The Ultimate Minority

From the Vinyl LP ~SECRETS OV 23 .(only 230 made) 1993. Later issued on CD with bonus tracks. CD cover Banned on You Tube. As such with most of their erotic LP & CD covers.
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From the Inner-X-International Compilation 1985. Exclusive music.
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Recorded at The LIMELIGHT NYC 1991 featuring THE BARBITCHUETTES.
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From the 2011 Unreleased CD ~SCOPOLAMINE". Cover painting by KAY TUE.
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Recorded at THE RAT-Boston 9/1991. Just before Zewizz drafted his vixen BARBITCHUETTES. pic by LUNA TSUKI
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Filmed at Arlington Cable TV. Mixed by John Zewizz. From the 1985 vinyl LP "SUBMIT TO DESIRE"
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Recorded at MANRAY 1993 featuring THE BARBITCHUETTES.
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From the LP/VHS/CD/DVD~ SATANIC SANCTION 1989. Recorded at Newbury Sound-Boston. Video by John Zewizz. (Rare 18 minute version). 0fficial Site~

From the Cassette Box-set from 1989 Studio recordings. Comes with small erotic art booklet. Cover pic BARBITCHUETTE~ Porcha (by Luna Tsuki)
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Recorded at the BAT CAVE-NYC 1999. Featuring THE BARBITCHUETTES. From one of THE BARBITCHUETTES last performances, (1990-2000) ~
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Recorded at AXIS-Boston Friday the 13th 1991 featuring THE BARBITCHUETTES !

Live recording from the Inner-X-Musick CD "SEDUCTION" (Live Middle East Club 94)
photo BARBITCHUETTES by Luna Tsuki
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From the early recordings of Sleep Chamber this one is from pre-vinyl. A cassette song. The Audio is recorded live in 1984 at THE MARSHFIELD RANCH HOUSE-Marshfield-Mass. BAND-(Malcolm Smith, Larry Van Horn, John Zewizz, Richard Geller). 0fficial~

Recorded at a Private Party in Boston in 1992. Featuring THE BARBITCHUETTES. Filmed by Joe Catone. A rare version caught on video. photo by Luna Tsuki. OFFICIAL ~

Filmed by Joe Catone. Featuring BARBITCHUETTES~ LuLu & Semiramis. Recorded at Avalon-Boston 9/95. (Band: Craig Wein, Andrew Woolf, John Zewizz, Spike Devitt) -OFFICIAL ~

Recorded at THE MIDDLE EAST CLUB 1993. Filmed by The Franx. Featuring BARBITCHUETTE~ Karen. (Band-Craig Wein, John Zewizz, Andrew Woolf, Ashley Swanson) pic Zewizz & CATWOMAN by Luna Tsuki.. SITE~

Recorded live at THE RAT-Boston 9/94. Featuring BARBITCHUETTE~ Laura Graff-( Who the Song is about) pic by LUNA TSUKI ..0fficial Site~

Side one ov a cassette from 1982. Seems that John Zewizz and Company does more than Music. A Real phone prank that haz a woman freaked out .
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Recorded at THE MIDDLE EAST March 10th 1994. Featuring their BARBITCHUETTES. Filmed by Joe Catone. Cover pic by Luna Tsuki. 0fficial Site~

Recorded at THE MIDDLE EAST CLUB 1994 featuring BARBITCHUETTE~Natashia.(pic by LUNA TSUKI)- Filmed by Joe Catone.
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Recorded at THE PARADISE-Boston 7/19/91 with THE BARBITCHUETTES. (BAND- Ashley Swanson, John Zewizz, Laura Chopelas, Arthur Woznic)
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Recorded at Cobra Studio/Remastered at Inner-X-Studio by Craig Wein. From the CD~ SOME GODZ DIE YOUNG 1997. (Band- Andrew Woolf, Craig Wein, John Zewizz)
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Recorded at MANRAY CLUB-Cambridge. 12/31/93. John Zewizz brings all his BARBITCHUETTES out for the classic Song of their live set. This seems to be a favorite in SleepChamber shows. Its also the time when his BARBITCHUETTES break loose and anything goes !
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Recorded at Berkley School of Music (12/92) Produced by Elaine Walker. Released on the CD~ SEDUCTION-THRU THE PAST DARKLEY 1993. (BAND-John Zewizz, Elaine Walker, Ashley Swanson, Laura Chopelas). The original was released on the CD~ SOME GODS DIE YOUNG 1997.
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Recorded at Inner-X-Studio 1991. Released on SECRETS OV 23 vinyl LP/CD 1992. Limited to 230 vinyl LPs. (CD released on MMM Records-Italy). Produced by Brex Green. GEORGE ADAMSON was the 'Lion man' from the story "BORN FREE". He was killed by poachers. 23 were captured/shot about his death in Africa. This music is in memory of his work with Big Cats survival.
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A Collection of John Zewizz musick over the past 40+ years. Also Videos that have been BANNED on you-tube because of sexual politics. Most of you know the battle Mr Zewizz & Company have had with his Videos being removed and BANNED by you tube.
John Zewizz has published hundreds of Videos & countless CDs over the past 4-decades. Currently John Zewizz is BANNED on you-tube. There has been many strange events surrounding the erotic politics of John's Videos & Images. Hopefully John Zewizz and Company will be able to provide you the best of the best. Along with Interviews, TV footage, Live Performances and moire.
John Zewizz` is the leader & producer of SLEEPCHAMBER, WOMEN OF THE SS, VAMPYRESS, HIDIOUS IN STRENGTH,DOKUMENT and other electronic projects.
This documentation of historical events is important to those with a taste for something very different.
Mr Zewizz has been active in his musical adventures with around 8- SLEEPCHAMBER band Line-Ups. Not to mention the BARBITCHUETTE era -(1990-2001), a group of female erotic-burlesque performers-(8-12)- that perform in the "Live Performances".
SLEEPCHAMBER is the "Pet" of the bunch. Being one of the most obscure and underground bands ever. There are different era's to SLEEPCHAMBER. Starting with the 'early industrial style, to Ritual music, to the "Jonathan Briley" days, to THE BARBITCHUETTES era, to finally the last invocation ov a unique electronic style music.
The official SLEEPCHAMBER facebook page is ~
All the Friends of John and the 'behind-the-scenes' people hope you enjoy this special treat.