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Fallen, corrupted, root of all evil.

The Twenty Wells Chapter of the Sons of The Utah Pioneers (SUP) decided to have a paranormal investigation program for their Halloween meetup. Sarah and her faience Ryan put together a fantastic class for them. And here it is.
Special thanks to the Twenty Wells SUP.
Donner-Reed Museum (

The Heavenly Host. What are they, what do they do, what do they look like?
Sarah brings us the knowledge.

A crazy story reaches out through history. With reported descriptions from Europe’s historical greats. Can this man really be centuries old?
Is he still alive?

30 Years ago today 76 people lost their lives in a botched raid and standoff.

Looking for ghosts led this paranormal investigator down a path to searching for UFOs

In the 1980’s a serial killer was on the loose in Southern California. Dubbed the Night Stalker, Richard Ramirez terrorized LA with his violence.
But I want to look at his childhood and see if there is an equation for making this monster.

Throughout History there has been reports of Mass Hysteria taking over groups and making them act the fool.

In 1939 a Group of concerned scientists reached out to the President.

Its not a bird, its not a plane. Its a balloon!
Is it a weapon, a spy, or a civilian tool blown off course?
We’ll chat about a bit of military balloon history.

The doomsday clock, a measure designed to signify the world ending nuclear danger we are in has been updated.
And we’ll take a look at the Human Meat Project HMP.

Tonight we chat about a Japanese doctor (lit), failure, and cannibal killer, all for the love of buns.

True Crime is on the cards today. Some recent killers and crazy antics from Lori Vallow Daybell, Bryan Kohberger, and more. And well lots of sultry news.

We are chatting about the future, is it a dreamy utopia, or a nightmarish dystopia.
We will be asking chat gpt some questions.

Moon Spelling Tarot joins us for some end of year assistance.
So join us for some Tarot fun.
For an appointment with Moon

As you prepare to don your cap.
And snuggle away for a long winters nap.
Take heed for the Yule Time Trap.
And remember that Folklore is all over the map.

On these cold, snowy, overcast days. My mind always drifts to the hunger monster, the starving demon, the abominable curse.

A white van found found in Florida, full of dirty kids, floppy disks, and a computer. Lead Investigators on a chase all the way to Washington D.C. and some strange ties to the CIA.

Betsy is replaced by Alex on this quickie.
We want to Talk about Ye, about Sam Bankman Freed and FTX, and some rants from the land of crazy.

Readers Digest has provided us with 12 Exorcism stories. Betsy is not here so I will make a show of it.

Calling forth from the ancient temple of King Solomon, to the covers of Rock albums. Shooting through the emblems of your modern companies.
Its not just beautiful art, and recognizable logos.
Could it be the intention of it all?

Mike Walker joins us to tell us about a story reaching back to when he was 12. Was his memory changed, was he taken and tested?

Is it focus, Is it the cosmic creator, is it some unknown form of magic? Sigils, cruxes, and meditation.

Making an evil pact, selling themselves for fortune, strength, maybe power. Gaining the unnatural abilities that comes with their Faustian deal. What drives these people to commune with the dark?

For this final show prior to the most sacred Halloween we are going to chat about the cauldron stirring, broom riding, spell casting sisters of the dark.


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