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HK51 H&K Stands for Heckler & Koch (pronounced: Heckler and Coke)

The HK51 is not an original H&K design, in fact, HK51 is a generic term, for an American design which took a G3 rifle (Gewehr 3) and shortened the 17.7 in barrel cut to just over 9 inches long, the cocking tube has been shortened, and yes, it takes MP5 forearms. it also takes a special retractable, piston style spring guide rod with full-length recoil spring so it will function in it's shortened form.

The system of operation in these guns is a delayed blowback, roller lock bolt system. The locking piece is manufactured with different angles that determine how long the action stays locked up, before allowing the

rollers to unlock the bolt, and start the action opening and rearward travel. The angles on the locking piece are determined by several factors, including the ammunition used and the length of the barrel. But the HK51 is using a custom ground locking piece with a non-standard angle developed particularly for this weapon.

In this video, you will see TWO HK51's one is a Vector V-51 Pistol and the other is a PTR-51 Pistol.

The HK51 pistol is MP5 Sized but shoots the 7.62x51mm (basically .308 Winchester).

Ammunition seen without a flash is Military Ball and ammunition seen with a flash is Wolf 150gr.
sadly I only had one magazine of Wolf remaining or we would have had much better footage and nobody was willing to donate any during COVID 19. So deal with it.... LOL J/K

Note: this shoot is two shooting dates as you can see by snow on most of the video, and then the HD shoot and the following HS. The final shoot with the HK51's was done very late in the day with setting sun (which makes high-speed nearly impossible) as you can see with the two last clips.

If we can acquire a sponsor to provide either Wolf 150gr. ammo or an ammo company to provide 150 grain (max) with slow-burning powder for the best possible FLASH, then we can provide one heck of a FUN high-speed video to see. until then we have this video and a couple older videos with plenty of Flash-and Action.

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