This water moccasin was in the rv park and I almost stepped on it. I was about 3 feet away from it going for a walk watching the birds near by the snake that looked like a log until it opened its mouth that was when I noticed it and stepped back then it curled up and was ready to strike and my heart rate went way up. First I thought was a rattle.

Took a ride near Brenham, Texas. (4/12/2022) Gorgeous countryside. Fields of Bluebonnet and Indian Paintbrushes.
Music by Mindi Abair song title Mojo

This bird is lightning fast once it dives into the water for it's prey. I barely caught it. Hard to see on my phone screen what I try to film, so I am happy I managed this much. I hope you enjoy it. BTW it took more than half hour to eat the fish.

Feb 19 and 20 '22 when the almost annual Old-Lympics was held. I only participated in the women's doubles which my tennis partner and I won. Saturday was the mix doubles and the weather was really cold and windy. Sunday was warmer a bit but still windy. At 5'30" min there is a fun point. Don't miss it. So the rule is you can lean over the net and have to touch the ball to win the point but cannot touch the net. After the games there was a very nice dinner party. Thanks for watching

My hubby named us Braces and Bad Habits Team. This is second set of the final. I'm (Z) serving 0-2. We won the first set 6-4. We got on the board but lost this set 1-6. This is the Old-lympics of Port A therefore the third set is a 10 point tie-breaker which we ended up winning thanks to my partner Roni who really picked her game up. In the tie-breaker we were down 0-3. During the set I made 2 overhead shots from the base line after that they started picking on Roni. Thank goodness because I was out of gas and my toes were cramping.
Worth checking out this pro photographer's clip.

This bird caught my eyes from the distance while I was riding my bike. I watched it for several minutes , very cool looking raptor.
Check out these videos on youtube

It's so peaceful at the birding center. It's fun to watch the birds and Boots the alligator.

Corpus Christi Channel

10 contestants and the winner's prize was half off of month of Jan stay.

As usual a 15 min repair job turned into a few hours on two separate days.

Very windy day, perfect for the surfers. I had a hard time holding my body steady on the beach. Enjoy and thanks for watching
Music by The Beach Boys / Surfin' USA

We didn't know about this was happening today. We played tennis in the afternoon then drove down to the beach to see if any ship was coming in. We saw a tugboat way out in the gulf but didn't see much else. Then we drove over to Roberts Point Park and there it was. WOW

Golf cart parade followed by boat parade on Dec. 4th 2021

This was in July 2015. First year on the road as full time RV-ers. We didn't have a plan just to make it to Seattle, WA to visit our friends there, couldn't get in a campground near her until later was all booked up so we ended up in Port Townsend for a week. We stayed at the fairgrounds which was fine. Such a lovely town.
1m7s you can see the paper mill here is the link for a brief history of the mill
Music by Peter White

This was in May 2017. Went on a solo hike, took the Peek-A-Boo trail by mistake. I was planning to do the 2 mi Rim trail gave myself 2 hours, so hubby wouldn't had to wait too long for me. On the canyon floor I realized I was on the wrong trail not knowing how long this was so I sped up and didn't take near as many pictures as usual. This hike is strenuous elevation change 1555 feet/473m 5.5 mi/8.85KM in length. The next day I was so sore I could hardly move. The hike was absolutely gorgeous very glad I took that one. Enjoy and thanks for watching.
Music by Craig Chaquico album Acoustic Highway

Short clip from Port A. We are happy to be back. Thanks for watching

We took the ferry to Port Aransas this time. Got on the ferry without waiting, the ride itself is only about 5 min.
Music by

Nice, historic town not far where we were camping at Somerville Lake. At the end of the video I included the placards if you wish to read them.

Very peaceful sunset at Somerville Lake, TX

As we were coming out of the truck stop we were stopped. These trucks that carry these wings need a very wide turn and assistance.

Beautiful HWY 163 also called Navajo Code Talker HWY
4 min video of our 41/2 hour trip in May 2020
Music in this video: Fleetwood Mac

First part of the video is about our struggle to park the rig. Back into a 90 degree spot on an uphill was not easy. T tried both ways, downhill, uphill worked at the end. Second half is the boat @ 1min 7sec.

Apr. 2017 when we went to the Desert Lily Sanctuary. We used to live in Palm Springs, CA but never heard of this place until a few years ago. Glad we went because they don't always bloom, really depends on when and how much water the desert gets.

This was long time ago. 2015 mid October when we stopped near Yosemite NP. We went into the park 2x , it was amazing to see after a day of rain how full the Yosemite Falls were. Yosemite Falls dries up by the end of the summer.
Music in this video: 'hipjazz'


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