The film follows a BBC war reporter and Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack, whose careers were threatened by the investigation of the incident, as well as a former student who journeys back to the rural Ariel School.

On this video we'll discuss how society could look like after a TOTAL collapse of civilization without rule of law (sort of a Mad Max situation). There's a great book called "The dark secrets of SHTF survival" by Selco Begovic where he details his experience surviving the Balkan Wars of the 1990's.

A person (future SHTF marauder) sent me a disturbing message, basically describing what Selco wrote on his book.

**Your moral compass should NEVER shift. No matter what. Follow the Laws of God, and the Laws man, to ensure quality of life. It pays to be righteous. Be a good addition to society. God bless you all.**

100% fiction ; )

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Al1zGMu2Uzc
There are many individuals worldwide who have been involved in various unacknowledged special access programs like the Secret Space Program. Some only recall their involvement through vivid dreams that eventually surface as memories, just as they did for Jason Rice. People like Jason are an integral part of today’s society. They come from widely ranging careers, socio-economic backgrounds and social structures from all parts of the world. Whether or not they are aware of their involvement in these programs, their experiences are contributing to the global co-creative and awakening process.

Linda Moulton Howe delves deeper into known 3 types of “Extraterrestrial Biological Entities, EBENS,” as described by military personal who were trained by Majestic – 12 Group. The panel concluded with a friendly discussion between Jimmy Church, Linda Moulton Howe and Nick Pope.

In this video Paul Hellyer recommends this book (free pdf download): The Omega Files, Greys: Nazis, Underground Bases, and the New World Order - https://www.pdfdrive.com/the-omega-files-greys-nazis-underground-bases-and-the-new-world-order-d183952490.html

New HOW TO video from Tony Pantalleresco, showing us how to make a 6G shield and protect yourself from powerful EMFs
Video in Tony's Bitchute channel: https://www.bitchute.com/video/sC7TlxxmQzhV/

Source: https://youtu.be/yUvPs-X_mRo

Today, over 190 countries vote on a WHO treaty which will cover the UN-controlled organization complete control over nations' sovereignty on a whim. Prime Minister Trudeau will no doubt go along with this, but it's not just about Canada. This is a concerted effort to create a global authoritarian regime and take total control of the population.

This cannot be allowed. And, if it goes through today, we MUST resist as if our freedoms depend on it. Because they do. Absolute mass non-compliance will be absolutely necessary across the board.

Source: https://youtu.be/ZNlTWr6UEZI

Belgium becomes the first country to introduce compulsory monkeypox quarantine: Anyone testing positive must isolate for 21 days as 14 countries now confirm outbreaks and doctors warn of a 'significant rise' in UK cases. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10841885/Doctors-warn-significant-rise-UK-monkeypox-cases-surge-two-three-weeks.html?ito=social-twitter_mailonline

Todd Callendar is a Lawyer and Disability Rights Advocate, having worked in the disability, health and life insurance industry for more than 20 years with a focus on the international convergence of biomedical, morbidity and mortality risks in the global legal context. https://www.truthforhealth.org/ Dr. Peter Chambers is a 37-year combat veteran, having worked as a Special Operations Surgeon for the Green Berets. After giving an informed consent briefing to 3,000 soldiers, only 6 of them received the shot. Since this briefing, Chambers was relieved of his duties. https://fullspectrumamerican.com/

Also see:

5G Genocide – Dr. Barrie Trower (1:36:16)

5G Deployment Confirmed during COVID-19 PLANdemic (Mar 2020 video from Jeff C., R.I.P.) 28:29

Todd Callender joins the The Prather Point to discuss the next PLANdemic (the Marburg pathogen), which will be the excuse used to force the unvaxxed into quarantine camps (FEMA) where kill-shots will be administered. He also says that those who received the Covid shots already have the dormant Marburg virus encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles, which can be activated via 5G frequencies. Those who have Marburg will then become zombie-like, because it affects frontal cortex brain function.

Also see: Coming Marburg, 5G & Mind Control - Maria Zeee w/ Todd Callendar and Dr. Peter Chambers (48:23)

Source: https://youtu.be/Vh5oSxqTlvs

Former Command Sergeant Major Bob Dean ( 1929 – 2018) has spent more than 40 years researching UFO phenomena from his early days of discovery in the U. S. Army. Convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt as to their presence, his work went deeper as he began examining the profound implications of the presence of other intelligent life forms here on Earth. His perceptions may surprise you. Propelled upon a quest to share his discovery of a highly classified document he came upon during his military career, he has continued his agenda to inform the public about extraterrestrial life and our government’s connection. One of the few holders of first-hand knowledge about government involvement with alien life, Mr. Dean recounts the contents of the 1964 report called, An Assessment, the NATO military study that acknowledged and analyzed the implications of the alien presence here on Earth.

Comment at source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVEQHOgNnSM

Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman (Kangi Duta) shares the old Hopi Prophecy about the end of America, the big change that's coming and the ways to truly live on and with Mother Earth.
Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman (1936-2007)


Comment at source: https://youtu.be/I_zRCjtLHIM

Note: Despite the risks… 3 Hopi Elders took a stand for humanity revealing ancient prophecies! Take heed!

Comment at source: https://youtu.be/I3V9vd1TUPY

Talking is Adam Rubel is the founder of SaqBe at the request of Mayan elders he met in Guatelamala.

Saq' Be' - Organization for Mayan and Indigenous Spiritual Studies is a non-profit organization in our third year of existence. The organization is operated on a completely volunteer basis primarily by Co-Directors Adam Rubel (28) and Zoraida Palacios (31), with one other board member, as well as what we receive in the way of additional support from the broader community. Saq' Be' was formed at the request of Mayan Ajq'ij (priests).

Continual ongoing references to Project Blue Beam Fake Alien Invasion - "Will operation Blue Beam happen to disrupt the coming election & leave an opening for world control?" https://youtu.be/Mk5GjtWEAJE

Source: https://youtu.be/6qQw0Lzh19A

In 1957 the Pentagon received a visitor from another world named Valiant Thor. Instead of expelling this stranger, the Eisenhower administration accepted him as their guest for over three years. To this day, no one is certain if he was an alien being, an angel in human form or if it was all a big hoax.
Filmmaker Craig Campobasso recounts the events surrounding Valiant Thor’s tenure at the Pentagon and shares details of his divine design for humanity in this interview with Regina Meredith. Fresh out of high school, Craig Campobasso found himself working behind the scenes on Frank Herbert’s Dune.
Dino and Raffaella De Laurentiis, and director David Lynch became his filmmaking mentors. He has been casting movies and TV for more than three decades and was nominated for an Emmy for casting David E. Kelly’s Picket Fences. Craig directed, wrote & produced Stranger at the Pentagon, from the book by Frank Stranges about Valiant Thor. It just won Best Sci-Fi Short Film at the 2014 Burbank Int'l Film Festival.

Source: https://youtu.be/H9Limw18oZU

Chief Oren Lyons, Faithkeeper of the Wolf Clan speaks about the ignored warnings & how we are living in the times of a 200-year-old prophecy.
It will get worse before it gets better - get ready.

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