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Flashback - found footage of Sumo Battle Ozeki Kakuryu vs Kisenosato Nagoya Summer Basho 2012

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Can You Spot A Young Endo? Ok, so I made it easy with a callout but boy Endo looks young here. You see Juryo Entering, announcing of names then leaving the Dohyo.

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Getting the head nod from Kotoyuki after he wins Sumo match. Nagoya, Japan

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Takanoyama vs Osunaarashi Sumo Match. Egypt vs Czech this is a quick match, enjoy!
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Sights and Sounds from the TOKYO AUTO SALON 2020 Dates Friday 10th, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th January, 2020 Venue MAKUHARI MESSE International Convention Complex. (Halls 1-11, International Conference Hall, Event Hall and Outdoor Arena) 2-1 Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba-city, Chiba JAPAN

David VS Goliath Sumo Nagoya Japan Sumo Tournament Basho-Get rekt Jaba

Osaka Japan Aquarium Kaiyukan watching the Whale Shark feeding

Nagoya Japan Sumo Tournament Basho.
This is a rare glimpse of retired yokozuna Sumo wrestler Harumafuji warming up just before walking out to the dohyō or ring for his match.

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan watching the Whale Shark. AMAZING!

This video features cool old footage of Rare Naruto Kiba Ice Cream Sundae Tokyo Japan and some other views of Tokyo life

In this video you will see how to make your own healthy green tea by the gallon.

Its simple and easy and most of all saves you money!

All you need:

1 Gallon of Water (I use Ice Mountain Water best tasting spring water)
2 Family sized cold brew green tea bags ( I am using Itoen 50 bag Matcha green tea blend bought at Mitsuwa Japanese Market.)

Insert tea bags into 1 Gallon water jug and shake
for 10-15+ seconds, its just that simple.

You can let it sit out for 1-2 hours to brew or put in the refrigerator.
For a more deep taste add 1 more teabag. You can leave the teabags in the water jug no need to fish em out till the end when you recycle!

I hope this video helps save you some money and also get to enjoy some healthy cold brew green tea!


Bumped into the Bousouzoku Numazu Racing team at a rest stop on the way to Tokyo in Yokohama. We joined them on the highway for some street fun. Enjoy!

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan Showing the interaction betweeen the camera and the giant grouper. It seems like the fish was interested and checking out my camera.

The Godfather look of Sumo wrestling - Shohozan Entering Sumo Tournament Basho Nagoya Japan

This is Kise in his prime as an Ozeki entering the Sumo Tournament Basho Nagoya Japan. Now a retired Yokozuka

Baruto Kaito vs Toyonoshima Daiki from Sumo match at the Nagoya Japan summer basho 2012

Tochiōzan Yūichirō Entering Sumo Tournament Basho Nagoya Japan
The coolest!

This is a rare glimpse of Sumo wrestler Okinoumi warming up just before walking out to the dohyō or ring for his match.

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