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Some old videos have been moved to this alt channel. https://www.bitchute.com/channel/btVveQ1t1L2G/

Loif o' Broian

The Ultimate Staring Contest 2012-2022

FrankenMedic Makes Demospenser 2011 Audio and 2021-2022 Animation



A Lower Quality Remaster of Heavy's Odd Fastfood Experience from 2012, the source files are lost forever so i used the original renders and corrected them a little bit.

Remastered 2021 Version of Dat Intelligence from 2012 with fixes.


Kenny's Greetings 2015

bgm is from streets of rage


A Wanted Escape 2017

August 2011

My First Gmod Video Story that i ever made. Back in August 2011.

unfinished 2012 mad

something completely different 2012

a normal gmod video which changed it's own fate forever 2012

0993 808

Soldier Breaks the Laws of Physics 2012


Rappy learns about guns

Heavy Beats Himself Up


Birds Think They are Heavy and Scout


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Hi. I mostly make Animations of Team Fortress 2 Using Garry's Mod and i've done so since 2011.

Please do not reupload my work without my permission, i kindly ask you to respect that.

On this Bitchute Page i upload videos of mine found on my main youtube channel aswell as videos of mine i no longer want on my main youtube channel.