rip hair weave
gone but not forgotten

you white people be jealous n shieet

just another fine day in the black community

they say the face of a child can say it all. especially the mouth part.

nigga just lost his street cred wit dat beating

listen up you racist krackerz!

isnt new york beautiful?!

btw wu tang, wu tang, wu tang, wu taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag!

that bitch was passed out on the ground like after peter griffin falls down stairs.

white girls like this will face the gallows first when the race war pops off

they are going to use your real name when they burry you

they have a bright future... in prison

you may kiss the bride

da phuq?

somebody call national geographic!

epic troll

that dude was based af for yelling that shit out!


these chicks gonna be giving up they ass for a pipe hit in just a few years. or giving toothless gummer hummers to std infected pee-pees. this is the hunter biden effect

his dick bets be 3 foot long to find dat stank puss behind dem wallz of skin flapps

liberalism in a nutshell

he so proud of himself! ca$hin' dem social security & AARP checks dawg!


With friends like these....

all da way 2 dem dirty dishes.


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