Our love bug Jinx wants out... but he got bitten by something at cost of $600 already. Plus sister MIA for 5 days now. So we protective

My beautiful chubby baby
Sneakers / Sneekers
Also known to Sneek up on me all the time and scare da crap out of me! LoL = Sneeky

While getting parts my Explorer.. laying under a truck I caught a glimpse so got out from under... and check this out!
Fkin Crazy!
Wake up fkin Canucks!!!

I was in the junkyard getting parts for my explore. When under a truck.... I was like WTF!
Crawled from under the truck... to look better! This is what I witnessed!
Also people don't look up anymore!

heading somewhere lol...

The day I left the city this is what god put in my path! With no cars in front or behind me I got to stop and video these beautiful wild horses! just wow

life gave me a curve ball! I am now able to take off into the Mountains like my heart has been screaming for!
Look at God's Land! Even got to see Wild Horses right in front of me... will be uploading that shortly!


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Escaping 2 Mountains