Putin urgently came to the Kremlin, the reason is unknown.

The cortege with Vladimir Putin arrived at the Kremlin at 23:00.

The area has been cordoned off, while the injured are being transferred to hospitals for treatment.

‚Ė™ÔłŹAt Least Five People Dead, Over 230 Hurt After Toxic Gas Leak in Jordan's Aqaba Port

The Puyo police station was ravaged by flames tonight following the death of a demonstrator. At least 3 police officers have been arrested by indigenous people and 18 others are missing.

13th day of general strike in Ecuador: still demonstrations in Quito, the capital

The National Assembly will today debate impeachment proceedings against President Guillermo Lasso.

Protesters form lines of shields in an attempt to advance towards the National Assembly in Quito-, Ecuador. Very tense situation since yesterday near Parliament.

Big clashes for the second day in front of the Parliament in Quito.

Ecuador has been paralyzed for 12 days by a general strike against the rise in prices and the government that has already killed 6 people and the protest has become more radical in recent days.

Intense clashes between protesters and the military in San Antonio, Ecuador.

Three military trucks were destroyed with a construction machine before being set on fire. 17 soldiers were seriously injured.

Protesters storm the government headquarters in Ambato, Ecuador.

The general strike against rising prices and the government has intensified in recent days in the country. 28 police officers are currently detained by indigenous people.

It happened in #WestEllis, #Wisconsin. Emergency responders managed to pull out the baby, who was trapped inside a burning house on wheels.

"I had two aneurysms. And the doctors had to literally open my head. They took a saw and sawed off the top. And then they climbed inside and found them. One has already leaked. Both were on the verge of breaking up. I remember being taken to the operating room for a long time, and I asked the doctor then... I swear I'm not lying!

I asked him, "What are my chances of getting off the table and staying normal?"

And he said, "Well, let's just put it this way ‚Äď the chance of just surviving

Vńďrmanes Park in Riga. A local resident cannot go outside with a small child, because homosexuals have gathered under the windows.


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