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V duels the pirate captain.
Alfie defeats the Roc and its whole crew in one move.

V is good boy?

Astral Sea Spelljammer Campaign.

My new special technique eliminated the dragonborn in one move, and I got cut up by the enemy captain!
Gamers Rise Up.
Astral Sea Spelljammer 5e Campaign.

"There are a lot of birds."

Astral Sea 5e Spelljammer Campaign.
Gamers Rise Up.

We are the new professional crew and nothing will go wrong!

Dungeons and Dragons Spelljammer Campaign.

I'm still training and trying to understand the mechanics of the game. A lot of clarity or patching is required. You can slow down this video to examine the weapon positions.
I'm constantly getting killed by weapons that are not touching me no matter which direction I'm moving, and a lot of my cuts are not registering.

Gamers Rise Up.

Result: They are bad and stupid and impossible.
If there is a known guide or solution to what exactly is causing me to take damage when the enemy weapon is nowhere near me, or for them to ignore my weapon, it needs to be shared publicly.
(Discord is not public and not to be trusted.)
Still training in Project Aincrad.
Gamers Rise Up.

We are still getting stronger and recruiting more warriors.
Project Aincrad in VRChat.
Total wasp death.
Gamers Rise Up.

Still training and recruiting for our Guild! Gamers Rise Up.
I'm adding more music over the videos because the world music keeps getting my videos blocked.
Argus, I will pay a bounty for dual knife skills.

First day of training in SAO!
Argus, please fix the teleporting warning on death, the stupid minecraft ladder, and remove discord requirements for patreon items. They cannot be trusted.
It would be good to be able to hide the glowing markers over our fingers from our own cameras like all other UI assets.

If I learn more about how to play I will continue this series of my training. It's all trial and error.

Cancel them!!!!!!

I don't work for netflix or amazon. That's how you know I'm actually great at this.

I'm the greatest lawyer in vrchat.

I am the greatest lawyer in VRChat.

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