Rich Airey from Airey Bros Radio joins us to talk discipline, spirituality, tartaria and more.
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In a matrix full of psy-ops, blue beams, blackrocks, false flags, bloodlines, NPCs etc, its good to forget and enjoy your life. We can't let evil entities and dark forces take our life force. Do not let them steal the most sacred of all, your mind. Do not let them invade your soul with fear, war, hate and propaganda. Spread love, positivity and knowledge to everyone you interact with. Through Love, Light and Awareness, we can truly awaken and see the interconnections of the universe and reality, and expand our mind into new wonderful possibilities and horizons. Do not let your divine imagination and emotions and spirit be suppressed with fear porn and doomsday rhetoric. <3
Delete your "social" media. You will gain an immediate 10x increase in happiness <3

This episode, we try to get canceled as we talk about the recent Buffalo incident, as well as others, as the attack on our freedoms and minds, will never cease. It is up to the people to question everything, especially when the people telling you the story are war criminal rapist fraudster murderers.

This week we dive into food shortages, manifestation and more!

This week Steve and Stevie discuss 9/11, flat earth, sentient water and other topics in a casual conversation about the collapse. Tune in June 3rd 11pm EST to watch the newest episode feat. David Weiss!


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This show is to at discuss the world falling apart around us, as we watch the collapse. We are always on a quest for knowledge and truth, spiritual and material. if you would like to be a guest and have an interest in topics such as "conspiracy", esoteric, occult, psychedelic, cannabis, anything interesting, email us at [email protected]