Goodfellas star Ray Liotta, 67, dies in his sleep in Dominican Republic where he was filming Dangerous Waters
The legendary gangster actor passed away on the Caribbean island while he was recording Dangerous Waters
It is not yet clear what he died of or when but he has left behind his fiance Jacy Nittolo as well as his daughter
Tributes flooded in for the beloved star, with fellow actors, celebrities and politicians all paying their respects

Youtube deleted this video for "violent criminal organizations policy" Makes no sense we are reading a document.. WHAT DON'T THEY WANT US TO KNOW?

Here is the link to the 180 Pages via my Dropbox. The way you can help me is by sharing it with as many people as possible for educational reasons and we have a right to see this...please subscribe and like this video.. thanks..

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Island Boys Shout Out White Noize track
"Happy Trees"

Buffalo shooting suspect Payton Gendron pleads not guilty at arraignment

At least 10 dead in mass shooting at Buffalo, New York, supermarket in alleged hate crime

Photos: The scene in Buffalo after a mass shooting

10 Killed as Racist Gunman Livestreams Supermarket Massacre

#PaytonGendron #Buffalo #BuffaloShooter

@VideoMattPresents Drives Up To Wi Spa Protestors [1:05] Yells Out "How Do You Know They White Supremacist?" [2:31] Woman Flips Off VMP [3:17] ANTIFA explains story [3:23]

UPDATE: My account has been targeted for simply sharing this story. I had no idea I was driving into a ANTIFA protest. I have had this channel for 11 years come July 11th and it's very unfortunate to be attacked for simply sharing videos from this incident including my own as you see here I was driving down the road trying to understand what was going on. To my VMP tribe and all that have supported me thank you. I will be back after summer to post and do live shows. Until then STAY HIGHLY POSITIVE

@VideoMattPresents was driving in Downtown Los Angeles on this beautiful 4th of July weekend when all of a sudden a road was blocked off by what appeared to be protestors, but really it was a group of upset transgender people victims of a hate crime. A White Supremacist had just PULLED A GUN on them moments before VMP arrived.

Youtube took away the monetization abilities after ten years so buy some gear created by yours truly and that's how you can help keep this channel going for another ten years.

UPDATE: This happen at the WI SPA in downtown LA. A person or persons wants to go in the spa that fits with their gender and a man pulled a gun on the because of it. I Video Matt just want to say if you're at a spa where it's required for you to get naked why on earth would you bring your kids to a place like that regardless of what spa you choose to go in.

#videomattpresents #WiSpa #WiSpaProtest

Holy Shit! so here is a link to a news report two days ago about this spa check it out here



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