd March 2014) and has since disappeared (I haven't deleted anything). St. Saviors Mental hospital: A skeleton carved possibly by a (possesed?) patient or a Masonic figure (skull n bones), it may be used for something (ritual).. the point is that it's potentially something used or symbolic of witchcraft, not something which you would expect to find in a place which is supposed to be caring for the 'mentally ill'

Interviews by Darren Antoshko: Of the handful of people that were interviewed, many stopped to chat and only one really stuck their neck out and said that the island's authorities are corrupt. The message there, was that people knew about the murders/abuse but didn't truly care and/or passively deny it. The same passive attitude or misled opinion is applied when voting in the corrupt.

The Charnwood (Or Charn Wood) house naked children's monuments: Statues that resemble if a girl or boy is 'available'. No 'normal' human has those things outside their home, and even if they do - they don't turn them back and forth on a daily basis.

Lucifer: Another Masonic statue on this island, their god infact and yes Pagan or Luciferian, there can be a few interpretations

Sun, Sea & Satan (New 2014 version)
Total running time: 63mins
19 Jan 2014

Bill Maloney; The Real Terminator:

BBC covered up child abuse at Haut de la Garenne called conspiracy theory to cover it up (deleted by Youtube)
BBC covered up paedo scandal No2
Simpson exposed radio ‘Uncle’..but was ignored


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The IRS is a collection agency of "The International Banking Cartels" owned by Talmudic Edomites who call themselves the real "Jews " They completely control the Federal Reserve which is no more federal than Federal Express. Which is not regulated by Congress and is Completely Unconstitutional because it is a private Banking Cartel which is not regulated by the American people or our freely elected government. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was passed ILLEGALLY when most people in government where at home for the Christmas Holiday Season being completely illegal against the Free People of the United States of America. Presidential puppets like Trump have no real power but do the bidding of the Satanic Edomite Bankers WHO THOUGHT THEIR MONEY POWERS CONTROL BOTH PARTIES they want to completely destroy the White Race and Christianity simultaneously. This is why nothing ever changes in government but just keeps getting worse year after year until we have no freedoms whatsoever. While the Talmudic Edomite Bankers just keep getting more and more powerful and richer and richer while we become their slaves as their power becomes so great and monolithic that they are able to hold the power of physical life and death over us while doing everything they can to permanently destroy our very souls as well.

The Freedom Ministry

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Here's an important 2 MIN+ video my Wife found that gave me some needed insight from the Spiritual World around us. God is very real. His Angels ares also VERY REAL. Now the flip side is that Satan, His Adversary, the Fallen Angel, also known as Lucifer, the Devil, is ALSO Real. His demons, often called 'Legion' and other names, are also real.

So what happens when a loved one passes and either themself or their family (generational) has curses or fallen familiar spirits or demons attached to them?

This God fearing Woman explains what can happen and, more importantly, how to get rid of the Demonic activity that may be present after a loved one passes (or even someone connected to you via family in-law etc.)

God is our Protector and Battle Axe, Brothers and Sisters!

He is all the Army (with His Holy Angels) we will ever need, Israel (Jacob's posterity.)

God is Good All the Time 🙏


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I have seen this video several times and the information is very disturbing. I found it this time on the channel Strange News.
More videos you might want to see:
Looks like the Maxine Waters clone/robotoid/robot whatever it is, is glitching!

Clones: So...Do You Really THINK You`ve Seen EVERYTHING This Is Something Else!

17 yr old daughter of vax pushing US House Rep killed by vaccine

Lock your doors and hide your children. The drugged vaxed Zombies are coming!

Mortician shows tentacle like fibrous blockages that were growing in people previously vaxxed

Al Roker Admits He Is A CLONE... Again!

UVALDE SHOOTING HOAX 2022 DOCUMENTARY (links to more Uvalde vids in description)

No obituaries for any of the alleged Uvalde shooting victims. How can that be?


5 Deathbed Confessions that Could've Changed the World

US PATENT US 10786570B2 - Graphe Oxide Humanity Kill Switch

The J Roe of Roe v Wade speaks. is this the death bed admission of being a paid stooge?

Not one of the Uvalde school shooting children have any record of ever being born.

People all Over the World Destroying 5g Smart-Grid Infrastructure. Do You Know Why?

Let's name a few pedophiles shall we

Former Luciferian talks about the ritual blood drinking in her past (just like Johnny Depp)

Drink Starbucks? You need to watch this - Big time scam. You won't believe they are doing this.

Do not refuse the jab but rather "conditionally" accept it upon proof of claim. Say what?

Father learns the hard way. Son collapses at the Vax Center and dies on the way to the hospital.

ADRENOCHROME: THE REAL TRUTH (one of the best videos I have ever seen on this subject)

150 feet below Kansas City Missouri - A hidden metropolis

Bluetooth signals from beyond the grave. Covid19 shot Bluetooth signals in the graveyard!


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Since YouTube hates this so bad I felt like it should be shown. They are murdering children now. This video is from 2020 but it is chilling and accurate.

Besides toxic chemicals, the COVID-19 vaccine will also implanting a microchip ID tracking device. Whether the vaccine is voluntary or not is irrelevant because directed governments can and will make it impossible for you to work, travel, purchase, etc. without proof of vaccination.

We either fight or perish. Source: Hibbler Productions


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We are still suffering much persecution so please add us to your daily prayer list. Oh you don't have one yet? Well then today is the day to start. Thank you and God bless you.


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