Hens on the roost

This is the third time our hen has went broody. When this happens she will stay in a nest all day. And let me pick her up from the nest. This time as soon as she was broody enough for me to pick her up, I moved her back to her Brooder. She was with the gen pop before I moved her. It took her about two months from the last chicks to return to the broody state. This time I hand picked 6 blue and green eggs for her to sit on. We do not really need any more babies. This time is just for fun. give these girls a thumbs up!

This is a very cold 17 degree morning. This is our hens second set of chicks. The Brooder has been set up with wind blocks to the north. And has a heat lamp controlled from the feed room. The hay is from dad's farm. We recycle all we can. Give these girls a thumbs up!

A very Cold morning on the farm. Give these girls a thumbs up!

We ordered this set of eggs. We have plans to breed, and eat the eggs and meat. This is one of many breeds of birds we have hatched.


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