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DirecTV let contract expire....

This will get you axed
They sold the technology off

think "pentagon" in itself

*William F Buckley

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Thank YOU sincerely. As real as it gets. My work pays off if you SHARE.
30 + years of documentary research and careful thought to the presentation of it all to others.
PUSHING TO THE LIMITS OF CENSORSHIP - Please share to help others decide.
All the topics are here, proving America's #1 issue is cognitive dissonance. I set out to combat it with my own editing and packaging of the materials, with the hopes you will share for a further awakening.
The material is too vast to recognize all the incredible productions that make up my series.
I also just drop a significant documentary that's just too applicable to not share with my goals given.
The intent of those are for latter viewing after experiencing my series, as they might make more sense to why I found them significant. You may quickly find you have cognitive dissonance. You will know or learn.
Starting with " America I've Learned" or " Bread & Circuses" might be a good place to see if you find my work beneficial. If you want the real journey however, dig into" Easing into Reality" series - again this is over two decades of splicing and editing into a life time of truth seeking. I realize most truthers that may find my channel probably know much of what is here but my desire is to impress those ( maybe you ) enough, that it is a vehicle for you to confidently share as a tool to help distanced friends, family and loved ones.

* This channel was originally only a location for my BANNED VIDEOS but stay tuned often as we are building the library here to assist in answers to how we got here. I hope you'll share.

Thank you !
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