The First Wave Movement, continues relentlessly in standing for truth and justice. Kenson Group, continues to disrespect its workers. One worker died as a result of company policy, and to date no representative from the company has visited his family of a wife and three children. Just as how TFWM have promised never to allow the issues of the five Divers who were murdered at Paria so to we will not allow these issues to go unabated. Workers have been fired for no reason, after being told to stay home for five months without pay, still being employed. This is constructive dismissal which goes against all industrial relations practices. Stay tuned for more...

Following the killings of two young men and one teenager near Republic Bank, on Independence Square, Port of Spain, The First Wave Movement visits the father of the teenager; Leo Williams. Speaking to the father, other residents of Beetham Gardens, and eye witnesses, The First Wave Movement was able to conclude, excessive force was used by the police which snuffed the life out of three sons, too young to even understand the consequences of bad choices. Were these young men and this teenager murdered by the police?

The police and the media is already reporting there were an exchange of gun fire. One eye witness account states, she saw a police officer planting a gun in the vehicle in which the men were killed.

Are we going to see a repeat of the circumstances surrounding the killing of PC Gilkes and the killing of the three men at Second Caledonia, Morvant, in June of 2020? Over 20 officers now face a number of charges arising out of those investigations.

It has become increasingly important for the acting Commissioner of Police, Mc Donald Jacob to establish strict standards in relation to rules of engagement by the TTPS in their pursuit and apprehension of person suspected of running afoul of the law. Too many times persons are killed when it's not necessary. This is so because of the "trigger-happy" response of police officers who were never properly trained to defuse a situation nor were they trained in communications and public relations skills.

The First Wave Movement is calling on acting Commissioner of Police, Mc Donald Jacob to launch a thorough investigation into this incident. David West of the PCA, has also been asked to launch an investigation. If the police were fired upon by the occupants of the vehicle, residents in the vicinity would have heard the exchange of fire, gun powder residue would be found on the hands of the occupants of the vehicle and off course, a gun or guns would be found in their possession, on their person or in the vehicle.

Another mother cries out for help... The First Wave Movement, rushes to her aid. Her son goes to The ASJA Boys Primary School, San Fernando. Her concerns was the injections and the mask mandates. Like a lioness would protect her cubs so to these parents are prepared to do whatever it takes to stand in defense of their children. The First Wave Movement, met with the principal and the VP. They were quite open to meet us. During the meeting, both the principal and the VP kept insisting we put our mask on to which we declined. TFWM held firmly to its position, resisted and never complied. A package was handed over to the principal and it is expected she would respond or perhaps pass the information on to her superiors.

After receiving very disturbing complaints from students and parents, The First Wave Movement decided on confronting the Principal Mrs Seepersad and the VP Mrs Sonny giving them the opportunity to answer to some of these troubling allegations. Children are being taunted and bullied and at times threatened to wear the mask even though they are falling sick, whilst the principal and teachers walk around the school with their mask off. TFWM also contained with their Declaration Petition Campaign as they delivered a stern warning to The Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh.

Dr. Rajiv Seereeram speaks with The First Wave Movement on Location at The Inshan Ali Memorial Park, Couva, Trinidad, about what is meant by, Emergency Use Authorization, efficiency, testing and trials in relation to the expired Pfizer injections for the 5 - 11 year old children.

The First Wave Movement and Dr. Rajiv Seereeram speaks one on one with vendors at the Couva Market, Trinidad.

The First Wave Movement, visits the Couva Market in Trinidad. Continuing in its campaign with an urgent joint public declaration by responsible and informed parents to The Ministry of Health. Supported by doctors, civil society,
religious leaders, unions and activisits, the petition attracted over 200 Signatures.

The First Wave Movement visits the Princes Town Presbyterian Primary School to support parents and highlight concerns with the following:

1) Challenges with accommodation for staff and students;

2) Inefficiency with shift system;

3) Unhealthy masking of students;

4) [email protected]××1n€ coercion of students both in and out of school;

5) Adverse Risks of childhood C-19 [email protected]××1n€s as stated in attached Joint Declaration to Ministry of Health.

Parents/Guardians, Educators, Activists, Media, Journalists, Reporters and All Right Thinking Citizens were invited to join in this exercise at the facilty's gate on M1 Tasker Road, Princes Town.

_*The atta

A Declaration was on site for All to endorse; an opportunity to register oneself on the Right Side of History.

Ravi Deopersad experienced very strange phenomenon with his health and the way his body responded whenever he ate.

Kevin Dowridge took the injection (J&J) to save his job and now he is having difficulties holding on to his job because of health issues after taking the covid injection. Life for Kevin Dowridge would never be the same again. Now he is warning people against taking the COVID injections. He wants to go to the schools and speak to the children, to warn them not to allow anyone to inject them.

Kevin Dowridge took the injection (J&J) to save his job and now he is having difficulties holding on to his job because of health issues after taking the covid injection. Life for Kevin Dowridge would never be the same again. Now he is warning people against taking the COVID injections. He wants to go to the schools and speak to the children, to warn them not to allow anyone to inject them.

After being forced to take one of the Covid Injections (Astrazeneca) in order to keep his job at Kenson Operational Services, Michael Francois now has a series of heart related complications and regrets his decision in taking the injection.

Reports of children being bullied by both students and teachers at the Freeport Hindu School. Acting principal in breach of Section 27 (a) of the Teaching Act and Regulations of Trinidad and Tobago constitution.

Umar Abdullah, leader of The First Wave Movement is on location at the Queen's Park Savanah, Port of Spain, Trinidad. He is on a campaign to save the nation's children from the Covid-19 Poison jab.

The First Wave Movement having conversation with parents at Freeport Hindu Primary School. We spoke about the covid injections, the mask mandates, the PCR test and other protocols.

Tuesday, 10th, May 2022

Re: TFWM's School Defense Campaign.

The First Wave Movement visits the Longdenville Presbyterian Primary School (temporarily housed at Jerningham Community Centre) to support parents as they highlight their concerns with the following:

1) Harmful health and safety practices;

2) No definite deadline for relocation to a suitable and permanent facility;

3) Physical and verbal abuse of students by members of teaching staff;

4) Unlawful invasion of privacy via newly introduced questionnaire;

5) Unhealthy masking of students;

6) [email protected]××1n€ coercion of students by school personnel;

7) Harmful & life threatening effects of childhood C-19 [email protected]××1n€s as highlighted by *Dr. Rajiv Seereeram (CTAGTT), Activist Edward Moodie (RPGTT) and Dr. David Bratt (Senior Pediatrician).

8) Fear mongering by Board and School officials.

Parents/ Guardians, Educators, Activists and All Right Thinking Citizens were invited to join in this exercise at the facilty's gate on Dindial Trace, Cunupia.

Easter weekend - Push Back 4, Edinburgh 500 Recreation Grounds, Chaguanas. Umar Abdullah delivers a powerful message. No! To mask mandates, Bring home our children from Syria and Iraq! More questions than answers. We are together but not united. Political parties creating disunity. Quoted the scriptures to encourage unity and not division.

Families of the victims tell their stories.

The First Wave Movement, supports candlelight vigil in Sangre Grande in solidarity of the four divers who were murdered at Paria on 25th February 2022.

Founder and Leader of The First Wave Movement, Bro. Umar Abdullah, delivers Ramadaan Message and Greetings 2022.


In Response to the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago; his rants in parliament, his criticism of Rodney Charles, his failure as a leader, and his rotten guts, and his rotten heart and soul.


Tobago! Lets be Honest and Sincere!

Honest and Sincere: The First Wave Movement's prospective on the Tobago elections and moving forward into the future.

Alleged Medical Malpractice at Tobago Medical Facilities.

Relatives of Joseph Francis, 73, are demanding answers surrounding his death.

Leader of The First Wave Movement, Umar Abdullah calls on Secretary of Health, Wellness and Social Protection Dr. Faith B.Yisrael to intervene.


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