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19 jun 2024
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19 jun 2024 #chemtrails #spiritual #woowoo
Colin Wyatt says that there is something more spiritual going on with the geoengineering that simply spraying us with dodgy chemicals.

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Assalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters.
In today's video, we asked the YouTube channel (Harp Tarihi) about the history of Zionism.
Enjoy watching...

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military document reveal how America will be attacked in Rand simulation Titled defending critical infrastructure

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If you mention the Israel lobby in the mainstream media then, more often than not, you’ll face accusations of antisemitism. There are of course people who talk about the Israel lobby in antisemitic terms, but that doesn’t undermine the fact that it exists, and has existed for well over a century.

This week’s guest is Israeli historian and author Ilan Pappé. His new book details the origins of zionism and the struggles against it throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. He joins Aaron to discuss Harold Wilson, Nye Bevan, AIPAC, Labour Friends of Israel and the Christian roots of Zionism.

You can find Ilan’s book, ‘Lobbying for Zionism on Both Sides of the Atlantic’, here:


00:00 Intro
02:45 Why Write This Book Now?
05:18 Censorship in Israel
13:42 How did Zionism Begin?
20:46 Early Political Zionists
30:22 Early Anti-Zionists
36:00 The Israel Lobby and The Labour Party
46:57 Conservative Friends of Israel
49:09 Israel and ‘The Left’
57:17 AIPAC
01:12:37 Luke Akehurst
01:16:25 Tony Blair and the Israel Lobby

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In this channel I talk about:


I’m also the author of "2048: A Manifesto for The One State Solution In Israel & Palestine"

🇵🇸 Palestinian native of Haifa, occupied territories of 1948.

Richard Medhurst and Chris Hedges make the case for Palestine in support of Craig Murray's candidacy for Parliament in Blackburn. Filmed at Saint Pauls Methodist Church on June 13, 2024.

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Richard Thomas Medhurst (1992) is an independent journalist, political commentator, and analyst from the United Kingdom with a focus on international affairs, US politics, and the Middle East.

Medhurst is known for his coverage of the Julian Assange extradition case in London, as one of the only journalists to report on the trial of the WikiLeaks founder from inside the court.

He has also covered the Iran nuclear deal talks on the ground in Vienna.

Medhurst was born in Damascus, Syria. His father is English and mother is Syrian. Both his parents served in United Nations Peacekeeping and Observer missions and were among the UN Peacekeepers awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1988.

Owing to his parents’ professional mobility, he has lived in Syria, Pakistan, Switzerland, and Austria. He speaks four languages fluently: English, Arabic, French, and German.

As an independent journalist, Medhurst regularly hosts live broadcasts and video reports on his YouTube channel. Previous guests include the Foreign Minister of Venezuela, the Dep Foreign Minister of Iran; the Palestinian, Russian and Cuban ambassadors to the United Nations in Vienna; the former British Ambassador to Syria; and various UN officials, journalists, and more.

Medhurst’s reports and analysis on Yemen, Ukraine, Syria, Niger, Lebanon, Iran, the Israeli occupation in Palestine and its genocide in Gaza have gone viral countless times, racking up millions of views.

Richard Medhurst has a combined following of roughly one million people online, and appears regularly on international news outlets including Al Jazeera, WikiLeaks, Black Agenda Report, Al Mayadeen, The Times, LBC, and others.

Richard Medhurst on Twitter: / richimedhurst

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Richard Medhurst on Substack: https://richardmedhurst.substack.com/

Pfizer misled the public that it had a “safe and effective” COVID-19 vaccine.


Pfizer said its COVID-19 vaccine was safe even though it knew its COVID-19 vaccine was connected to serious adverse events,

including myocarditis and pericarditis, failed pregnancies, and deaths.

Pfizer concealed this critical safety information from the public.

Pfizer said its COVID-19 vaccine was effective even though it knew its COVID- 19 vaccine waned over time and did not protect against COVID-19 variants.

Pfizer concealed this critical effectiveness information from the public.

Pfizer said its COVID-19 vaccine would prevent transmission of COVID-19 even though it knew it never studied the effect of its vaccine on transmission of COVID-19.

To keep the public from learning the truth, Pfizer worked to censor speech on social media that questioned Pfizer’s claims about its COVID-19 vaccine.

Pfizer’s misrepresentations of a “safe and effective” vaccine resulted in record company revenue of approximately $75 billion from COVID-19 vaccine sales in just two years.

Pfizer’s actions and statements relating to its COVID-19 vaccine violated previous consent judgments with the State of Kansas.

Pfizer’s actions and statements relating to its COVID-19 vaccine violated the Kansas Consumer Protection Act

Pfizer must be held accountable for falsely representing the benefits of its COVID- 19 vaccine while concealing and suppressing the truth about its vaccine’s safety risks, waning effectiveness, and inability to prevent transmission.

28. Millions of Kansans heard Pfizer’s misrepresentations about its COVID-19 vaccine.

29. In May 2021, Pfizer advertised to Kansans on Facebook about its “life-saving vaccines” and its “cures.”

30. Pfizer took advantage of Kansans’ fear of COVID-19 and desire for safety by offering a “safe and effective” COVID-19 vaccine, while concealing, suppressing, and omitting material information that undermined its safety and effectiveness claims.
in Kansas.

B. Pfizer used confidentiality agreements to conceal critical data relating to the safety and effectiveness of its COVID-19 vaccine.

57. Pfizer has kept data hidden through confidentiality agreements with governments around the world.

C. Pfizer used an extended study timeline to conceal critical data relating to the safety and effectiveness of its COVID-19 vaccine.

65. Scientists were outraged that they still could not review Pfizer’s COVID-19 study data. “Pfizer’s pivotal COVID vaccine trial was funded by the company and designed, run,
analysed, and authored by Pfizer employees. The company and the contract research organisations that carried out the trial hold all the data.”

D. Pfizer used FOIA denial and delay to conceal critical data relating to the safety and effectiveness of its COVID-19 vaccine.

E. Pfizer destroyed the vaccine control group, which will conceal critical data relating to the safety and effectiveness of its COVID-19 vaccine.

86. Pfizer planned to follow COVID-19 vaccine study participants, both vaccine and placebo recipients, for 24 months to monitor the safety and effectiveness of its vaccine.

87. Once the FDA approved Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine through an emergency use authorization in December 2020, Pfizer unblinded the study participants and offered vaccine placebo recipients the option to receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

88. Of the 21,921 vaccine trial participants who received the placebo, more than 20,000 placebo participants decided to receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine as of March 13, 2021.

18 jun 2024
Scott Ritter REVEALS Lebanese Troops Prepares Biggest SURPRISE for Israel In July!

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"I am here today because Ofcom, the media watchdog agency, concluded that my presentation of information from scientific reports about the Pfizer injection, on Mark Steyn’s TV show in October 2022, caused “harm.” Ofcom also referred to me in public documents as a “conspiracy theorist,” using that discrediting characterisation of my work, as part of its decision to penalise Steyn for airing the show in which I brought forth the evidence I did.

I wish to describe to the court please the nature of the evidence I presented on GB News. I then wish to describe my credentials, and lastly, I wish to make some points about the history of censorship.

The material I described to Mark Steyn is not my work. I am a non-fiction writer and journalist. I am not a medical doctor or a scientist. The material I presented is from scientific reports compiled by 3,250 highly credentialled doctors and scientists, the WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis research team (see addendum), that convened from 2021 to the present, to read through and issue reports based upon the 450,000 internal documents released under court order due to a successful lawsuit against the Food and Drug Administration by US attorney Aaron Siri. These are internal Pfizer documents submitted to the FDA for the purpose of securing the Emergency Use Authorisation that allowed for the rollout in the US of an experimental injection that bypassed normal trials. They are primary internal documents produced by Pfizer-BioNTech, that date from November 2020 to February 2021 and that record the 43,000 plus adverse events and more than 1,220 deaths recorded by Pfizer in those three months.

The documents go into detail about serious side effects and explain their mechanisms; the Pfizer documents contain internal reports on stroke, liver damage, kidney damage, many forms of blood clotting and blood damage (including the thrombotic thrombocytopenia that recently triggered the withdrawal of the AstraZeneca vaccine in the UK in 2024; we broke that story in 2022); many neurological events including dementias, epilepsies and Guillain-Barre syndromes, and serious respiratory issues.

The documents include a section in which 80 per cent of the pregnant women lost their babies and another section in which two babies’ deaths in utero were due to “maternal exposure” to the vaccine, in Pfizer’s words. There is a great deal of information in the Pfizer documents, including charts, showing damage to women’s menstrual cycles, including serious damage such as haemorrhaging, passing tissue and bleeding every day. There is documentation of lipid nanoparticles (the fatty casing for the mRNA) accumulating in the ovaries of women — more with each injection. There is documentation of damage to babies from nursing from vaccinated mothers and of one baby who died of multi-organ system failure after ingesting a vaccinated mom’s breast milk. The Pfizer documents contain a warning to vaccinated men not to have intercourse with women of childbearing age. These are just some of the findings that our doctors and scientists summarized in their now 104 reports.

Ofcom seeks to portray this material as “harmful.” But can findings be “harmful” if they are true? I am a reporter and I base my opinion on facts...."

COVID “Vaccines” Hit By New Bombshell

First, a court ruled that the COVID shots aren’t vaccines after all.

Now, the architect 1989 Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act is calling them “weapons of mass destruction.”

Dr. Francis Boyle says, “It is my expert opinion that ‘COVID-19 nanoparticle injections’ or ‘mRNA nanoparticle injections’ or ‘COVID-19 injections meet the criteria of biological weapons and weapons of mass destruction according to Biological Weapons 18 USC § 175; Weapons and Firearms § 790.166 Fla.Stat. (2023).”

It seems that the dam is truly breaking, as this is a powerful statement from somebody with the authority to say it.

Watch the full breakdown of this stunning story.


This episode sees Katherine joined by Mark Byford, The Bowler Hat Farmer, as they discuss growing issues for so many, the current world of farming, imports and food prices, as well as an update at PFFA!

It's not too late! Get growing and stocking up now. There is still much we can do!

Find out more at: the-pffa.org

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The announcement alleges Pfizer mislead Kansans on vaccine risks, such as with pregnant women and myocarditis, and that Pfizer claimed the vaccines protected against COVID variants when data showed differently. And additionally that Pfizer claimed their vaccines prevented COVID transmission, but the company later admitted they never did the proper studies to back up that claim, the statement says.

The release also alleges that "Pfizer coordinated with social media officials to censor speech critical of COVID-19 vaccines and declined to participate in the federal government’s vaccine development program, Operation Warp Speed, to avoid government oversight."

Kansas AG Kris Kobach said in the announcement, “Pfizer made multiple misleading statements to deceive the public about its vaccine at a time when Americans needed the truth."

Pepe Escobar : World Reactions to Putin Peace Plan

Welcome to our latest episode, where we dive deep into the global reactions to Vladimir Putin's Peace Plan with renowned geopolitical analyst Pepe Escobar. In this insightful conversation, we explore the nuances of Putin's proposal and its potential impact on international relations.

Topics Covered:

**The specifics of Putin's Peace Plan
**How different countries are responding to the plan
**The implications for global power dynamics
**Pepe Escobar's expert analysis on the situation
**Potential outcomes and future scenarios

Join us as we break down the complexities of this significant geopolitical development and understand the various perspectives from around the world.

18 jun 2024
The vast majority of the world population, in the Global South, rebuked the West's pro-war so-called "Summit on Peace in Ukraine", which was held in Switzerland in June. Russia was not even invited. Ben Norton discusses NATO's hypocrisy and explains why only 78 countries (mostly in Europe) endorsed the "Bürgenstock declaration", while China and Brazil propose genuine peace talks.

0:00 Intro
0:17 Map of countries
1:24 Western media admits conference failed
4:35 Zelensky claims China & Brazil aren't "civilized"
7:07 Joint statement & signatories
10:26 China proposes real peace plans
13:54 West is out of touch with rest of world
17:32 Colombia's president criticizes Swiss summit
20:13 Outro

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18 jun 2024 #famine #foodshortages #farming
Farmers are slowly beginning to wake up to the dangers of the chemical spraying of our skies. An English farmer talks about the poisoning of the grass and the damage it is doing to our food supply.
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