Chorioactis Geaster

Turkeys are bigger than my chickens meow

I love that I can provide a piano for my child's creative abilities.

Mr Detective Somersault Esquire III playing in a laundry basket, I love this cat!! The movie playing in the background is Afflicted from 2013.

My job site in Garland TX new homes being built near the lake and a power plant in the background

I found a walking stick in my backyard.

Cooling off on a hot Texas day.

I love turkeys and chickens and rabbits and all other animals not mentioned.

Turkey chicks and Margaret (she who lays the biggest eggs) having a relaxing dirt bath on a Texas afternoon before the storm.

Friday afternoon in Texas.

Blotted water snake at my job

I was working on this property today and thought y'all should see.

Turkeys introduced to the yardfarm today for the first time.

Turkeys calling for lost flock members. Ignore my messy house.

This will be the first of many turkey videos

Just doing my chores after work and saw her again.

I don't think I could ever work in a cubicle.

Crazy chickens always sleep on top of their coop and sometimes I even find eggs up there.

She's back and I need a name for her. I'm open to suggestions, leave your name for her in the comments.

Bug zapper bunnies chickens

I love rabbits. They are not for everyone. I have litter trained rabbits and have decided that free range living is best for the rabbits mental well-being.

There I was installing my new bug zapper and then I looked up...

Egg thief back at it. I have plenty of eggs so maybe we call it a "good trade?", to quote the movie Dances with wolves.



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