Okay, not the real Joe Rogan, but Pete from @Thairish Times on YouTube and I meet for dinner with our Ladies. I like to call Pete the Irish Joe Rogan of Thailand because he does interviews. The restaurant we met at, however, is indeed owned by the most popular YouTuber working out of Thailand @Mark Wiens on YouTube.

Forgive me please for my slightly inaccurate headline, but that is the point of this video. While my YouTube channel has been up for over six years, it's the last two years I have been posting videos in earnest. When I began this video making effort here in Thailand I wanted to be authentic and "real", whatever that means.

At the same time I began this latest effort, another retired Bangkok guy began making videos as well. He was retired from the movie business and employed lots and lots of promotional techniques in his videos. I was critical of such methods and stuck to my authentic and real approach.

That other retired guy now has 240,000 subscribers. I have 1500. I'm reconsidering my video production approach. That is the underlying theme of this video.

While having coffee at Au Bon Pain on Ekamai Road in Bangkok, I noticed something you don't see much anymore, a magazine rack. The cover of a fashion magazine gave me inspiration for a photo shoot using my girlfriend's seventeen year old daughter as a model. The model on the magazine cover turned out to be a well known Thai teen actress and model.

While setting up the premiss in this video, i had a chance encounter with a collection of modified sport sedans like the cars Chad features @CB Media on YouTube.

Google Maps link to Au Bon Pain Ekamai Rd:

Google Maps link to Bourbon St Restaurant and Oyster House:

Six months ago I visited Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand with my GF Bua Khao and her three daughters. Bua Khao wanted to find a waterfall where she could take a picture of herself in a bikini under the waterfall. We found a secluded waterfall near Doi Suthep and I got a fabulous shot.

In this video I go the the Chatuchak Weekend Market to pick up an enlarged and framed version of the photograph to hang in our yoga studio at home. For me the picture represents a lot: a secluded grotto imbued with local folklore about Thai Thepphanom (angels and nymphs). It was a lovely family outing too. Most meaningful for me though was the beautiful pose Bua Khao was able to strike on slippery rocks, covered with moss, underneath a waterfall. She was able to do that because of five years of yoga practice Bua Khao and I have done together.

Photographic data for the featured picture.
Camera: Nikon Z7ii with a Nikkor 50mm 1.8 lens.
f4.5; ISO 640; 1/60s

My Friend Bill in Chiang Mai, a most excellent story-teller @Unseen Thailand In Chiang Mai on YouTube, alerted me to the story of American movie star David Carradine. And what a story it is! Apart from the dichotomy of Mr Caradine's successful acting career contrasted against the shambles of his personal life, David Carradine's characters, and David himself, had a significant positive influence on Western culture.

But David led an unhappy, tumultuous life of drug addiction, alcoholism, five marriages and several arrests. Mr Carradine accidentally caused his own death in a Bangkok Hotel doing dangerous sexual practices.

"David Carradine the Eye of My Tornado":

One of many YouTube videos:

One of many news articles:,resulting%20from%20dangerous%20sex%20practicesices.

"The Land of Smiles" Thailand certainly puts a smile I my face. When I leave Thailand I quickly come to miss it. In this video I go to dinner in a very local Thai place with my Thai family. Life is good.

You can find Ton Thong, the restaurant featured in this video, here on Google Maps:

Departing New York City bound for Bangkok, Thailand, I treated myself to an overnight stay in the TWA Hotel in JFK International Airport.

In the late 50s, early sixties, prior to changing its name to John F Kennedy International Airport, Idlewild Airport was expanding and remodeling. TWA, Trans World Airline, Howard Hughes' world renown airline, opened a futuristic pavilion as their terminal building. When construction began on the TWA terminal building, Lockheed's four engine, propeller driven Constellation was the world's premier passenger aircraft. By 1962 when the terminal was complete, Boeing had introduced jet engine aircraft making the Constellation, and the TWA terminal building, obsolete. The TWA terminal building, however, was a remarkable achievement in futuristic architecture rivaling theme parks and World's Fair exhibits. The TWA terminal building became a New York City icon.

TWA went out of business in 2002. More recently The TWA terminal building has been renovated and reopened as a nineteen-sixties theme hotel. In this video I show you around the hotel. With prices beginning at $375.00 per night, it is not cheap. The hotel is clean and comfortable. While small, the room was nicely appointed with sixties decor. The check-in clerk was friendly and efficient. But I felt the hotel lacked some amenities of an expensive hotel such as a doorman and baggage handler. The exhibit, however, was fabulous. I guess you are paying for the location and theme park/museum.

A viewer asked me to tell more fire stories. While I could probably draw a floor plan of every serious fire I've ever been in, this story stands out. This is a story of teamwork, determination and courage. And we saved a life that night. Fire stories I have posted in the past have not received many views. But I like fire stories. So this video is for me and Agent Explore.

Thumbnail photo credit: David Mark from

If you say "New York" to me, I think of The City. But New York is one of the fifty states of the United States of America. In this video I show Niagara Falls and the Lower Catskills. But the story here is about The City. My friend Marge is a historian and tour guide at Green Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. Green Wood is the site of the first major battle between England and the American colonialists in the American Revolutionary War. In 1838 Green Wood opened as a secular cemetery. Bucolic and relatively quiet on the highest point in Brooklyn, Green Wood was a holiday destination for people from Manhattan in the 19th century. There are many historically significant people interred within Green Wood today. Touring through the beautiful grounds of Green Wood with Marge is like stepping back in time to learn about New York City's colorful history.

On this trip to the United States from Bangkok, Thailand, I intend to focus on my yoga practice, Pandemic lockdowns have contributed to a world wide malaise that I was not immune to. I got a little out of shape, In this video I talk about why my mental and physical fitness level is very important to my lifestyle. I travel from Monroe, NY to Allentown PA and practice Bikram Yoga at an old friend's studio. I've been a NYC Fireman and a Bikram Yoga teacher. Which profession was best for meeting women?

James's Allentown Hot Yoga Works:

I flew from Bangkok, Thailand to New York City on Qatar Airlines Business class. The onboard crew of Qatar was impeccable. But there were issues with food and transit in Hamad International Airport in Qatar. While in a yoga class in Allentown Pennsylvania it occurred to me we, the entire world, are trying to get back up to speed post COVID. So while I was a little disappointed with my business class experience. That was due to my expectations coming from my experience on Qatar prior to the pandemic. Given the difficulties everybody is encountering as we all try to return to normal, they did a fine job. I've concluded we all need to be compassionate with one another and be a little patient.

n two days I am traveling to the United States for the second time in seven months. In that time I have also been to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand twice and more recently to Pattaya. It is exciting to be emerging out of the post lockdown malaise telling stories while shooting videos and photographs.
In this video I look back over the past five hectic weeks with an eye on future travels, stories and images.

I'm laying the ground work to build out a photography and video studio in my Bangkok home. The first step was to have the interior of my home painted. My GF Bua Khao, her four children and I, went to Pattaya for four days and vacated the Bangkok place. Bua invited her upcountry family from Loei Province in Northern Thailand to join us. We stayed at an Airbnb Townhouse rental. I visit Pattaya Beach, Hooters Restaurant and Hao Restaurant.

The fun for me in making this video was taking pictures. I was in a target rich environment for a photographer. I conclude this video with a ten second TikTok short that summarizes what fun it is to be a photographer in Thailand.

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The Airbnb listing of the townhouse in this video:

I wanted to begin this video at a Thai restaurant owned by popular YouTuber Mark Wiens . The restaurant was closed due to the Thai holiday Songkran. So I used footage to poke some good natured fun at Mark.

My friend Bill from "Unseen Thailand In Chiang Mai" and I explored a Bangkok sub-division Moo 2. It is an amazing community of Thai country life from times past still existent within Bangkok City limits. You can get there on the transit line, The BTS. Get off at station Chang Erawan.

I conclude the video within the grounds of Wat Bang Duan Nai, one of two Wats that serve this unusual community of rural people living within Bangkok. At the Wat I discovered an outdoor mausoleum and crematorium. In three weeks I will travel to my home town of Brooklyn, NY where I intend to visit with my old friend Marge, an historian and tour guide at the scenic Green Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. I'm reminded of Marge and my plans whilst touring Wat Bang Duan Nai.

Photo credit: My buddy Bill at

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Mark Weins restaurant:

Google map datum for Wat Bang Duan Nai:

Google map datum for Chang Erawan BTS:

My buddy Bill @ "Unseen Thailand In Chiang Mai" on YouTube, posted a video about an archeological site near the present city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. The town, Wiang Kum Kam was founded in 1286 by Mengrai, King of the Lanna Kingdom. Watching Bill's video inspired me to fly up to Chiang Mai from Bangkok to take photographs and make this video. My effort sprang from a creative impulse to do "something" at the site. The experience revealed to me how picture taking and making videos can be an intuitive, creative experience. By simply following through on my impulsive intuition about he site, I put this video together.

Wiang Kum Kan:
Gekko Garden Restaurant:

How you gonna keep em down of the farm, after they've seen (add a big city)? Farm life in the northern part of Thailand, known locally as Isaan, is hard work. Isaan folks have a happy life for the most part. It is a fertile land. But as in many places around the world, the promise of better money and more modern amenities lure the sons and daughters of Isaan families to Bangkok. When I returned to my Bangkok home after a three month visit to the United States this past July, I discovered my GF's niece had come to Bangkok. In this video I ask the question "where are you most happy". And I took a few nice photographs as well.

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This a a behind-the-scenes style video as I shoot a short video for TikTok and my other short platforms. The shoot is sexy fun and frivolous. But as my YouTube channel, "Travel with Charlie Hub," achieves revenue making status, the frivolity will provide some serious support for Thal models and support people. Good creative endeavors are collaborative. As this channel continues to grow I'll include more people into the effort of video making and photography. To me it is a hobby that I am growing to really like, a lot. Money is not my objective; pleasant images and perhaps a little artistry are my goals. Any income that may come to the channel through YouTube, I will put back in. Thanks for watching.

My other platforms for shorts and pictures:

​Peter Coulson is a wonderful Australian artist, a photographer who inspired me. There are many photographers on YT teaching the technical aspects of photography. Peter models artistry. A Coulson photograph was the inspiration for this video. In it I take viewers from my inspiration through the nuts and bolts of putting my very first studio photography session together. I visit The Thai Silk Queen for costumes. In Fortune Town Tech Mall I purchase lighting equipment. And special thanks to models Bua Khao and Pair who trusted me with such an intimate photography experience. I've named the video after Mr Coulson's seminars and humbly present it here to you. I hope you enjoy the results. It sure was fun making it.

You can read my essays on Quora where I have 1.5 million views:

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Downtown Bangkok at night, a perfect place to practice nighttime urban photography. When I visit New York City in May I want to shoot nighttime urban pictures. So I went to Bangkok just before sunset to get some practice. The observation deck at the haunted Mahanakhon Building was closed. I had to settle on the building made famous by "Hangover II" for a sunset shot. Then I moved to the Era-wan shrine, shot some pictures and talked about luck, good luck, bad luck and the Asian belief that proper spiritual practices can influence luck.

Good luck with that:)

In this impromptu video I interrupted a boring Friday afternoon after seeing an invitation on Twitter. Richard Barrow, an amateur journalist, posted an invitation to an art show at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand. I grabbed my camera and went thinking correspondents should be open to being on YouTube. They were. I met Jonathan Head, the BBC's Southeast Asia news correspondent, a few nice people and an artist named "Headache".

The audio quality of the clips I shot in the Correspondents Club is noisy. I considered eliminating the sound and overplaying music but decided to leave the video in its raw form to make a point. Independent content creators are raw, but we are less constrained.

Talking with Mr Head and other news people underscored for me an important difference between established media and YouTube. Established media are professional and slick. Jonathan even expressed reluctance to talk with me because he knew the audio would suck. He did oblige and was quite charming and articulate, generous with his time.

But Mr Head's opinions about world events were in perfect alignment with the western media narrative. They are, indeed, in their own drift. We independent content creators have the freedom to kind of color outside of the lines.

Jonathan Head on Twitter:
Richard Barrow on Twitter:

A month ago I met Pete of @Thairish Times . Since he interviewed me on his YouTube channel, about 300 of Pete's viewers have subscribed to my channel. Thank you, and welcome. The real value for me though is Pete's friendship. Pete is an intelligent, compassionate and ambitious man of good values. I am happy to call him my friend.

For the past few weeks I've watched Pete do professional interviews with interesting people on his YouTube channel. He is an excellent interviewer. I am naming him The Irish Joe Rogan of Bangkok:)

Pete came to my house to shoot a video about my home. Prior to Pete's arrival, I shot some still photography and a short video. I've included clips from my afternoon photo shoot here.

My YouTube shorts: Instagram:
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Pete's YouTube:

I met some brilliant story-tellers in my early days at FDNY. "Never let the facts get in the way of a good story" was their ethos. It is even better when the facts do match the legend.

Everywhere I go in Bangkok I see things picking up and getting back to normal, slowly. Tonight I travel from Ekamai Rd to Soi Cowboy and tell an Urban Legend about the man who had the first Cowboy Bar. My destination is Scruffy Murphy's, an Irish Pub. On the way I talk about why I can not make critical statements about Bangkok restaurants.

The YouTube guy I talked about:

I got my information about T.G. Edward at The Patpong Museum:

Once a week I travel from my home near Ekamai Road in Bangkok to have dinner with my buddy Blockchain. We discuss and solve world issues:). I made this video for the YouTube creator Ronin Man who inspired me to make videos. Ronin Man has been in the United State for two years and wants to return to where he once lived in Bangkok. So I did a quick look at his old street, Sukhumvit Soi 11 near Nana.

YouTube channel of the cute Filipina Lass I met:
YouTube channel of my buddy Ronin Man:

I recently interviewed with @Every Man Has a Story and many people who watch that channel came to watch my videos. Thank you and welcome. Some viewers commented that they wanted to know about getting set up in Thailand.

This video is about things I found to be helpful when I first arrived in Bangkok. I review some tips about arriving in Suvarnabhumi International Airport, using the BTS, MRT and Airport Link rail system, and I show you where I first lived in Bangkok, Lumpini Place. I also talk a little about Mia Noi, multiple wives, a practice still alive in Thailand. I close with a nice Italian dinner and how to control Thai spicy food.

The need for a notary stamp, available only at a US embassy or consulate, had me fly to Chiang Mai. My Thai Cuties, AKA #siamsassy wanted to come along for the ride. T'was a lovely and sassy, trip:)

The Wat (temple) we visited is Wat Doisuthep:

The waterfall is between 1/4 and 1/2 mile south (down the mountain) from Wat (Temple) Doisuthep. The waterfall is unmarked. It is on the right hand side of the road as you drive downhill, away from the Wat.

After WWII three OSS spies became successful Bangkok businessmen. Their success has unforeseen consequences for Thai culture.

For those wanting to see more details about Jim Thompson:


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