back at it. live commentary

Tamara Lich - Day 2 of her bail re-hearing. Intro. Then live commentary.

This will be interesting. See you all tonight!

This could be a very interesting day leading into last week of trial and closing arguments.

Elon. Sussman. The WHO & MORE! But NO JOHNNY DEPP!

The first hour of cross was destruction. Let's see if it continues. Live today.

Who thinks Amber Heard didn't talk about her testimony with her attorneys?

Jagmeet Singh news. Elon Musk News. Canada news. AND MORE!

Some interesting stories today. Jagmeet heckled hard. Crenshaw has lost his mind. Trudeau issues more orders in council. Maxime Bernier gets a trial date. AND MORE!

It's going to be a great Sidebar. With a Canadian intro!

It's a beautiful day for a live stream.

It's a big corrupt machine and we are all fighting against it. And I cannot believe what Bill gates said...


Meanwhile in Canada... Non-Depp law stuffs. And Roman Baber, Member of Provincial Parliament running for leadership of the Conservative Party. Let's do this!

Amazing journalist covering Jan. 6 (to name a biggie). Darren J. Beattie. It's going to be awesome.

Day 1 of her testimony was a disaster. And she is testifying In CHIEF! Will the disaster continue?

There will be lots of commentary. If you don't want that, not the stream for you! :)

The SCOTUS leak, Dave Chappell attacked on stage, and the outrageous hypocrisy with lack of insight from blue checkmark Twitter verse.

Leaked SCOTUS order and the intellectual inconsistencies of modern politics.

Another day, another day of the world seemingly rushing towards the edge of a cliff...

Too many items to fit into the title. Subject poll at

Saturday rally, Rolling Thunder to the Ottawa cenotaph. Live from the street.

Back to document the rally dubbed "Rolling Thunder". Enjoy!


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