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WOLVOMAN80 saying what I see!

UFO from 2011 and before

Right honorable gentlemen? Or right horrible c****? Conservative party and the British government corrupt, liars still saying the same old shit!

Looking at Ancient Druid Rituals, Satanism, Jimmy Savile, Colin Batley, Charles Walton, Jewish Ritual Killings, Aleister Crowley, Ed Heath, Occult, Orkney, Rochdale, Witchcraft and more...

Old documentary

Looking at 16th and 17th century eye witness accounts of witches, demons, witchcraft, the occult and the witch trials. History, King James the 1st and Witch hunter Matthew Hopkins.

This 2019 video looks at Satanic murders and Rituals performed by Serial Killers and Satanists Fred West, Rose West, Ian Brady, Myra Hindley, Michael Horgan, Jimmy Savile, Sir Ed Heath, Sir Cyril Smith and many others..

With shocking eye witness accounts...


Prehistoric Religion, Cults, Giants and knowledge

Small clip from Dark Theory looking at Illuminati hand signs, symbolism and celebrities



De Heptarchia Mystica, or On the Mystical Rule of the Seven Planets is a book written in 1582-83 by John Dee. It is a guidebook for summoning angels under the guidance of the angel Uriel and contains diagrams and formulae. The book describes many encounters with what John Dee believed were angels. 2020 WOLVOMAN80 DOCUMENTARY.

Looking at human cloning, CERN, the Mandela effect, chemtrails , science, string theory. By WOLVOMAN80

Information about Jimmy Savile that Netflix forgot to mention and MSM seem to want people to forget.

Looking at the legend of Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Patterson, Gimlin film, Ape Canyon attack and more


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